jermaine smith


Fart: After I return to the others with this location, we will be back for your cleansing

Morty: Um, cleansing?

Fart: Carbon-based life is a threat to all higher life.  To us, you are what you would call a “disease.”  Wherever we discover you, we cure it.  You said yourself that life must be protected even through sacrifice.  You haven’t changed your mind about that: I can sense your thoughts.  

-”Rick and Morty”            


Harley Quinn: Here comes the Phantom Zone!

The Joker: Hello, Gotham City!  The Clown Prince of Crime is back!  And I’ve come to finally take over the city.  But, in order to do that, I need to break my friends out of a giant, scary prison.

Firefly:  Hey Guys, he means us!

Rogues: YAY!

The Joker: And I ain’t talkin’ about those rogue losers dress in cosplay!

Rogues: Awww…

Catwoman: Me-otch!

The Joker: I’m talking about my new peeps!  And they’re just like me: the greatest villains you’ll ever see!  You wanna meet ‘em?

Bystander: No…

The Joker: Too bad!  He’s evil, he’s magic, and it’s about to get tragic: it’s Voldemort!

Lord Voldemort: Magic!  You are a fish!  You frog!  You are a fish-frog!

The Joker: He’s a 9,000 year old incarnation of evil with an eye for jewelry.  Give it up for Sauron!

Sauron: Good afternoon, Gotham City!

The Joker: He likes long, violent walks on historic buildings: it’s King Kong!

King Kong: Come at me, Gotham!

The Joker: And rounding out the Evil All-stars: the Wicked Witch,

The Joker: Medusa,

The Joker: and British Robots!  

Daleks: Exterminate!

The Joker: Ask your nerd friends!  Ha ha!  What a crew, huh?  And they all work for me!  Who’s the greatest villain of them all now, Batman?!

-”The Lego Batman Movie”

In the 1960s the Tricous were a multi-generational vampire family and icons/activists/spokespeople for supernaturals everywhere. Their mysterious and gruesome death was pinned on an human groupie, Rain Neengia, but was assumed to be a hate crime in most circles. Recently, a gang of obsessed teens claiming to be Jan’s spiritual children, managed to bring them back to life trough a mix of black magic and cloning. Still considered the Yoko Ono of his time, the test tube that contained Rain’s genetic materials might have been dropped 1 or 17 times.


So this is my favorite thing in the history of ever.


We got a whollllle bunch of amazing artists from the studio together to view the official Nickelodeon Tumblr Fan Art Competition entries and pick their top faves!

We ooh’d, we aah’d, we laughed, we cried..and ate a lot of pizza. There may have been an argument or two but no one was injured and we all left as great friends!

A big THANK YOU to our panel of judges (and their Tumblr handles):

Adam Lucas (adamlucasart)

Brianne Drouhard (briannedrouhard)

Bryan Konietzko (bryankonietzko)

David VanTuyle (davidvantuyledraws) 

Felipe Smith (felipesmithart)

Jeremy Bernstein 

Jermaine Jose (jermainejose)

Kelly Gollogly

Liana Hee (lianahee) 

Madeleine Flores (madeleineishere)

Monica Ray (montiray)

Michael DiMartino (michaeldantedimartino)

Nick Sumida (nsumida)

Robert Iza (izaart)

Ryan Stapleton (stapes86)

Sarah Marino (sarahmarino)

Can’t wait to announce the winners soon!!