Jerome x Reader

Sharpshooter - Reader goes to the circus and meets a boy(Jerome) that questions her shooting ability. Evidently she proves him wrong.

Fast CarSong fic to the song Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.

Baby You’re Electric- Jerome takes the reader to the roof for a surprise.

Save Rock n’ Roll - Reader is a guitarist and she has a follower.

Boredom Leads To Great Things - Drabble prompt with Jerome

Fix Your Sadness - Jerome finds the reader cutting

Masterpiece- Artist! reader and Jerome have an art contest

Ed x Reader

Split-  Ed reveals his other personality and upsets the reader, but comforts her in the end.

Love YourselfReader is self conscious and Ed comforts her.

How The Riddler Got His SuitEd is unsure about his new suit and the reader shows how much she likes it.

Blood PuzzlesReader is taken by someone and Ed has to solve a puzzle to find you.

CuddlesReader is short and perfect for cuddles with Ed.

BetterReader struggles with an eating disorder and Ed finds out

Short Skirt- Ed x reader smut 

Riddled With Love - Ed is in love with Harvey’s daughter

Sadness - Reader struggles with depression

Pyjama Party - Ed finds the reader dancing in her pyjamas

Ballroom Blitz - Reader suffers from anxiety and has an attack on her way to a party

I’d Still Choose You Ed pushes reader away after he gets sent to Arkham, then shows up at her work, hoping to be forgiven.

Blame It On The Alcohol - Reader tells her older sister Barbara about her dating Ed

Bruce x Reader

Avalanche Reader meets(Older) Bruce when she’s out dancing. Songfic to Avalanche by Walk The Moon.

Oh Mis BelieverReader struggles with depression. Song fic to Oh Mis Believer by Twenty One Pilots

What Would You Do?- Song fic to What Would You Do. Kind of a Bruce x reader x Jerome

Accidentally Batman - Reader finds out Bruce is Batman

Game onBruce and his sister have a game day

Selina x Bruce

Come Back For Me - Bruce has an internal conflict about his feelings for Selina

anonymous asked:

please do 30 with jeromee

I didn’t know if you were reffering to a we are done-end of relationship or a we are done-like they finished something so i’m going with the second choice, hope you like it!

30. We are done

I watched the scared man in front of me who was tied up onto a chair. A smile appeared in the corner of my mouth as I approached him and he choked down, probably praying for his life. He began to stir in his seat and I leaned against him, our faces being only a few centimetres away from each other.

“My, my! You’re a little noisy.” I said in a childish tone, continuing to smile but then my face became dead serious. “I don’t like it.” I stepped back, then I started to make circles around his chair, scaring him more until Jerome will came and get the informations he needs.
Just when I was ready to protest, the doors opened, revealing Jerome and two massive men who were following him. Arriving to my side, he put his hand on my hip and he kissed my cheek.

“Thank you, doll! I’ll take it from here.” He whispered to me with a seductive voice and I could feel my knees turning into jelly. I nodded and then I turned around, starting to swing my hips to the door. Once outside, I closed the doors behind me and went to Jerome’s car. After I got in, I waited patiently for him to come back.

Just when I started to get bored, three tall figures apperead in front of the car and I couldn’t hide my excitement. The more they approached, the proeminent the blood on their faces was. Jerome was smiling widely and I copied his gesture before he got in. He turned to me and then he wiped a little blood from his face with the back of his hand.

“We are done, babydoll! He wasn’t very useful.”

“Did you kill him?” I asked impatienly even though I knew the answer.

“Let’s say that he will sleep for a very long time.“ He said with a grin. “Now let’s go get some food, I’m hungry!”