Theater Lover to Head Jerome Foundation

Ben Cameron, the former Executive Director of Theater Communications Group and most recently the arts program director at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, will become the President of the Jerome Foundation at the beginning of 2016.  The Jerome Foundation, based in St. Paul, is a source of funding and other support for artists in Minnesota and New York.

Cameron also has other ties to the Twin Cities.  In addition to having lived here when he worked for the Dayton Hudson Foundation and Target Corporation in the 1990s, he was the theater professor at Yale University for undergrad Joe Haj, the Guthrie Theater’s incoming artistic director. Cameron also hosted the Ivey Awards in its second year with Justin Kirk, the film and television star who got his acting start at The Children’s Theater and Jungle Theater.

Cameron will also assume responsibility for the Carmago Foundation, which the Jerome Foundation acquired a few years ago.  Noting that the Carmago has a retreat on the French Riviera, Ivey has enrolled in the French program at Rosetto Stone University and will be applying for the translator position upon completion of studies.

(photo provided by Star Tribune)