jerry sailor tattoo

Recent Commission for Tina of a sailor jerry flash tattoo design of Oktavia Von Seckendorff from the anime Madoka @ A @ thank you sosososososo much Tina, Oktavia is one of my fav witches and I love doing this fat line old style flash for alternative things <3 you’re a gem. Thank you and enjoy!
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Week 2 of classic movie project~ I love this movie. I love the story within a storyness of it, I love the scenery, the banter, the baby-faced Mandy Patinkin, I even love it enough to ignore the fact that Wesltey and Buttercup look a helluva lot like siblings! I have seen this movie multiple times growing up (at, like, every birthday sleep over party ever) and my high school even did a rendition of it where they switched up the character’s gender, but it took it me seeing it on the big screen to notice just how much of a helpless ninny Buttercup becomes throughout the movie! Totally thought she was gunna smash that ROUS with a sturdy vine (she falls over instead), but besides that, I LOVE THE MOVIE & TRUE LOVE the end.