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Hcs for Kiri, Kami, and Baku on finding out their fem!s/o is a hardcore classic rock fan but she doesn't really show it much since she always got teased cause a lot of girls her age think it's "outdated" and not "fit for a girl"? Thanks!!!

Good ol memories of the emo life. :),,,song is King For A Day by PTV + SWS :))). ENJOY ,’:)🍃

Eijiro :

- “ DARE ME TO JUMP OFF THIS JERSEY BRIDGE !” You screamed into your invisible microphone as you clutched the mop in your other hand. “I BET YOU NEVER HAD A FRIDAY NIGHT LIKE THIS  .” You head banged as your body swayed with the mop following your sways. “Babe~~~” Kirishima walked in. “… babe?” He touched your shoulder which sent a jolt down your spine causing you to let out a small scream. “Woah, Eijiro, you scared the shit out of me.” You slid the headphones off your ears in a swift motion. “So, whaddya want?”

- He was just there like…. what. Looks like she was enjoying herself….I wanna enjoy myself too…

- He asked you if he could listen to your song, you said yeah and now here he is, all ear sore.

- Literally jolted when Vic and Kellin were singing. His quirk even activated unconsciously.

- Kirishima is amazed that you listen to that and he’s just an overall happy and supportive lil lump once you tell him that you were bullied because of your music.

- He’ll allow you to blast that kind of genre in the house if you like it. Kirishima will put up with it but he’ll slowly but surely get into the same genre.

Denki :

- “BABE, OH SHIT ARE YOU OKAY? I HEARD YOU SCREAMING !” Denki barged in your room with a toothbrush in one hand and in the other a back scratcher. His chest was rapidly falling and rising as he tried to catch his breath. “I RAN ALL THE WAY HERE. YOU OKAY?” Cricket cricket. No response was given but you clearly stood there frozen. “U-uh, Denki, babe, it was my song.” He stood there, puzzled as hell.

- At first he was like ???. Then he was like, ohhhh I get it. LET’S JAM TOGETHER.

- He puts down the back scratcher and just starts screaming and dancing along with the song. “KEEP IT UP, KEEP IT UP, LET’S RAISE OUR HANDS!” Oops he’s the only one who’s screaming along with this song.

- Honestly, doesn’t mind it. Boy, he is very open minded. For the most part, he’ll be like, “Babe you should play more of your songs. Sounds nice.”

- Partying all day and night just blasting the emo music.

- He feels bad that you got bullied for that kind of music but in his honest opinion he sees there’s nothing wrong with it.

- “It’s not just a phase babe.”

Katsuki :

- He slams your door open. “OI SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BLASTING EMO ASS SHIT AT 1 IN THE MORNING?” A grumpy Katsuki complained while scratching his neck. You shut off your speaker. “Oh well, sorry there.” You pouted. He sighed.

- Fuck. She looks so sad like that.

- “Fine. Just don’t blast it okay?”

- Next thing you know, Katsuki is listening to it too.

- “ I TAKE A LOOK UP AT THE SKY AND I SEE RED. RED FOR THE CANCER, RED FOR THE WEALTHY.” Others looked at him as he chopped the meat into a million pieces. Literally screaming the song while doing chores.


- “… I’ll kill them.”

- Is even more intimidating especially when he and his s/o are screaming their heart out to their favorite songs.

- I think he just found his fave music genre.

Request 25-Dancing

After the familiar notes played, the comments section on my live stream exploded with y/n is dancing isn’t she. A smile grew across my face as I read through them. Every time she made dinner y/n would have a certain playlist on that she loved to dance to.

Both of us came up with a deal that when I did my Thursday live stream, she would make dinner. We had done weeks of this arrangement and the audience had gotten used to the various songs that echoed through the apartment. I explained how much I enjoyed watching as y/n danced along to her unique music and comments erupted again.

Soon the music stopped signalling for me to eat. When the music stopped I received many bye Phil comments which caused me to smile again. “Okay guys next week I’ll try and catch y/n dancing, no promises though” I logged off and joined my beautiful girlfriend at the table.

Try not to wake me up cause I dont feel too good. The deep music echoed through the apartment again; the viewers of todays live stream noticing who the artist was immediately. I waited for a few songs to play until I showed everyone the y/c/h hair girl in the kitchen.

Standing in the door way I turned my laptop to show y/n. Her head rocked forward and back as she allowed the music to flow through her. She let out a small squeal as she recognised the starting notes of an iconic song. Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge I bet you never had a Friday night like this . She continued to let her long hair fall infront of her head, repeating her actions over and over until she stood still. She stood holding a wooden spoon as she lip synced to Kellin Quinn screaming. So sick of playing, I don’t want this anymore The thought of you’s no fucking fun I turned the laptop back to face me. I read through the comments again, almost everyone had recognized the song.

Another song played and I turned the laptop back to her. “Oh my god” she screamed as her favourite song played. Her arm shot in the air as she head banged. “What’s the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight”

She fell to the floor singing only to rise back up; her hair in a mess, falling down her back; her hands in fists; emotion pouring out ofher body. She ran a hand through her hair as the song ended.

I let a small cough escape my throat, catching her attention. She whipped her head around. I saw her eyes were flooded with tears. She wipped the tears from her eyes as she noticed the laptop. “Phil what the-”
“It was them"  I shrugged pointing at the laptop. I picked the laptop up and said my usual goodbye.

“Explain” y/n insisted, unpleased with what I’d done.
“You’re just such a great dancer and the fans always here your music and singing and I let them see you doing ya thing” I laughed with finger guns. I regretted that finger guns Phil really I thought to myself.
“You could have at least asked” she groaned with a small laugh thanks to the finger guns. “I don’t know whether I love or hate you Phil Lester” she rolled her eyes.
“I think you should love me because I’m too dangerous alone” I giggled earning a small smile to form  on her lips.

“Aww c'mon, you know you love me” I said as I wrapped my arms around her short body. “You do c'mon, I’m Phil Lester! Everyone loves me” she tilted her head to look at me before speaking.
“I guess I love you.” She pushed away from my chest and stood on her tiptoes and connected our lips in a tiny yet loving kiss.

When you go
Would you even turn to say
“I don’t love you
Like I did

Y/n laughed after hearing the words from her phone. “Irony”