The Grateful Dead - Save Your Face: Garcia Songs Live, 1972-1974

We interrupt your regularly scheduled #SummerOfDead programming to share this splendid compilation – hopefully the opening salvo in John Hilgart’s Grateful Dead “shortlists” project. John is one of the more sensitive, perceptive Dead listeners I know, capable of finding all kinds of diamonds in the rough. 

He says: “With this compilation, I was looking for a live version of the studio albums Garcia, Wake of the Flood, and From the Mars Hotel. I wanted a handy ‘album’ containing all of those songs – and other Garcia compositions – that I could put onto the stereo, with anyone in the room, without caveat or apology. Just great music: Here’s ‘Eyes of the World’ and ‘Stella Blue,’ with full-bore Dead behind them. Strong vocals, strong musical performance, and good sound.” 

Check it out and enjoy …