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Headcanon that Nurse Offstill is like, way too on board when the boys try to fake illness to get out of class or avoid getting murdered by Krupp, and will help them if she like gets advanced release copies of their comics or something. 

But then when they come into her office actually sick, then she’s just in a state of complete disbelief, because it always seems that whenever there’s something going around at Jerome Horwitz, they’re untouchable. 

When in reality she just hasn’t been the school’s nurse long enough to know that with them it’s more of a 50/50 chance, and they’ve just been really lucky for the past couple of months.

It took me two whole days to get a hold of the Captain Underpants art style so I could make this. 

I made a custodian for Jerome Horwitz named Janet Oreole (a pun on janitorial), that used to be a garbage person, and fought for one year in Afghanistan, but was discharged. 

She now sprays pests, shines lockers, mops floors, plunges toilets, and cleans puke. She’s rather proud of her decision. 

She also finds herself more often than not cleaning up one of George and Harold’s pranks, but she’s fine with that, since she gets to look deeper into its gruesome details. 

Janet’s Hispanic, Guatemalan, to be specific, and was adopted by a white family, who sore of “Europeanized” her name. It used to be Juanita Anita Creolez, before both of her parents died, orphaning her. 

Decided to jump on the villain bandwagon.

So to recap, her name is Miss Selene Nius (a play on Miscellaneous) and she is an art teacher. She is very sweet, kinda scatterbrained and loves her students.

But once the school started making budget cuts and denying funding for her art program, she went beserk and became Cross-Stitch.

She now has a personal vendetta against the Jerome Horwitz Elementary school board, and every last school board in the world who thinks they can deny an artistic environment to children.

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Captain Underpants: The Musical("™") everything's the same but we get more songs than thE MOVIE IS GIVING US--

HONESTLY like it doesn’t even need to be a full blown musical!! Just like, a few numbers!!

I want a Krupp antagonist song where he belts out how much he hates fun. Stomping through the halls and grumbling in rhythm until he reaches his office and angrily pours through George and Harold’s pranking record

I want Captain Underpants to have a song about being a hero and saving the day as he bounds through town

I want Melvin to have a song about nobody appreciating his genius. And he’s frustrated and uppity but then there’s a brief moment when he’s genuinely sad and lonely….but then it passes and he continues on about his brilliance

I want a rendition of that Scholastic song “Go Poopypants”

I want George and Harold to debate with each other in song format about whether they should fix Mr. Krupp or let him stay Captain Underpants

I want a song where Captain Underpants feels like he’s failed the world when Poppypants starts to win….but it turns into a reprise of his hero song where he gains the courage and power to save the day!

And then I want Jerome Horwitz Elementary school to gush about Captain Underpants saving the day! And Mr. Krupp is totally annoyed because they don’t know what they’re talking about–but then someone snaps their fingers and George and Harold are carted off an another adventure with an

“Oh NO!”

“Here we go agaaaain!”

And the film ends with triumph! So I mean….I don’t want MUCH…..

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  1. Captain Underpants Theme Song - by “Weird Al” Yankovic
  2. A Friend Like You - by Andy Grammer
  3. Saturday (Cast Version) - by Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch
  4. Think - by Adam Lambert
  5. 1812 Ofarture - by The Students of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School
  6. Hallelujah - by Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch and Ed Helms
  7. Oh Yeah - by Lil Yachty
  8. Saturday - by Nathan Willett of Cold War Kids
  9. Comic Book Opening (Score from “Captain Underpants”) - by Theodore Shapiro
  10. Saving The Day (Score from “Captain Underpants”) - by Theodore Shapiro
  11. The Prank For Good (Score from “Captain Underpants”) - by Theodore Shapiro

Release: June 2nd, 2017

i suppose its time i jump on the villain train as well

this is Alan Kadabra, also known as the magical criminal, Al Presto. hes a cocky, dramatic, over-the-top performer who takes the old quote “all the world’s a stage” a bit too literally. also both his names are puns and im really proud of that   

backstory under the cut

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Captain Underpants AU - He Didn't Leave Us Ch. 1

A CU AU where Mr. Krupp didn’t loose his powers and kept in touch with Harold and George as they grew up!

Thanks to @jackie-sugarskull and discord chat for your help with ideas!

@larrythedrunkardlamp @thatanimationgirl @guiltyhipster @thatanimationgirl @superhighschoolleveldemigod @realphoebejudd @clockworks-time

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This here is Paulie Naeder.  His father is of German decent, his mother Italian, and due to living in the northern UK for most of his life he ended up with a Yorkshire accent.  He’s in his early twenties, and he still lives happily with his family.  He is always seen wearing some sort of nature-themed article of clothing, his favourite being his yellow and black striped sweater.  Add a pair of fake wings that act as pouches for seeds and the like, add his antennae headpiece, and you get The Pollinator.

The rest is under a read more because I talk too much.

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OKAY UM here’s some Nosetradamus in his villain garb! He likes to be fancy to distract from his massive….um….you know….(shh he’s sensitive about it). But he finally feels confident as a villain!

I forgot to draw a handkerchief pocket!! He definitely needs one lol.

Here’s his official introduction: Clark Oliver is a substitute teacher at Jerome Horwitz Elementary school, and he’s pretty used to comments about his….ah….you know….

He’s allergic to so much and it’s exhausting! His allergist is really a secret mad scientist who convinces Clark to participate in a study to hopefully improve his allergies. Clark jumps at the chance, but….he winds up with more than he bargained for. He’s nervous at first, but the doctor insists that being a villain will help him get everything he wants….Psychic abilities let him predict what move his enemy wants to make next. As well as the ability to track down someone by scent: including Captain Underpants! Nosetradamus’ first order of business: send the world into a second ice age so summer will never come (students: AAAAAHHHHHHH) and allergens will die! But, wait, won’t that make life an eternal cold season….?

He’ll figure it out.

The Birthday Girl: a Nurse Offstill fanfic

@superhighschoolleveldemigod @jackie-sugarskull @thelovablycynicalerinmac @theanonforever @thatanimationgirl and everyone else. 

In honour of International Nurses Day, I’ve not only written a story about my CU OC Nurse Offstill, but I’ve also officially decided that her birthday is May 12th as well. 

No staff member at Jerome Horwitz Elementary had ever received such attention on their birthday. 

It started with little Peter Billards, the second-grader who’d gotten stung by a hornet on her first day on the job. Nurse Offstill had not only extracted the sting and treated the wound but also set fire to the ginormous hornets’ nest behind the football bleachers after the exterminator failed to show up (she’d enjoyed that part more than she would admit). Almost as soon as she arrived at school, he approached her with a thankful, toothy smile and presented her with a box. 

“Happy birthday, Nurse Offstill,” he said. “My Mom got you this. She says ‘Happy Birthday’ too.” 

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CU Murder AU - Murder Underpants

Because I’m a crap for angst/breakdowns, I’d l o v e to write for this little “murder” au, which I called the file for this “Murder Underpants” since “Captain Murder” sounds like a knock off Blunderpants XD

Forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistakes!

Inspired by the following posts.

@larrythedrunkardlamp @jackie-sugarskull @clockworks-time @guiltyhipster @thatanimationgirl @superhighschoolleveldemigod @realphoebejudd

TW: Blood and describing a fatal wound

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After creating Rebel Artist, I figured, “What’s a superhero without a supervillain?”

This walking nightmare is Monochrome.

Remember that idea I had of Sawyer getting her superpowers after an incident with a superpower juice-infused ink monster? Well, as poor luck would have it, it was on the same day Montego Chrome came to Jerome Horwitz Elementary to expose her as the “rebel artist” that ruined him all those years ago. Unfortunately, he was caught in the crossfire of Captain Underpants rescuing Sawyer from the ink monster.

After the monster was destroyed, Chrome, much like Sawyer, got covered in the super ink. And to make matters worse, that was the exact moment a bleach truck crashed spilling its contents all over the street, and ultimately him.

Superpower juice-infused ink + bleach + human being = The unholy hellspawn of Slenderman, Bendy, and The Joker, that has the ability to drain the color and creativity from anything he touches.

Sweet Dreams…

Got some inspiration for a CU OC of my very own, after reading the artbook. Sketches will follow in a few days, but before the name is taken I’ll already write down some character information.

Miss Understood, full name Laika Understood. (Laika means Barker in Russian)

A young, 24 year old substitute English teacher. A bit tomboyish, people sometimes confuse her for a guy by the way she is dressed. (Wearing a hoodie most of the time.) She recently graduated from the school of education. To celebrate her graduation, she took a trip to Europe. But during that vacation she got bitten by a werewolf. She got a job at Jerome Horwitz elementary. Normally a sweet person who gets along great with kids, she becomes withdrawn because she is terrified she’ll hurt someone.

As a werewolf, she isn’t evil, but her ferocious appearence make the people scared of her. Whenever she tried to help anyone in need, they ran away screaming. Though animals seem to like her a lot. In her animal form she thinks mostly as an animal, though hints of human intelligence appear occasionally. 

For a while she was considered a villain by everyone whenever she roamed the night, even by Captain Underpants himself, who gave her a punch right in the face, making her scared of him and aggressive to people as a werewolf. Until George and Harold found out the truth. She is nothing but a terrified werewolf who just wants to be liked. (Also she is pretty trainable as a werewolf, though chocolate chip cookies and a dog whistle were needed)

Strenghts: Super sight, smell and hearing. She is very strong as well, strong enough to pick up a car. Though probably not as strong as Captain Underpants

Weaknesses: Silver and high pitched noises. George and Harold used a dog whistle to stop her when they thought she tried to attack them.

That’s all for now. I already know how to draw her as a werewolf, though I’m still thinking of what she should look like as a human. I’ll post a few sketches soon.

This is Shelly Penner, the girl with the big hairbow and the daisy dress.  Remember that now.  She is almost 9 years old, and a third grader at Jerome Horwitz Elementary. She is a little shy, and while she get good grades and is one of the more well behaved kids at Jerome Horwitz, she’s often bored in class and likes goofing off as much as everyone else. She looks up to George and Harold, and is a huge fan of their comics, and has every issue, especially Captain Underpants.  She loves drawing, and gets inspired to write and draw her own comics with her own superheroes.  She writes them under the pen name Snotty Hamster-buns (actually her “changed name” when Professor Poopypants shrunk the school).  She starts off printing comics for just her class (she’s takes the class attendance sheet to the office every morning, so she’s able to sneak to the copier to print her comics).  The teacher still doesn’t know the true identity of Snotty Hamster-buns.  Shelly also likes, rather loves, taking pictures.  She fills at least 3 or 4 throw away cameras per week.  Sometimes she sneaks a camera into class and takes funny pictures of her teacher, or sometimes classmates.  Sometime between Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies and Professor Poopypants, she discovered Captain Underpants was real when she saw him fly out the window on her way home from school. She tried to approach him a few times to have him sign one of the comics George and Harold made, but either couldn’t get to him or chickened out (she is shy after all).  But she takes pictures to show people he’s real.  The only one who believed her (before Professor Poopypants shrunk the school anyways), was her best friend Rory.  She likes to play with stuffed animals and dolls at home, and sometimes uses them to think out ideas for her comics.  Even though she’s a girly girl, she likes writing her comics with gross out/bathroom humor like George and Harold do.  Her favorite character to write about is a superhero named Gum Girl.  She lives with her Mom and Dad, and she has an older sister named Amy, but this is Amy’s first year in college, so Shelly is trying to get used to being the only child at home. Amy and Shelly were pretty close, so Shelly feels lonely sometimes, and doesn’t talk to many of the other classmates besides Rory. Part of the reason Shelly likes taking pictures is to show her sis when she comes home on holidays.  Her best friend is Rory Collins, and I’ll draw and make a bio for him soon.

(– @sailor-rose-princess ) She’s so small and cute! 😭I love the big hair now and she’s inspired by George and Harold!! How cute is that! Thank you for submitting this to me!!
Not A Perfect World: a Nurse Offstill fanfic

In which my OC Nurse Offstill and Harold have a private talk in her office. 

A lot of students came to her office in tears, because of some pain or another. If it wasn’t a skinned knee, it was a classmate’s mean remark. A nosebleed, or Principal Krupp’s severity. A splinter or a broken heart over a bad grade. Nurse Offstill considered it her duty and her privilege to cure all of it, and cure it all she did, with her supplies, her equipment, her secret stash of biscuits that she shared only with the kids, and her sympathetic ear. The students at Jerome Horwitz Elementary came to her for care and support for almost everything. 

Well, it had been almost everything, until the day Harold Hutchins stepped into her office, looking deeply distressed. 

Without a word, Nurse Offstill put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and closed it so that they could be alone and uninterrupted. She knew that look on his face. It was the look kids made when there was something eating them alive, a woe or a guilty secret they had to share before it led to their mental breakdown. Throughout her career as a children’s nurse she’d heard more confessions than a priest. And, like a priest, she considered the confessions to be sacred and never shared them. 

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