jerry hunt

So there should be a Spider-Woman comic or movie where Jerry Hunt is the uptight, by the book CIA agent and Jessica Drew is the mysterious bad ass, that doesn’t have to answer to anyone vigilante and they go take down the Serpent Society. The Sepent Society are like former HYDRA agents that are doing their own thing now.


Happy Birthday to Tom Cruise!

(July 3, 1962)


Last Saturday some of skateboarding’s finest film photographers gathered at the Leica Gallery in Beverley Hills, CA for the opening of the Rolling Through the Shadows group exhibition. Vans Propeller mastermind @huntfilmwork had some classic shots of AVE and DillRay Barbee printed up an unseen Acosta crooked grind while @anthonyacostaphoto returned the favor by featuring Ray’s iconic backside 360 photo. The show runs through the end of the month so don’t miss out on this heavy line up.

Leica Gallery, Los Angeles
March 5th - 31st, 2016

Photos: @granthatfield and @culdesacoflameness


Friends section from Out of the Bag, an old homie video from Pittsburgh, PA. Shitty filming, shitty editing, okay skating. #fuckyinz 

This is Jerry, I adopted him in November 2014 from the Humane Society. Jerry is a black/tan coonhound mix, we think he has some Dobie in him too. Jerry doesn’t understand hunting, so Jerry was put in a cage by his last owner ALL THE TIME. One day Jerry didn’t want to go in a cage and that’s when they gave him up. He was at the shelter awhile too. We have him in training, and doggy daycare and he is improving leaps and bounds. He LOVES the snow, he loves to play and he’s a total sweetheart with my family and my three brother’s kids. 


If you have fifteen minutes to spare, I implore you to watch this. It’s Dave Goelz, Frank Oz, Kevin Clash, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt and Steve Whitmire singing a medley of all Jim Henson’s favorite songs at Jim’s memorial. It’s funny, touching, sweet, and heart wrenching.

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Here’s a fifteen minute video of the Fraggles looking for jobs after their show wraps up. Definitely watch through till the end! It’s so worth the watch!

Richard Hunt’s cameo as the boss is amazing, but the tail end. Oh man, the tail end always brings me to tears.