jerry and jerry


- Ezekiel is beautiful like the sun but that ain’t new.

- I started dying when Daryl talked about Carol with Morgan “she’d be leading us right through them”. He knows her better than anyone else. 

- “She’s got more balls than you and me” : a perfect definition of Carol Peletier approved by her husband.  

- Jeez that was a lot of garbage, hope they got some febreeze.

- I was like WTF when that woman threw Rick in the garbage.Then I was like WTF she threw him in the garbage with a walker. Don’t do this to Michonne’s boo.

- My babies got a deal but I hope we can trust these “new best friends”.

- Jerry brought Carol some cobbler. This man is a muffin.

- “Goodbye your majesty”. This woman will be the end of me. And same for the Kangdom people they’re such dorks 

- “She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever, she’s taken out by a walker, she gets hit by lighting, anything. Anything happens to her I’ll kill ya.” : man that was so intense. Also, could he be more obvious about his feelings ? 

- I support Michonne’s cat collection. 

- More about Caryl : We saw the real Carol in this episode, because he is her exception and she loves him. Her face when she opened the door… he took her breath away. I love how much they feel free to be vulnerable with each other. The way he said : “Why’d you go?” was heartbreaking… And the fact that he chose not to tell her about Glenn and Abe shows how much she is more important to him than revenge. Hell, she is more important to him than anyone. And when he made her laugh… Could they be anymore obvious about their feelings ? They’re good at many things but hiding their feelings for each other ain’t one them. So get naked already.

- Did you see how she almost went after him in the end ? I wanna die. 

Best part of the episode : the hugs between Carol and Daryl.. They nuzzled the hell out of each other.