jerry and jerry

  • Ben & Jerry's: Hmm.. How do we boost publicity
  • Ben & Jerry's: Uhhh what social issues are on the table right now?
  • Ben & Jerry's: Have We touched gay marriage in Australia yet?
  • Ben & Jerry's: Okay, I got it, no one can order two scoops of the same ice cream flavor until the gays can marry or something yeah, that should bring us free publicity from everyone.
  • the media: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEN AND JERRY'S DID IT AGAIN YALL
  • Ben & Jerry's: Nice.

Not mine a guy called Jon Ismailovski did this and you can buy it as a t shirt etc here:

I’ve sourced Jon in this post he’s got some incredible work (tons of Rick & Morty work available as t-shirts, stickers etc) over at RedBubble, go check it out if you get a minute!

Okay but did u know tom&jerry actually LOVE each other ?? There is an episode of the cartoon that tom sits down on the train rays and we all would think jerry would be happy that tom will die right ? Cause he always tries to eat him. No he sits down next to tom and they wait for the train.But in the next episode they are both alive if i know right. But still! Jerry didnt let tom alone! Cause Jerry always mess up with tom cause he loooves him. And Tom had many chances to really eat jerry. But he didnt.He never did. Even when he got the chance. So it makes me happy when we call markhyuck as tom&jerry couple cause they are exact same.