jerk squad

The Signs in the Squad:

Aries: The reckless one in the squad

Taurus: The stubborn idiot one in the squad

Gemini: The squad jerk

Cancer: The squad mother

Leo: The reason why the squad is never bored

Virgo: The intelligent one in the squad

Libra: The helpful one in the squad who eventually snaps

Scorpio: The squad leader with questionable judgement

Sagittarius: The reason why the squad gets into crap

Capricorn: The secret keeper of the squad

Aquarius: The silent one in the squad that seems to come and go whenever.

Pisces: The squad loafer who helps people relax the eff out.

anonymous asked:

Who'd be on the Smol squad and the jerk squad?

Is this a real question? I guess it is. And I guess I am obligated to answer…let’s see.

Smol: Christie, Rossaura, Emily, Natalie, Ethan, Sora, and Yejoon because he’s tol but smol at heart.

Jerk: Alek, Cadsmir, Vanessa, Ingrid, Brandon, and Ambrose since he’s a damn narcissist. 

2.1k of romantic sappy fluff. they dance to billie holiday. (ao3)

It’s not that Dean would say he’s a romantic, per se.

Sure, he likes doing things for Cas that he doesn’t really have to. Sam can make fun of him all he wants but the smile that Cas gets whenever Dean brings him flowers or honey from the farmers market is worth all of that grief and more.

And yeah, ok, maybe Dean has made Cas breakfast in bed just because he felt like it a time or twelve. Is it a crime to want to eat waffles in bed with his best friend?

And okay, just because their first kiss was in the rain while they were fighting on a dock, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like Dean went to that dock after their fight on purpose, okay? That was just - that was the universe. If the universe wanted there to be some sort of Notebook vibe, who was Dean to argue with it?

Dean wouldn’t say he’s a romantic, but Dean doesn’t say a lot of things.

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