jerri howell

Shown above is a picture of prostitute Jerry Howell, victim of serial killer Robert Berdella, who killed 6 men between 1984-1987 in Kansas City, Missouri. Howell, who was a friend of Berdella’s, was drugged, kept in his basement overnight, raped, and eventually asphyxiated. 

Berdella’s MO consisted of luring his victims to his house, where he would then get them drunk or drug them with standard sedatives or animal tranquilizers. Once they were unconscious, the killer would restrain them in his basement from anywhere from a night to several weeks and begin to torture or sodomize them, documenting it all with a camera and a “torture log.” The torture involved electrical shocks, applying bleach onto their eyes, forcing drain cleaner onto their vocal cords, and trying to gouge out their eyes “to see what would happen.” 

Berdella also claimed to inject them with antibiotics to keep them alive longer, saying he was trying to “help” them and referring to them as his “playtoys.” Once the torture was over, Berdella would asphyxiate them with a plastic bag, cut slits in their bodies, drain them of blood in a bathtub, and dismember them with kitchen knives and a chainsaw. He would then proceed to leave their body parts in garbage bags for garbage men to pick up, occasionally keeping some of them as trophies and burying them in his backyard.

Once apprehended, Berdella claimed that he never wanted his victims to die. He explained that he wanted them to be his sex slaves instead. Berdella also believed that he was a moral person who merely made a mistake, and in an attempt to prove that, set up a trust fund for the families of his victims.