jerry torre

In the film, Mrs. Beale says, “Jerry’s out every night with a different girl.” In fact, Torre’s life outside Grey Gardens centered on local gay night spots, such as the Attic. And he often drove into the city to spend evenings cruising bathhouses in a towel (he says he was voted Mr. Club Baths 1977) or dancing in his jockstrap on the bar at the Anvil.

Though she didn’t appear in the Maysleses’ movie, Jacqueline Onassis turns up in the musical, as the young Jackie Bouvier. Torre recalls meeting Onassis when she visited Grey Gardens. He says that she used to call the house occasionally, to check on her aunt and cousin, and that she once asked him to take her out clubbing. He remembers bringing her to the Anvil, where they watched a fire-eating drag contortionist perform. Afterward, Onassis’s driver took them back to her building, where she invited Torre up for a drink. “I said no thanks,” he said. “I went back to the Anvil.”

—  I think about this a lot.

Ever wonder what happened to Jerry after Grey Gardens? Apparently a lot.