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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, and All That Jazz

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I was very much inspired by this video done by the BBC about the abandoned schools in St. Louis  and then my brain went to thinking, “Well… what DID happen to the school years later?”

So here we are.

(I’m really quite happy with this)

Thanks to @williamdewey and @jackie-sugarskull for looking over the draft!

      It is September again.

      School should have started a month ago.

      But there sits Jerome Horwitz, silent, save for the soft scuttling’s of termites and the gentle wind that rushes in through the halls, rustling the peeling paint in a way that almost sounds like a smoker’s wheeze. Strange, squishy things, fuzzy things, grow in the gaps between the tiles of the bathrooms, through the vents that hang in chunks above what remains of the drop-down ceiling, home to so many other faster creatures that worm and crawl.   

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The Staff meetings at Jerome Horwitz are, more than likely, laughably bad

How they should introduce Billy (Harold’s future husband) in a sequel

So what if Billy’s from a prestigious performing arts school and is part of an a cappella group that comes to Jerome Horwitz Elementary for a performance 

George is like “Ugh this is going to be so lame” and Harold agrees but when the group starting singing and dancing for the Jerome Horwitz students in the auditorium, his attention gets snagged by one boy in particular, a really good-looking boy with glasses with a really good singing voice

And then Harold goes into a fantasy spot where the rest of the audience disappears and Billy’s singing for him alone, but much more flirtatiously 

Once it’s over he’s blushing up a storm and his mouth’s hanging open and George is like, “Dude, where did you go just now?”

And Harold’s like, “I don’t know…but I want to go back.” 

anonymous asked:

Captain Underpants: The Musical("™") everything's the same but we get more songs than thE MOVIE IS GIVING US--

HONESTLY like it doesn’t even need to be a full blown musical!! Just like, a few numbers!!

I want a Krupp antagonist song where he belts out how much he hates fun. Stomping through the halls and grumbling in rhythm until he reaches his office and angrily pours through George and Harold’s pranking record

I want Captain Underpants to have a song about being a hero and saving the day as he bounds through town

I want Melvin to have a song about nobody appreciating his genius. And he’s frustrated and uppity but then there’s a brief moment when he’s genuinely sad and lonely….but then it passes and he continues on about his brilliance

I want a rendition of that Scholastic song “Go Poopypants”

I want George and Harold to debate with each other in song format about whether they should fix Mr. Krupp or let him stay Captain Underpants

I want a song where Captain Underpants feels like he’s failed the world when Poppypants starts to win….but it turns into a reprise of his hero song where he gains the courage and power to save the day!

And then I want Jerome Horwitz Elementary school to gush about Captain Underpants saving the day! And Mr. Krupp is totally annoyed because they don’t know what they’re talking about–but then someone snaps their fingers and George and Harold are carted off an another adventure with an

“Oh NO!”

“Here we go agaaaain!”

And the film ends with triumph! So I mean….I don’t want MUCH…..

The Babysitting

Summary: Based off of angreydj’s separation Au, and some family hcs’ of my own. So basically Capt. U convinced, Krupp to babysit George and Harold for the weekend. Don’t know why, but you know screw logic in fanfics right ?

“Can you remind me again Captain, why I am babysitting those little devils ?”

The glare Mr.Krupp gave Captain Underpants could freeze any student of Jerome Elementary School, although it couldn’t even faze the bubbly man in front of him grinning in front of him.

“Because Benny, they didn’t have anyone to watch them!” That grin was a weapon, and Captain UNderpants knew how to use that against him, “Now splash me with water! I want to be with them all weekend, and we can’t do that if we don’t fuse back right now!

Captain Underpants now had his hands in front of his face both hands clutching together with Krupp’s own and practically vibration off the floor ( He may have to check if Captain had ADHD, but he could deal with that another time.) Krupp sighed he wouldn’t win.

“Alright, just let’s not destroy the house tomorrow and Sunday okay ?” He eyed him as he poured the water in the cup.

“Of course Benny, besides this will be great practice from when we have our own.”

“OUR WHAT ?!” in the panic of flusterness and panic, Krupp splashed Captain Underpants with the water.

In a pink flash Krupp, was once again, alone in the room with only his thoughts of possible children and the impending hell for the next few days.


Saturday, a day which is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful.

Not for Benjamin Krupp, who spent the whole day worrying and fretting for 3:00, the time of reckoning. When the notorious pranksters of his school come into his, his safe zone and place of rest, until Sunday the next day at 12:00. By the end of the day he just knew he was going to regret the whole ordeal.

But yet, even though they were going to be in his house, Krupp couldn’t get over Captain Underpants word from yesterday. Those 4 words shook him down to his very core “When we have our own.”

But yet, time flies and by the time he was done thinking it was 3:00, and he heard his doorbell ring. He got up from his love chair and opened the door. There in front of him were George and Harold, and the corner of his vision he saw a car speeding away.

He them gestured inside and closed the door and immediately snapped his fingers. In a flash of light pink, there standing next to Mr.Krupp was none other Captain Underpants.

Mr.Krupp fidgeted uncomfortably and coughed, “ So, what do you, two wanna do ?”

George spoke up first, as Harold was talking to Captain Underpants. “ We haven’t had dinner yet, we could totally eat something now, and we brought some board games. Right Harold ?”

Harold Still talking to Captain underpants, just absentmindedly said “uh huh” and went back to talking to him. Something about dolphins with lasers? He really didn’t want to know.

Mr.Krupp saw what was happening Harold and Captain Underpants and then looked to George, and sighed “Well George, I don’t think those two are going to tire that conversation anytime soon how about you and me make dinner, and teach you How to make some real food, and not that microwave crap they sell nowadays.”

George gave Mr.Krupp a quizeled look for a second before smiling, “ Yeah okay! What are we going to make ?”

Krupp could only give a sincere smile, “ We’re going to make something,my mom, used to make its, called Tomato Basil Soup. We used to have a lot of leftover chicken, so this dish was fairly common in my childhood home.”

“That sounds so good, Mr.Krupp let’s get cooking!”

George grabs Mr. Krupp by his hand and started dragging him towards the kitchen. Krupp could only laugh at George’s excitement at making a new meal.


“So Harold, my trusty sidekick, how have you been besides , making comics about dolphins with lasers?”

Harold immediately lit up at that question like he was just waiting for somebody asked either it be mr. Krupp or Captain Underpants. “Well Captain Underpants, there’s this boy at Jerome Horwitz Elementary who just transferred from Florida right? And he’s super cute I think, I might even invite him with us to Treehouse some time.”

Captain Underpants chuckled, “ Well Harold, it seems like a very special boy! Do you know his name?”

Harold faltered at that question. “ Well, no. But George is going to help me later at school on Monday so I can get to know him better though. You know George he’s my like 90% if my courage”

They both laughed, that statement. knowing that George being Harold’s courage was the same as Krupp being Captain Underpants courage.

Before they can get another word in their conversation, Mr. Krupp yelled the kitchen saying dinner was ready.

That dinner ,even though Mr. Krupp would never admit it, was one of the best he has had in awhile. The whole dining room is just filled with love and familiarity that this could be something that he could get used to. Maybe Captain Underpants is right that they should adopt a kid or two.

After dinner they ended up playing a game of Monopoly. Unfortunately the game ended all too soon , as tensions were rising between Mr. Krupp and Captain Underpants about who could get the certain Railroad , but fortunately George and Harold had thought of this and brought out a couple of DVDs to watch for later.

For the rest of the night they watched those two DVDs being the Bee Movie, and Frozen by the end of the night both Harold and George fell asleep by the end of Frozen. Captain Underpants and Mr. Krupp both grabbed a boy each and brought them to the guest bedroom ,and laid them down and tucked them in. They both left the room hands intertwines and heading to their own room where they would sleep the rest of the night away peacefully.


Harold tossed and turned in the bed unable to shake the nightmare here just awoken to. It was horrendous Captain Underpants and mr. Krupp wear in the clutches of Professor Poopypants once again, but this time he was not holding back this time he was sure he was going to kill them, the Turbo Toilet 2000 was clutching them and they dropped to the ground lifeless. And that’s when he woke up.

“George, George wake up!” Harold said from across the room in his bed. George still not stirred from sleep Harold got up and shook George awake.

George finally woke up from the rough shaking from Harold. He sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. Blink the sleep out of his eye.

“Harold ? What are you doing, it’s like three in the morning?”

Harold tugged on George’s arm and dragged him out of bed.

“Dude, just come with me to Krupps and Captain Underpants is room, we need to make sure if they’re okay .I had a bad dream and I don’t think they’re okay and I need you to come with me because I want to be by myself!”

George, now knowing what was going on got up with Harold and went to the bedroom. Is a cracked open the door to see Captain Underpants and Mr. Krupp asleep , both on their backs

But when George looked at Harold he saw he still wasn’t satisfied at just the site. So George grabbed Harold by his arm and dragged into the bed and quietly made the shush face and climbed into bed with them. Harold now getting what was going on crawled into bed with him too. Luckily both adults did not wake up and wrapped their arms around the two boys that, now sleep in the middle of them.


Krupp as usual, was the first to wake up. He noticed there was an extra weight in the bed and on his chest, opening his eyes he saw what the extra weight was. It was George wrapped around his chest basically on top of him sound asleep.

Krupp deciding not to question it, gently lifted George off of him and onto Captain Underpants who currently had Harold wrapped around him the same way George was to him. He then went in the kitchen to make some breakfast.


“So! What did you think of the two little boys decided to crawl in our bed last night?” Captain Underpants as he wrapped his arms around Mr. Krupp who is scrambling some eggs for the last breakfast.

“It was definitely a surprise, I didn’t think they’d actually trust us enough to do that. But you’re right this was some good practice and I thought it over and maybe we could go do some research on adopting later.”

Captain, now with a glint in his eyes and a huge smile on his face went down the hall to go wake up the boys. The boys came in with a blush on their face thinking over what they did last night, but to their surprise Captain Underpants nor Mr. Krupp had brought it up.

The rest of the day went normal until 12 when their parents had to come pick them up.Though Krupp did get surprised when George and Harold both of their arms around Mr. Krupp and flashed a smile to the window where Captain Underpants was. They ran into their car waving the whole way down the road until they turned the corner.

While standing on the lawn Mr. Krupp only had one thought on his mind. “I think I wouldn’t mind having kids around the house.”


haha oops I accidentally made a villain OC 

This evil dude is the Kinder Gardener, a villain who can control plants, has a dislike for children and has a weird habit of frequently referring to and quoting nursery rhymes. He was originally botanist and farmer Seffron Green before an incident in a botany lab during a visit from an elementary school left him fused with the various plants he was showing the children. He had blamed the children for what had happened to him and often targets the school 

The school in question? Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, of course. He’s attacked the school a few times before, every time being bested by Captain Underpants and those two kids who are always nearby 

But he tries not to let his failures get the best of him. He goes back to the drawing board and plans for his next attack. Next time, he hopes, will be the one

Decided to jump on the villain bandwagon.

So to recap, her name is Miss Selene Nius (a play on Miscellaneous) and she is an art teacher. She is very sweet, kinda scatterbrained and loves her students.

But once the school started making budget cuts and denying funding for her art program, she went beserk and became Cross-Stitch.

She now has a personal vendetta against the Jerome Horwitz Elementary school board, and every last school board in the world who thinks they can deny an artistic environment to children.

Are they a boy?

Are they a girl?

Are they even a student?

And why don’t they ever wear shoes?

These are all legitimate questions that no one knows the answers to. This little ten-year-old enigma is Tanis.

Tanis is female biologically speaking, but identifies as non-binary. They just appeared at Jerome Horwitz Elementary one day, and has been seen around the school grounds ever since, much to the annoyance of most of the staff, especially Mr. Krupp.

Captain Underpants AU - He Didn't Leave Us Ch. 1

A CU AU where Mr. Krupp didn’t loose his powers and kept in touch with Harold and George as they grew up!

Thanks to @jackie-sugarskull and discord chat for your help with ideas!

@larrythedrunkardlamp @thatanimationgirl @guiltyhipster @thatanimationgirl @superhighschoolleveldemigod @realphoebejudd @clockworks-time

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George and Harold were really worried that Nurse Offstill’s apartment would be really sad and lonely-looking like Mr. Krupp’s house because she lives alone, but when they finally see it, it’s…

  • Bright and airy 
  • Tastefully decorated with a blue and white theme 
  • Filled with family photos and more books than the Jerome Horwitz Elementary school library 
  • Supplemented with extra charms like her pretty little balcony where she sits and reads and the fresh flowers on the kitchen table 

The sharp contrast between her apartment and Mr. Krupp’s house teaches the boys the difference between living alone involuntarily and living alone voluntarily

@manticoremonster said it right when I discussed this with them: “Offstill has a living space. Mr. Krupp has a space he’s living in.”