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What would my dream woman be like 🤔

• She has to be black 🤷🏾‍♂️

• She definitely has to have a sense of humor when dealing with me

• I would like her being open to traveling because life too short to only visit Disney land 💀

• Someone who is willing to watch sports with and learn about them! Hell, just wear my favorite team jersey (Broncos, Bulls, Longhorns, Dodgers, Duke, Blackhawks) 😂

• She has to like eating cause that’s all I do! I don’t need you calling me “fat ass” when you mad 😒

• I need someone who’s gonna slow dance with me to Marvin Gaye & Curtis Mayfield while candles lit around the house

• She has to be a rider! If I’m fighting and you see that nigga beating my ass (which will never happen, but still) BUST HIS ASS WITH A BOTTLE ON THE HEAD 🗣

• Last but not least, go toe to toe with me. I talk a lot of shit! You better be ready to clap back at any moment

basketball captain!Calum who is cocky as hell, always trying to coax you into coming to one of his games but you just shrug and tell him you’re not really into basketball, you’re more of a football girl. of course that doesn’t stop him slyly telling you to come watch him score every friday and it becomes a bit of a routine, his smug smirk when he pesters you and your nonchalant declining his invitation until one friday night when he’s about to catch a pass and he spots you timidly cheering in the third row and he’s so caught off guard that he completely misses the ball and it flies so hard into his stomach it takes a good 5 minutes to get his breath back, which makes sense, really, ‘cause if he’s honest that’s kinda how you make him feel

clarkeswalkabout  asked:

HIYA! I thought I'd send through a quick prompt for the 100 s4 celebration countdown, if you get around to it :) Could you do Bellamy and Clarke sitting next to each other at some kind of sporting match, both passionately supporting opposite teams, please?? THANK YOU (and get hyped for s4) :)

A|N: Y’all, I have to preface this by saying that I know nothing about sports. When I was writing this, I literally turned to my friend and was like, “Give me two sports team names!” and here we are, so. Apologizing for any inaccuracies in advance!

also: I added a kiss cam in here because what is a sports game without a cute kiss cam moment??  


At this point, she’s pretty sure he’s doing it just to spite her.

“You’re kidding,” Clarke groans, when the enormous foam finger he’s toting smacks her right in the face. “Seriously, Bell? Up until last week, you had no idea who the Bulls were.”

He glances over at her, smug, before reaching over to knock her own Knicks hat out of place. “That’s a blatant lie, considering I’ve been an avid supporter of the Bulls since they kicked the Knicks ass in the last match.”

She rolls her eyes at that, swiping at the plate of nachos balanced delicately against his arm. “Actually, the Knicks won with a staggering 104 to 89 last match.”

“Ah,” he goes, faltering slightly. Then, as if taking strength from the fact that he’s surrounded by a thousand others dressed exactly like him, he continues, “Well, that was a fluke. So.”

“Oh, my god!” she hisses, letting her hands fall against her thighs with a loud smack. “Will you just stop, already? I said I was sorry!”

That pulls a scowl out of him, lips twisting into a stubborn pout. “No. Not until you take it back.”

It, she supposes, refers to the one time she had laughed (a little!) derisively when Bellamy had mentioned something along the lines of watching the occasional basketball match to unwind. The whole conversation had been a little hard to believe- considering she was pretty sure that he had only said it to impress a girl at the sports bar, and that she had actually witnessed him falling asleep during one of Miller’s many hockey matches.

Look, this is Bellamy they’re talking about, okay? She’s seen him actually get teary eyed over a documentary on the Byzantine empire. A bunch of sweaty guys dribbling a ball around is hardly going to hold his interest.

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Meet Muna, the Queer L.A. Pop Trio Now on Tour With Harry Styles

“I really care that our music is a story of growth,” Muna singer Katie Gavin tells Rolling Stone in an August phone chat. Fittingly, the thoughtful L.A. pop outfit, also including guitarist Josette Maskin and keyboardist-guitarist Naomi McPherson, is in the midst of a major real-world growth spurt. Currently opening for Harry Styles on his first solo world tour, the band – whose anthemic synth-pop debut, About U, was released in February – is now faced with the massive task of adapting their show to massive crowds around the world.

“We are thrilled to be on tour with Harry,” McPherson says. “We are nervous,” she adds, “but excited.”

The members of Muna first met at USC, where they shared classes in music and various ethnic studies. “We are a college band, in the sense that we jammed in our dorm room and played college parties,” Gavin says. “But we are a queer-identifying band whose language is really tied to the academy, and it has been since we started writing about ourselves.”

The band’s own detailed texts have helped contextualize songs like “I Know a Place”, which Gavin describes as a modern-day work song dedicated to “the rich LGBTQ history of turning bars and ballrooms into safe havens.” Gavin adds that songs like “Loudspeaker” and “Crying on the Bathroom Floor” are about “the hard work that we do in our personal [lives], to get free; the hard work we do to have spiritual awakenings, and to sustain those.” The results are lush pop songs accompanied by stylish, intense visuals, which carefully reflect the nuances (and ambiguities) of being young and queer. Muna’s latest video, though, takes a different approach: Filmed with an old camcorder, the “In My Way” clip highlights the band’s sillier side – namely, their air-guitar skills.

As they geared up for the Styles tour, the bandmates reflected on their early memories of big pop shows. McPherson grew up going to concerts with her musically inclined family, and particularly remembers her funk-loving mother taking her to see James Brown. Maskin saw Heart at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre – where the band will perform Wednesday night. Gavin cracks up her bandmates as she recalls first seeing Shania Twain at the United Center in Chicago. “She was wearing a Bulls jersey as a dress,” she says, “and it was really hot.”

Thanks to the Styles tour, Muna’s own ambitious live performances will become part of many first-show memories for young concertgoers. Meanwhile, they’re already at work on the follow-up to About U, which Maskin jokes will be “even saucier.” For now, they are relishing the response to their debut. “We’ve been working on it our whole creative lives – it was all building towards that,” McPherson says. “It’s really fun to be able to play shows, and have people know all the songs you’re playing.”

Jay-Z, photographed walking the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards, held at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City on September 6, 2001.

During the ceremony he performed “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” for thousands of fans on a stage outside the venue. The performance included dancers performing a basketball-themed routine, and Hov wore Michael Jordan’s #23 Chicago Bulls jersey, with an “Aaliyah” badge stitched onto the shoulder. Just two weeks earlier he had tragically lost his close friend in a plane crash.