jerry's sandwiches

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin


I was SO sure that Abbi Jacobson and a friend parked outside the comic book store yesterday that I nearly dropped an entire handful of Sandman comics – I ran to the door of the shop to see if it was really her but she was walking away and on the phone and I nearly yelled out “ABBI, I WENT TO MICA TOO U R THE BESTEST COME IN HERE AND READ COMIX W/ ME!” but I lost my nerve and resolved to having missed an amazing opportunity. Turns out it wasn’t even her (I stalked her twitter just to make sure she hadn’t mentioned SF) because s few hours later I went to get some pretzel goldfish from the corner store and ran into the doppelganger. Still got a little starstruck not gunna lie. The girl musta thought I was the weirdest….

BUT yeah, can never get enough Broad Cityyyyy