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Exo reaction when they see you crying bc you’re pregnant and everything hurts all the time

Xiumin: He’d feel bad as hell.. he would kinda feel responsible for your pain so he would try the best he could to make you feel better, but if it would get worse, he would definitely call a doctor for advice.

“Are you really okay baby, is there anything I can do for you?”

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Luhan: Wouldn’t really know what to do, he would sit there and listen to your complains carefully. After your pain stopped, he would take you out for some ice cream or shopping or so..

“Hmm, I’m sorry I can’t do anything about your pain, but we can go, get some ice cream if you want, maybe that makes you feel better.”

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Kris: would literally suffer with you… every time you cringe because your back hurts so much he would feel pain too.. he knows he’s in no position to help you physically but he would be by your side.

“I will probably never know how bad you feel right now… but to see you, being in so much pain, hurts me as well Y/N.”

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Suho: would buy you everything you want, would do whatever you say, everything to make you feel better, even if that means to drive to the next grocery store at 3 in the morning bc you want Ben&Jerry’s.

“I got it babe, I’m on my way to get you your ice cream… something else I can get you?”

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Lay: would also be the cutest partner you could wish for, he would be by your side every time you feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable. He would buy you roses or plushies… everything to make you forget the pain.

“I saw these flowers and immediately thought of you… I had to buy them for you…”

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Baekhyun: cutest person ever… would try to distract you with jokes or games and would give you all his attention.

“You look stunning today princess, did you change your hair or something…?”

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Chen: would tell you how strong  you are and how beautiful you are…. he knows that he can’t do more for you that to spoil you to no end.

“Baby, I know that it hurts, but you don’t have to endure it much longer… only a few weeks my lady…”

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Chanyeol: He would tell you about all the cool things you will do when your child is born, he would also play the guitar for you and sing to calm your nerves, because lets be honest.. who can stay angry when chanyeol plays guitar…

“Listen baby, I wrote this song just for you…”

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D.O: ‘ Oh man, what should I do? She is in so much pain and I can’t do anything about it… I’m such a bad partner…’ would hate himself.(But would still do everything possible for you)

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Tao: would try to distract you with food.

“See honey… tastes fantastic right? We should visit this place again when our baby is a bit older…”

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Kai: ‘It’s the fifth time this week that she got those stomach aches… is that still normal ?What if somethings wrong with the baby?? Maybe we should call the doctor…’ 

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Sehun: would be COMPLETELY lost…. he is still pretty young himself and in that moment, he would start getting doubts and would ask himself if he’s really ready to be a father when he’s not even able to make you feel better.

“What if I’m going to be a terrible dad, I am not mature enough myself, how should I raise a child? But it doesn’t matter… I have to stay on Y/Ns side.. she goes through so much pain… I can’t let her down now! I have to be strong…”

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