jerry burchfield

Going though Jerry Burchfields work last night in class was so… breath taking, and for lack of a better word, purely inspiring. Sometimes I feel so drained and a little hopeless at the end of the week, but then I go to my friday night film class, and all is renewed in me again. Everyone is so excited and eager to learn new processes, awe sticken by the same images that inspire me. The class has a great energy, and I love everyone there. We’re all at different levels, some of us straight up beginners. Others are much older and have a lot more experience with Alternative Process, one woman in particular, Nitsa! She has really mastered this skill and actually has a free workshop coming up: Salt Prints! I don’t know what we’re going to be doing but I guess there is salt involved, haha. Yahh!

Anyway though, back to Jerry… his stuff is dreamy and soft. It brings me peace and I love it. Sometimes you can get these colors through submerging the prints in water for days, out in the sun and overnight. Also the particles and natural chemistry of the plants/animals can too affect the colors, pretty cool eh.

My experimental teacher wants us to get a dead animal and use it for our lumen print.


External image

So instead, I am going to go all It’s Kind of a Funny Story on him (book by Ned Vizzini a must read if you haven’t already!) and instead make the inside of someone’s head with things they like and such! It’s going to be a triptych! <3   So one will be desires and hopes and dreams, another is reality and another will darkness…I think I’ll make it a self portrait too :) Whew! Now for the damn Cyanotype :(

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