Hi guys, so basically this is my first follow forever and I just wanted to thank all these people for making my dashboard look PERFECT. 


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I’m terribly sorry if I missed someone. Thank you for being amazing. ILY.


WOW GUYS!! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog. I’ve had tumblr blogs before but this is my first and only one that I use daily as well as dedicate a lot of my time to. I’ve not really made actual friends here but I consider my mutual followers as buddies; even if we haven’t spoken before. If this is one of you then I suggest you get your butt into my ask so we can start talking! I remember when I started this blog, it was a week before I went to my TMH concert and I honestly didn’t start editing for a month or more after that. I just want to say thank you to everyone and here is my favourite blogs:

jesy urls: jessicanelson; stereonelson; frecklejesy; cupofnelson; jesysalute; fckingjesy; jesy-nelson; gorgejesy; bangjesy;

leigh-anne urls: cosmicleigh; leighstripper; infinileigh; leighsmile; pinncock; pinnockes; omfgpinnock; 

perrie urls: amorperrie; perrieste; shinebrightlikeperrie; perriesbabes; isperrie; perrieslut; pearey; ofperrys; perrieemix; perriesgurl; okayperrie; perrieedvards; perriesangels; perrievine; perriezs;

jade urls: jadethirlwell; thirls; jadeamellia; thirlweed; jdaethirlwall; thirlbabe; j-thirlwalls; cannonwall; mr-bows; thirlwallers; thirlboob; thirliewhirl;

other urls: fierymix; freshprincessed; lerriepedwards; littelmix; wowlerrie; littlemixurl; mixersbian; lerriesistible; barbraplvin; lovedrnk; rhythmixers; zerriegirl; jerrienation; zerrey

I honestly love every single one of my 4,000+ followers, thank you all for following me over the past year. Whether you’re an old or new follower, I hope you enjoy my blog and if any of you ever need to talk or just have something to ask then don’t be afraid to send me an inbox message. I honestly don’t mind. In fact, I love replying to everyone, on or off anonymous. Thank you once again. If you weren’t in this FF but we follow each other just know that I do love you. There’s just so many people to choose from out of 200+ followings. I’m gonna stop babbling on now. Have a lovely spring everybody!

i have been tagged by thugwall

-always post the rules

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thugwall’s questions:

  1. whats your favorite singer/band? One Direction and Little Mix.
  2. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? London or New York.
  3. whats your favorite food? It’s hard to choose it tho.
  4. favorite quote? “Don’t worry, be hippie”
  5. celebrity crush? Harry Styles.
  6. have you ever been to a concert? for who? I’ve been to One Direction’s concert once in april!
  7. do you play sports? I used to!
  8. favorite thing to do?  Blog,sing,dance,laugh!
  9. favorite color? Blue.
  10. favorite candy? Cholocate.
  11. do you have any siblings? Nope,just brother.

Perriethewinkle’s questions!

  1. Favorite song at the moment?
  2. Do you have more than just this blog on tumblr?
  3. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who?
  4. What fandoms are you in?
  5. If you could change your life with someone for one day who would it be and why?
  6. What pages do you use? Like twitter,facebook, etc.
  7. What’s your celebrity crush?
  8. What’s your eyes colour?
  9. One celebrity you just can’t stand and why?
  10. Favorite things to do in your free time?
  11. Where are you from?