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Things in Musicals That Make My Soul Ascend to Heaven

• The key change in Champaign when Usnavi says “Vacation? Vanessa, you’re leaving too!”
• “I hope that you…burn”
• The hidden little line in The Duel, the little “Ah, yes, show me what you’ve got!”
• How low Jeremy Jordans voice is in the beginning of This World Will Remember Us
• The entirety of Guns and Ships
• “she got friendly, DOWN IN THE SAyAhANnd!!”
• The wounded way Gabriel says “Hi dad” in I Am The One (Reprise)
• The beautiful high note in Spooky Mormon Hell Dream in the line “And the horrible vision that I had THAT NIIIIIIGGGGHHT!”
• The entirety of Pierre & Natasha
• Every single time Mimi says “Oooouuuuutttt tonight”
• Andrew Rannells existing
• The little gay part in The Bitch of Living
• The entirety of Don’t Do Sadness
• “hiiiss naaame iiss MENDELLLL AAAAaaaHH”
• the Squip going “BEBOPOBEBOPOBEPO” in The Pitiful Children
• The entirety of Green Finch and Linnett Bird
• the way Jared says “kinky” in Sincerely Me
• The harmonizing in Unlikely Lovers
• “I won’t get to heaven…why not raise a little hell?”
• the part in For Forever when Ben Platt sings “till the entire sun, SHINES ON MY FAAACEEE” is soul healing tbh
• The chaos at the end of Non-Stop
• “It’s eggs!”
• The entirety of Words Fail
• the tap dancing in King of New York
• Whizzer Brown
• Andrew Rannells
• “he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife TEN TIMES”
• The end of A Day in Falsettoland
• “oh yes oh yes oh yes they both oh yes they both oh yes they both reached for the gun the gun the gun the gun oh yes they both reached for the gun for the gun”
• Cabinet Battle #3
• the hippie music that plays behind Michael Mell
• The chaos at the end of 96,000
• “no customer would go to you unless she was a hooker”
• “well FUCK me GENTLY with a CHAINsaw >:)”
• “Joseph Smith took his magical fuck frog and rubbed it on Brigham Youngs clit face”
• “lovers live and die fortissimo”
• anD PEGGy

feel free to add more

I wanted to paint Jerry’s tree from Jordan’s old survival series for nostalgia’s sake and I’m pretty satisfied with the results

Also the reason why this is blob shaped is because I literally just coloured in a blob at the corner of my canvas (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


the cast of the newsroom + their man of la mancha counterparts
synopsis of the musical
hear me now 
oh thou bleak and unbearable world, 
thou art base and debauched as can be; 
and a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled 
now hurls down his gauntlet to thee! 


On this day in music history: November 8, 1975 - “Low Rider” by War hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also peaking at #7 on the Hot 100 on November 29, 1975. Written by Sylvester Allen, Harold Brown, Morris Dickerson, Jerry Goldstein, Lonnie Jordan, Howard Scott, Lee Oskar and Charles Miller, it is the biggest single for the Long Beach, CA based R&B/Funk band. The initial inspiration for “Low Rider” comes from the band’s guitarist Howard Scott and sax player Charles Miller, having grown up in the midst of the low rider car culture in their respective hometowns of San Pedro and Long Beach, CA. While the two are jamming together, Miller begins spontaneously singing the hook to “Low Rider”. The pair show what they have come up with to the rest of the band and finish writing it all contributing their individual parts. Issued as the second single from their seventh album “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” on September 20, 1975, it quickly becomes another smash for War. “Low Rider” is adapted as an anthem in the Mexican American community, and among the low rider culture in general. The song becomes a pop cultural touchstone, being featured and referenced in movies and on television programs. Comedian George Lopez also uses “Low Rider” as the theme to his television sitcom running from 2002 to 2007.


Biggest OTPs of my life (in no particular order): Jordan & Woody [Crossing Jordan]

“Woody, I don’t know what’s gonna happen up here. But, there’s something I have to say. Just so you know, I love you. I’m not asking for anything here. I just, I just don’t want it left unsaid. It feels like my whole life, I’ve been so focused on death. My mom, my job, and, uh… I think I’ve just been afraid of really living. You know?”