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Little Loopy

Summary : The reader attempts to attack a drunk Jim. The results are … unexpected.

Pairing : Spock x reader

POV:  Third person

Word count : 1233 

Beta read by the adorable @kaitymccoy123, who writes some of the best Spock fics in the galaxy <3

A/n : This is meant for Kaity’s Spring Has Sprung Challenge! I was given the color White and the quote  “I swear if you weren’t so attractive, I’d have punched you in the face nine times by now.”

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It  was average end to a day on the USS Enterprise. Everyone was tired and exhausted from the day’s mission, people were being patched up at Medbay, Jim was crying over his beloved ship and engineering was having a field day.

“She did so well today” Jim whimpered, sipping his glass of scotch with Scotty at his side.

“Aye, I know lad. She’s a real star” Scotty nodded filling a glass for himself.

This annoyed Y/n, his second in command who was this close to fainting from exhaustion. This happened every time the Enterprise got beaten up. Jim cried, Scotty listened and then they both fell asleep while singing old Terran songs.

And she was left to manage the engineers and revive the Enterprise’s engines so that they were ready to go for the next adventure.

It was time to put her foot down, y/n decided. Enough with this madness.

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Jealous (Nate Maloley Imagine)

A/N: beuatifulcrime, I hope you like it 💕 I apologize for the wait. I also did different perspectives (both Nate’s and Y/N’s) because I find it easier to write stories that way lol. I really hope you don’t mind!

Word Count: 3,000+

Pairing: Reader + Nate Maloley

Summary: You’re excited to meet your favorite viners at a party, but Nate gets jealous, which leads to a huge argument. 

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There’s entertainers that come and go, and there’s people good at this or good at that. But a guy like Dean Martin, there’s nobody cooler. — Kevin Spacey

He’s got one of the greatest, most recognizable and smooth voices of all time. I’m not gonna lie. I’d love to be Dean Martin. When you hear Dean Martin, he gives you a feeling. It’s a special gift. — Scotty Morris 

There is that undeniable force that you can’t put a name on— Robbie Williams 

When he sings, you believe it. He had a great personality that just came across and made you feel like you knew him. — Martina McBride 

He was the most underrated, brilliant performer in 100 years of our business. And it just gave me the greatest joy in my heart to see that he showed them all. — Jerry Lewis

He was the coolest dude I’d ever seen, period… He wasn’t just great at everything he did. To me, he was perfect. — Stevie Van Zandt