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This Is What the Resistance Sounds Like
Governor Jerry Brown says in this rousing, confidence-inspiring speech that if Donald Trump shuts down satellite collection of climate data, “California will launch its own damn satellites.”
By James Fallows

That’s my governor.

The whole messed up fam together. <3

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In which our beloved monster ambassador (unknowingly) runs for student council.

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On 8 May, 2005, 8-year-old Laura Hobbs and her best friend, 9-year-old Krystal Tobias, disappeared while riding their bikes in a nearby park in Zion, Illinois. When the duo didn’t return home, their parents called 911 and a search party was created. It wasn’t long until the disturbing discovery of their savagely slain bodies were discovered off a wooded bike path. The person who stumbled across this gruesome scene was 34-year-old Jerry Hobbs, Laura’s father. The companions had been brutally beaten and then stabbed to death. An investigation revealed that they had been killed where they were discovered. Jerry, who had recently been released from prison for aggravated assault was automatically questioned, due to being the one who discovered the girls and his lengthy criminal history. After hours of interrogation, Jerry broke down and confessed that he had been the one who killed his own daughter and her friend. Almost immediately he recanted his confession and staunchly professed his innocence to anybody that would listen. DNA had been discovered under the girls’ fingernails and when DNA analysis was taken, it did not match Jerry’s but alas, he had confessed so the prosecution considered the DNA to be unrelated. After being found guilty of the heinous double murder, Jerry and his defence team refused to give up hope. They continued working the case and finally caught a break when they discovered something the investigators had missed - they examined the anal, vaginal and oral swabs that were taken of the two girls and were shocked to find traces of semen. This semen matched the DNA that was underneath the girls’ fingernails. This DNA matched that of Jorge Torrez, who was currently in custody on another charge. It was revealed that he had lived just a block away from the victims’ homes. Jerry was immediately released and Torrez was charged with the two murders, receiving a death sentence.

Dear Diary, Jerry and I did crafts today with the cutting blades that Clarke gave me. She called them “safety scissors”. I made Jerry a face out of colorful paper and gave him little hands and legs made from what Clarke called “pipe cleaners”. I haven’t told her about Jerry yet. I’m not sure if she’d approve of our friendship.

who wants to join me in hell?

  • INKED: "When did you get your first tattoo?"
  • JERRY CANTRELL: "It’s been a while, but I wanna say in ’88. My mother had passed away right before I met Layne, and she’d left me a little bit of money to live on. We used that on gear and a couple of demo sessions that we did early on. I had a little bit of spending cash left over so Layne and I were talking about getting the brother tattoos. We went down to this place on Pike Street in Seattle, right above the market on the hill, and I got this screaming skull-type thing on my right shoulder, and he got a skull with an Elvis hairdo and some sunglasses on his left shoulder. They were both wall tattoos, my only wall tattoo—and, generally, the first one usually is. [Laughs.] But the cool thing about doing it was doing it with Layne; he had one on one shoulder and I had one on the other. They were kind of connected and obviously we were too." [Inked Magazine 2009]

In the early morning hours of 11 September, 1991, Carrie Lawson and her husband received an urgent phone call while asleep in their Jasper, Alabama, home. The caller said that Carrie’s father was sick and in the hospital. As she rushed out the front door, a masked man wrestled her to the ground before tying her husband up and abducting Carrie. Within a day, Carrie was allowed to call home and inform her husband that her abductor wanted $300,000 ransom to be dropped off in a nearby tunnel. Her family rallied together and got the ransom and dropped it off at the requested spot. A few days passed yet there was still no sign of Carrie. The following week, her car which the abductor had stolen was found 46 miles away and fingerprints led to Karen McPherson. Karen confessed that he distant cousin, Jerry Bland, had been to one to abduct Carrie. She claimed that she had seen Carrie two days after she was kidnapped and that she then fled into the forest. Police tracked down Jerry and found the ransom money in his house. However, as police were searching his house, he shot himself in the head. Karen was sentenced to life imprisonment; Carrie has never been found.