eastofthemoon  asked:

You know, when the show ended, I've joked with friends that if the creators are against Zutara so much, maybe we should also start shipping Mai/Aang too. (Although, honestly not sure how good of a fit those two would be now, especially given how Mai has become in the comics.)

I dunno, show Mai and show Aang relationship could weirdly balance itself out. In the show neither of them are total raging jerkholes, though Mai is somewhat amoral. Both of them are a self-focussed and I think having a partner who was also self-centred and didn’t bend over backwards to please them would be a great lesson in how to compromise and would actually bring them closer and help them grow. Kimberly T wrote a great fic called “crazy as bumi” that addressed this. I could actually get behind Mai/Aang. But only their show characters. Their characters in the comics are a total hot mess.