jerry rescue

SIDE EFFECTS (for sassysquancher)

Rick moaned, lifting his head up from his pillow. Looking around, he realized he had been laid haphazardly in his own bed. The smell of vomit was strong. Once he had sat up, he realized it was coming from his shirt.

“G-god dammit,” he gurgled. “T-this’ll be the second s-sh-shirt today.”

At least he thought so. What had happened earlier? Oh, right. The Jerry rescue. He didn’t remember a hell of a lot that had happened once he had left the portal, but between the fuzzy memories and the evidence before him, he apparently had puked everywhere and then passed out.

With another moan due to his headache, he added, “S-st-stupid bitch! I-I-I knew she put something in that wine!”

In all truthfulness it had been nothing like he had expected such as poison or drugs, but he had no way of knowing this.

He continued to sit on his bed covered in vomit. He had to think a little before he cleaned himself up. Mostly he had to think about what Beth was going to say about all this. He knew Jerry would have blabbed everything by now. Eh, either way, at least things were normal again, more or less…

“At least I won’t have to worry about her again!” he assured himself before finally moving to grab some new clothes.