Managing Expectations:  Fitz

Now that we have the press release out and based on what I’m seeing on there @jessiecrimefighter and I have really adjusted our expectations as to what I’ll see from Fitz in the first two episodes…as in not much if at all.  I still think he’ll come up, for example once Jemma has 5 seconds to catch her breath and process what’s happened.  Or we’ll get a glimpse of him in the tag like we did with Jemma in Season 3.  

I know this isn’t what a lot of people wanted, but its something I’ve been expecting for a long time now.  Overlord was a fantastic opportunity for Iain and a huge project.   It should also be noted he is under contract with AOS, they let him do the project.   They have clearly planned accordingly by having Fitz initially left back on earth.   

And its because he’s on earth I’m not expecting to see him much if at all.  Looking at the Press Release and the Guest Stars most of these guys seem to be in space and the one from earth are part of the initial Spacenapping:

Orientation Part 1:

  • Jeff Ward as Deke:
  • Joel Stoffer as Enoch
  • Jordan Preston as driver
  • Peter Hulne as Jerry
  • John Wusah as young soldier
  • Deniz Akdeniz as Virgil
  • Nathin Butler as Jone
  • Derek Mears as captain 

Enoch and “driver” are likely earth for sure and there is a chance we see Enoch circle back to Fitz at some point in one.   

Orientation Part 2:

  • Jeff Ward as Deke
  • Eve Harlow as Tess 
  • Dominic Rains as Kasius
  • Florence Faivre as Sinara
  • Paul Duna as Reese
  • Kaleti Williams as Zev 
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Grill
  • James Babson as Holt
  • Tunisha Hubbard as Ava
  • Derek Mears as captain
  • Wes Armstrong as Rick
  • Jay Hunter as watch commander

“Rick” is the only one here who has even a small chance of being on earth but l’m leaning towards him being a Scavenger.  Zev is in IMDB for 3 so he is one that can go either way, but again leaning towards Space for him too.

Due to the team and at least the first pod being in space a MASSIVE amount of set up needs to be done.  The introduction of the new places and faces to set up what is to come.   Iain wasn’t available for the first two episodes, the easiest way to deal with that was to simply write Fitz out, and they didn’t have room for an Earth story alongside the space story, and/or no time to film it when he got back, especially when the Premiere was bumped back up.  Jemma and May weren’t in in 3.01, they were both mentioned but not seen. Well, Jemma did have the tag the tag and May didn’t show up until 2.  And since 1 and 2 are airing on the same night I don’t think his absence will be as noticeable as if it was spread over two weeks.

The writers, especially our writers for 1 and 2 Jed, Mo, and DJ, have proven they don’t need to have Fitzsimmons together to give us some amazing moments.  The Return in my book is one of my strongest Fitzsimmons episodes ever, even without glorious pod hugs.

Nor will this be the first time Fitz isn’t in an episode that much.   4722 Hours and Melinda are two examples, with Melinda he was just in the tag here too.  The difference is now we know its coming.  

I will say, it does look like the writers are going to make it up to fans.  Fitz has a mini arc of why he was left behind and getting to the others.   Five looks to be a pretty Fitz-centric episode WITH the bonus bro trip team up with Hunter (bows to the wise and powerful Timeline).  Followed by when I expect him to get to Space with the others in the Clark directed episode.  Not to mention “so many cute things” for Fitzsimmons, Chloe talked about. 

Look, I get that some fans are frustrated.  When theorizing I have a lot of ah ha moments and I had one other day.  Because for me its felt like forever since I’ve had Fitzsimmons properly together where its actually them.  And it has been for viewers:

  • Fitz was kidnapped in 4.14 Which aired on 2/14/17.
  • Depending on how AOS breaks for the Christmas Holiday I can see 6 airing 1/12/18.  Nearly 11 MONTHS since Fitzsimmons were properly together especially considering how crazy the finale was and they never got a second to even catch their breaths.
  • The writers purposely set up a ton of stuff in Season 4 knowing they wouldn’t get to it until Season 5.  Fitzsimmons was one of those.  They left them in a good place (but didn’t wrap them up as definitely as they did Mackelena and Philinda) and intended to pick it up in Season 5….and then there were a couple of we’ll call them hiccups.
    • They got picked up for Season 5 but were informed they wouldn’t be back until January. 

So we need to be patient a little while longer.  I realize many of you want to outright deck me when I saw this but I think we will be really rewarded in a big way this time. 

I would love to be wrong on this but as always, Plan for the worst, Hope for the Best!