jerk twilight

Well @draw247 threw out a bonus day, so this is mine.
Remember Twilight from a few days ago? Yeah because he got doodled (thank you, @14baristonoir ) I decided to do serious chibi image with full redesign along with Angela (Thanks @url-does-not-exist and @i-thought-i-was-being-clever BECAUSE I STUMBLED ON THE CARD AGAIN) provided I have the spoons to do it.
So here’s a WIP of me trying to climb out of the artistic rut, and a tiny bit more info for him.

He travels with pirates now that he’s been ‘freed’, and seems to not care at all that he pretty much lives with a bunch of thugs and criminals, treating it often like being on a vacation. In fact, he gladly provides them entertainment by playing his ukulele, which he’s pretty good at. 
Oh yeah, and he never speaks, appearing to be mute, but don’t let that fool you–He does know SOME English, but to what extent is another question. 
And watch yourself if you ask him for a wish. He is one of those djinn that loves to play the ‘exact words’ game. 

Twilight Sparkle: But…you wanted a book fort.

Genie Twilight Sparkle: With normal books. These aren’t for you to be playing with.

Twilight Sparkle: Can I wish for it?

Genie Twilight Sparkle: Sure.

Twilight Sparkle: Really?

Genie Twilight Sparkle: No. Now get down from there.

Jerk Twilight: Wow. What a jerk.

Tried to draw books. I failed. So I had to make funny titles for the books instead. Added some more for you to guess now :3

Guess the ponies that are referenced. It shouldn’t be hard at all ;) All are in the Twibrary. Tell you what. The first person to guess every single one of these correctly wins a copy of either Awesomenauts or Ravaged for PC!

Thanks Genie Twilight and Jerk Twilight for blessing this comic with your presence.


((enter Jerk Twilight. might want to read her twibrary card if you don’t know how she’s able to do this. also it is not actually her harem, she’s simply forcing genie, and caught egt and brainy by surprise just like the picture she takes later, well most of them to do things they don’t want to, these were also the ponies nearest to her when she showed up, she’s obviously going to get her tail handed to her once the shock fades away))