jerry lewis birthday


“I’ve always played my idiot character as I myself see life; A big dark storm that once in a while is brightened by a rainbow of laughter.” - Jerry Lewis

“I don’t think that humanity can prevail without laughter.” - Jerry Lewis

A Very Happy 90th Birthday to the eternal child star, Joseph Levitch AKA Jerry Lewis!!! Thanks for the years of laughs and everything you’ve given the world!  (March 16, 1926)


Happy 89th birthday, Jerry Lewis! ♥

What could you possibly say to do Jer justice? There’s nothing he can’t do if he wants to and he’s done so many great things that the list could go on forever.

If I had the possibility I’d thank him for everything he’s done and for just being himself. He’s such an inspiration - everytime I read a interview or listen to him talk about the most trivial subjects he never fails to amaze me with his charm, knowledge and intelligence.

  A superb actor, director, screenwriter and producer. A fantastic comedian with such versatility. Stand-up comedy, physical comedy, singing or dancing - nothing is too difficult. Impeccable charm combined with such presence and a brilliant, quick mind and so much talent it’s not strange that he’s been such a success. His engagement in fighting muscular dystrophy just makes him even more admirable. I can’t even describe how much I love, respect and admire this man and I’m so thankful for all the work he’s done. He’s the source of so much happiness and laughter in my life.

Jerry Lewis - a fantastic actor, producer, screenwriter, director, singer, comedian, author, humanitarian and a truly remarkable, inspirational personality. I wish he could feel the love from all of his fans on his special day. Today I hope he’s able to have a fantastic time with his loved ones, take it easy (I don’t think he can!) and eat a little too much birthday cake. There’ll be another day for great achievements tomorrow. ♥


Happy 90th Birthday Jerry Lewis! (March 16, 1926)

“I would like to be remembered for good work, and I’d like to be remembered that parents felt comfortable bringing their kids to my movies. I feel I have been a part of some very wonderful films, and I have had it in mind when I was on the set, every day, that what I am doing has meaning. I have felt during the making of my films that what I’m doing goes a very long way, and I’d better respect the performance and how much work goes into the performance. - Jerry Lewis


“People say different things about him—he’s too brash, he’s using this or that cause—but all I can say is what I’ve seen with my own eyes. He’s the most gentle and passionate man I’ve ever met.” - Clay Cole, DJ   

“Out of his great need for that quality of love, Jerry could not have been more seductive. For the time he focused on you, he required all of you, and for a while we were happy to give all.” - Norman Lear,  Even This I Get to Experience

“He’s got a craving for affection that goes farther than any other demand or desire I ever observed in another human being.” - Jack Keller 

“People wanted to do the best they could for him. He made people feel special.  That’s why ‘The Nutty Professor’ is a classic. It’s because everyone that worked on that movie put in more effort then they normally would have I think.” - Stella Stevens

Happy 90th Birthday Joseph Levitch (Jerry Lewis)!!! (March 16, 1926)


Happy 89th Birthday Jerry Lewis!!! (March 16, 1926)

“I live in a selfish, selfless kind of a cocoon. You cannot get by in this world, apparently, if you are a courageous, honest crusader and/or stand-up,straight-ahead man who will not take shit. I’ll sit in the corner and let you pound me if I’ve got it coming. If I don’t have it coming, you’d better know what you’re doing, because you’re tangling with a goddamn son of a bitch.”


     “Jerry has an inventive imagination. He can be what he wants to be–and only he knows what that may be…. If Jerry wants to write, he becomes a writer. If he wants to direct, he becomes a director. If he wants to be a star, that’s who he is. If he wants to turn everybody’s life upside down, he becomes a human tornado. He has the propensity to will himself in so many constructive as well as destructive ways.

     Like the proverbial wanderer, destined to lead a touch-and-go life, Jerry feels he can go anywhere he wants to and he’ll be there.” - Patti Lewis




There’s entertainers that come and go, and there’s people good at this or good at that. But a guy like Dean Martin, there’s nobody cooler. — Kevin Spacey

He’s got one of the greatest, most recognizable and smooth voices of all time. I’m not gonna lie. I’d love to be Dean Martin. When you hear Dean Martin, he gives you a feeling. It’s a special gift. — Scotty Morris 

There is that undeniable force that you can’t put a name on— Robbie Williams 

When he sings, you believe it. He had a great personality that just came across and made you feel like you knew him. — Martina McBride 

He was the most underrated, brilliant performer in 100 years of our business. And it just gave me the greatest joy in my heart to see that he showed them all. — Jerry Lewis

He was the coolest dude I’d ever seen, period… He wasn’t just great at everything he did. To me, he was perfect. — Stevie Van Zandt