jerry sailor tattoo

Sailor Jerry inspired Rick flash!


ART SCHOOL | Q&A w/ TAYLOR PATTON (Nova Scotia) | Babes Ride Out

We’re always excited when Babes Ride Out rolls through town and brings together good times, good friends, and cool art!  VANS is not only heading down to this year’s Babes Ride Out West Coast event, but also contributing blank decks for all the BRO Artists to customize. Our first artist spotlight focuses on Canadian based artist Taylor Patton whose rad works are filled with clean hard lines, bold colors and imagery inspired by her love of tattoos and tattoo culture. We’re excited to learn more about Taylor and what inspired her customized deck! 

Interview by Anya Violet | Photographs courtesy of the artist 

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Week 2 of classic movie project~ I love this movie. I love the story within a storyness of it, I love the scenery, the banter, the baby-faced Mandy Patinkin, I even love it enough to ignore the fact that Wesltey and Buttercup look a helluva lot like siblings! I have seen this movie multiple times growing up (at, like, every birthday sleep over party ever) and my high school even did a rendition of it where they switched up the character’s gender, but it took it me seeing it on the big screen to notice just how much of a helpless ninny Buttercup becomes throughout the movie! Totally thought she was gunna smash that ROUS with a sturdy vine (she falls over instead), but besides that, I LOVE THE MOVIE & TRUE LOVE the end.