Fatboy Slim Vs. Jerome Robins Feat. Idris Elba - Uptown Funk              


Here’s a good electro house song. Love the sounds on this one. There’s a very strong Deadmau5 influence on it

I’m sat on the train back to Nottingham from my first week back at Leeds Beckett reflecting on the beginning of the end of my MA in Music Production.

Over the next few months I’m going to be all kinds of busy! I’ll be spending a lot of time in the studio and although the music I make will count towards my degree I can guarantee you will get to hear it.

The briefs are very vague this time around but team work and collaboration is key! So, over the coming weeks I’ll be able to explain further who is involved in this creative team and what their role will be in bringing the three singles to life. Without going in to too much detail now, more for the fact that it’s merely a thought at the moment, but after Christmas I hope to develop three new videos that may or may not act as a three part story… Yeah, I can be vague too… 😜

In the mean time however, I have been working on a track titled ‘Here Tonight’ with house DJ, Gareth Harding. The track is being mixed in Toronto, Canada, at the moment by house production mammoth, Jerome Robins. It’s down to the label when this track will be released, but as soon as I know, you’ll know! Along side that, I have written and co-produced a song with American producer, Jon Robinson who also goes under the name JRob. 'World On Fire’ as I’ve titled it, is being mixed in Maryland, Washington, as I type this.

So excited to hear both of these tracks finished! It’s very strange covering the writing and production side of things again with the mix out of my hands. Kind of like the old days working with Rob Huskinson. Probably works out better that way though! I stress so hard when it comes to mixing my own work! Haha.

Anyway, thanks for giving me your time and reading! Here’s a very tired train selfie, 'cos words are boring.

Kurt x

Sunshine house, mixed just a bit sloppily.

01 La Fique - Robosonic and Adana Twins
02 Ministry of Love (Andre Crom Remix) - Romanthony
03 Sometimes (Jerome Robins 1999 Remix) - Antoine Cortez
04 Love You Feel 2013 (Grayson P Remix) - Soul Avengerz
05 Colibri - ATTAR!

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