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Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Director - F. Gary Gray, Cinematography - Matthew Libatique

“Let me tell you what I see here: a lot of raw talent. Swagger. Bravado. People are scared of you guys. They think you’re dangerous, but the world needs to hear it. They want N.W.A, let’s give em N.W.A.”

ok but here me out… stand by me and IT cross over

bill and gordie would be able to relate losing their brother. Both of them helping each other understand their problems because both of them feel the same way. Both guilty, both blame themselves for it, both loved their brother more than the world.

bill and gordie also relating on being very good at telling stories and writing. gordie even helping bill start writing some little stories and them sharing their stories.

bill and chris being able to bond together over their natural goodness and leadership and wanting to care and keep peace for people. Them being able to lead the group together and just be great friends too

richie and teddy swapping glasses and exchanging Hawaiian shirts. Both of them backing each other up with cigarettes and both of them acting out little scenes. richie with his voices and teddy doing his “storming the beach of Normandy” in response and them just being nerds together, running around and play fighting all the time

richie making up nicknames for vern and teasing the life out of him

• richie and teddy stealing verns come and putting it in stanleys hair just to see how long it would take for stan to realize it was there and also to see how long it took vern to notice his comb was gone.

teddy and chris teaching the losers clubs different card games and little gambling games. bev picking it up really quickly and just kicking everyone’s asses and someone as unexpected as stan also being hella good at it

teddy, richie and bev all having such a wholesome friendship with each other. They friebdly flirt with each other and make jokes at each other. them always going to the movies and watching horror movies together.

teddy, vern, chris and gordie all facing pennywise in their own ways too.

gordie going to chris after facing pennywise and seeing his brother and crying over it because it’s the first time he’s properly faced thinking about his brother.


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bill backing up gordie that it could be a bad idea to go across it and hanging back with him

ben hesitating but then going ahead anyways, just blabbering on about the beautiful architecture of the bridge and the scenery around it

richie giving eddie a piggyback ride over the bridge because eddies too scared he’s going to trip and die and he won’t move other wise and then both of them a screaming mess at each other when the train comes

bill and gordie both physically picking up vern and r u n n i n g with him in their arms and bolting it

the bowers gang and ace’s gang merging. belch becoming the best at mailboxes baseball and being crowned the champion.

henry introducing ace’s gang to blowtorching their farts in the junkyard. them all also having competition who could get the biggest fart flame

ace also being controlled by pennywise in the same way henry was to kill the losers and others.


ART SCHOOL | Q&A w/ TAYLOR PATTON (Nova Scotia) | Babes Ride Out

We’re always excited when Babes Ride Out rolls through town and brings together good times, good friends, and cool art!  VANS is not only heading down to this year’s Babes Ride Out West Coast event, but also contributing blank decks for all the BRO Artists to customize. Our first artist spotlight focuses on Canadian based artist Taylor Patton whose rad works are filled with clean hard lines, bold colors and imagery inspired by her love of tattoos and tattoo culture. We’re excited to learn more about Taylor and what inspired her customized deck! 

Interview by Anya Violet | Photographs courtesy of the artist 

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Here’s the official vid, check it out to discover who’s part of it. H50 rocks da house…

I think that I should tell you, that the surprise you’re about to get right now is a musical surprise. And I think that I should tell you that this is a VERY SPECIAL musical surprise and I’ll tell you why after I tell you this; the people you’re about to see on the stage could have been absolutely anywhere else in THE WORLD playing a concert but they decided to come and surprise you in Santa Clara California instead.
Another exciting thing about this musical guest- I first heard of this group when I was in the UK a couple of years ago. This musical group are in America to play the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow. But they decided to come here early so they’ll be here and be with you. So I really want you to treat them with the same grace that they have treated us with tonight by being here tonight. So can we all agree on the fact that you’re going to scream louder for them than you do for me the entire evening, is that right? *crowd cheers loudly* Perfect!
So they have an incredible breakout single that is smashing it on the charts as we speak called black magic.
—  Taylor swift’s whole speech before bringing little mix on stage (X)
Chuck Berry is turning 90 without fanfare

The Rolling Stones were actually formed after Mick Jagger saw Richards holding a Chuck Berry record at the Dartford railway station in Kent, England. They had been elementary school classmates, Richards wrote in his book, Life, he thought he was the only Berry fan around until discovering Jagger had “every Chuck Berry ever made.” Jagger invited Richards to hang out with his cadre of R&B fans and they began playing music, with Richards playing electric guitar “Chuck-style.”

Dylan has said he was into Chuck Berry before discovering Woody Guthrie and turning to folk. His first rock hit, Subterranean Homesick Blues, is directly influenced by Berry’s Too Much Monkey Business.

The Beatles had hits with Berry compositions such as Roll Over Beethoven, Rock and Roll Music and Sweet Little Sixteen, and McCartney called Berry “one of greatest poets America has ever produced”  in an introduction to the 2014 release of Berry’s complete studio recordings.

Young played with Berry and Richards at Berry’s 1986 induction into the first class of the Rock ’N’ Roll Hall of Fame, in which Richards said in his induction speech for his hero, “I lifted every lick he ever played.”

Hackford attended that ceremony with producer Stephanie Bennett, who had already asked him to direct a documentary about Berry.

“We went to the Chicago Film Festival and that’s where I met Keith and we started collaborating because we wanted to make it something really special,” Hackford said. “We also got a taste of Chuck, who was playing at the Chicago Film Festival, driving his big camper through Chicago the wrong way down a one-way street. It was astounding. I knew when I got in with Chuck Berry I had really fallen into a fantastic, creative feather bed. Chuck Berry is more like a bed of nails, but regardless, you know it’s not going to be boring.”

Berry wrote in his 1987 book, Autobiography, about his interest in doing interview “dwindled over the years as I would read back what I was supposed to have said to reporters.” Hackford interviewed Berry many times for his documentary and said Berry will “go down in history as a brilliant artist and an enigma.

“Chuck is a total contradiction,” he said. “He’s a proud black man. On the other hand, he has a very critical view of different parts of society – racial and political and everything else. I would call him a genius. The definition of a genius is somebody apart (who) doesn’t feel the normal human weaknesses many of us do. Therefore they can be, let’s call it complicated, let’s call it difficult, sometimes irrational. When you see someone who is a genius, who has done things nobody else has, why should they be normal? They’re not normal.”

Hackford said the other pioneers he interviewed — including Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Bo Diddley and Presley’s producer, Sam Phillips — all called Berry an influence on them. Even Lewis, a pianist who spewed racist epithets at Berry when they toured together in the ‘50s, praised Berry.

“Jerry Lee said he had a big thing with Chuck and chose him off,” Hackford said, “and Chuck beat the (crap) out of him. He says this on film. But, when it came down to it, they all basically said this was the most brilliant artist of their generation.” [Read More]