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Just a few posts I collected that are nice examples of how Tony Stark is not just some self-centered jerk.

     I’ve said it before, but you can’t take everything the man does at face value. He’s a deep and very human character that you have to pay close attention to and try to understand.


The reveal this week that the volume cover for volume 12 will be Saiko was surprising, as she hasn’t really featured at all in any of the chapters slated to be included in this volume so far. 

But lined up with the last two Volume covers a clear pattern emerges. Now with Saiko covering her ears, we have the line up of the Three Wise Monkeys.

The Wise Monkey’s come from word play on the Japanese phrases Speak Not, See Not, and Hear Not, the negative conjunction “zaru” sounding like the word for monkey, “saru”, resulting in the iconic image.

While in western context, they are often used to indicate turning a blind eye (or mouth or ear) to evil, their original meaning in Japan was about how to not dwell on evil thoughts and live a good life. However, given the Quinx associated with each, it does suggest a turning away from or ignoring of something important.

This meta took me a while to get out, so I’m sure you’ve all already seen people pointing out this motif, but I wanted to go more into depth on the connection between the Wise Monkey’s and the Quinx associated with them. 

The result is quite long, but I hope the points at the end are worth the read. Thanks for bearing with me, and thanks to everyone who pointed out this connection, as well as to @linkspooky​ for helping me untangle and flesh out some of the connections.

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Avengers vs Guardians of the Galaxy

So, something has been bothering me these days and after watching GotG2 I finally got it.

I’m very uncomfortable with the dynamic of the Avengers.

Who feed them?
Who pay for their bill?
Whose ground and building they live under?

Tony-motherfucking-Stark, that’s who. Basically, Tony is responsible for looking after his former team. Like, wtf!? And I could see that they, the whole bunch of them, take Tony for granted. I mean, fuck yeah I’m team Iron Man and I could be biased but, how could I not? (And I get the feeling that Tony is just the type of person to propose to take care of his team first and barely think how munch expense he had to cover). Even from the beginning the team already formed their own opinion about Tony Stark before even actually meet the man.

Black Widow could be a great spy, yes. But then people always see what they wanted to see and I think that this is the case. Tony showed her what she wanted and what the public already know bc why should he do otherwise? He barely knew her, he had nothing to prove and she’s not an important person in his life at that period of time. So I repeat, why should he show the vulnerability that he rarely show to people even his friends to a strange woman that clearly already had a low opinion of him?

But then bc of her report that ‘confirmed’ and ‘refirmed’ Fury’s opinion abt Tony Stark (so basically the whole goddamn SHIELD).

And don’t get me start on Captain America. Some hero, really. They called him the man out of time, in my opinion, is pretty accurate. His time has gone by. Steve Rogers was born in wars and grew up wanting to fight for his country. His opinion while appreciate, is not up-to-date with modern thinking. The man just woke up from sleeping in ice. HE SLEPT all those years, no tragic there really, apart from missing out around everything. Sure he missed his girlfriend, his bff, and how the war end. BUT, but he is also a man always looking for his past.

Now I’m not saying that wanting to find your past is wrong, but come on! Don’t get stuck in it, be grateful that you are one of the helping hand that help to shape up the future today. Be grateful that you get a chance to see the future that you always want your country to be.

Like I said though, They take TONY. STARK. FOR. GRANTED

Now, the Gotg on the other hand? They look like a goddamn family, amitting they are family and would not leave their own behind. Their dynamic, their banters make me want to smile and laugh. Watching them brought me enjoyment because I could sense that they ARE a FAMILY and not just some bunch of random people have to work together.

I love it when a team is comfortable with each other enough that they start throwing insults abt their genes, their species, their races around and leave people bewildered b/c how this clustered fuck of a team work so well together when they are clearly do not respect one another!?

GofG2, in my opinion, is whole lot better then the first movie. It shows how the team has grown, how they have come to accept each other’s quirks and personalities and still want to be around each other even when others being an assholes or giving them a headache. That is what make a GOOD team!

You know they care when Rocket voluntarily head straight to danger and prepare to risk his life for his family, even though he was safely away from it. He doesn’t even have to think about it! He just does.

And what break my heart more is that, they forgive the mistakes when one makes. Even if that mistake nearly cost them their life, they still consider they are family and NO ONE GET LEFT BEHIND! (they don’t even bring it to Rocket face when it was his fault that a whole army of ships are after their asses, they did not even consider or think of it)

So, parallel to the Avengers anyone? Ultron? Civil War? Any bell?

The Signs in the Squad:

Aries: The reckless one in the squad

Taurus: The stubborn idiot one in the squad

Gemini: The squad jerk

Cancer: The squad mother

Leo: The reason why the squad is never bored

Virgo: The intelligent one in the squad

Libra: The helpful one in the squad who eventually snaps

Scorpio: The squad leader with questionable judgement

Sagittarius: The reason why the squad gets into crap

Capricorn: The secret keeper of the squad

Aquarius: The silent one in the squad that seems to come and go whenever.

Pisces: The squad loafer who helps people relax the eff out.

F I N A L  T O U R
chapter 15: invitation

ao3 link

He looks around, his gut twisting with emotions he doesn’t quite know where to place. And he had done it. The boxes with all the insurance papers are all cleaned up and tucked away into the closed closet. The dresser in the back of the room, tidied up and pushed closer to the window. The bookshelf has been sorted, some of the books removed, and a floor lamp has been added to the corner next to the door. Levi notes that the wood floor can use a new polish, some minor repair, but it’s a floor. A floor with no boxes.

“You did it.” Levi steps into the room, and his smile grows so big that it hurts his cheeks.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you smile that big.” Erwin chuckles.

“You did a good job, Erwin.” He walks over to the bookshelf, runs his finger across the wood and rubs his thumb against it. “You even dusted.”

Puffing out his chest, Erwin returns the smile. “I’m capable sometimes.”

Levi looks back at Erwin, his teeth showing with a smile that meets his eyes. Erwin’s eyebrows upturn and he seems to deflate as his mouth drops open with a soft sigh. “Levi, I want to ask you something.”

“Sure.” Levi searches the corners of the room–he even removed the spider webs. He laughs to himself in a weird sort of delight. 

“Move in with me, please.”


It breaks my heart that there are people who think that Ron Weasley is a bad person but Sneep and the Malferret are simply misunderstood.

I swear if I see another person calling Magnus Bane “a jerk” or “petty” I’m going to lose it. Magnus is heartbroken. He is hurting. And he doesn’t have a good place to put this pain right now. And yes, Magnus did fuck up, but everyone does. Magnus doesn’t have a good place to put his pain in and so he’s trying his best. Yes he’s acting cold towards Alec which I hate, but he’s conflicted and angry and sad and scared. Yes he’s fucking up, but Magnus is not a jerk. And Magnus’s pain is valid. He has been hurt so much in his life and his pain that he’s feeling right now is valid. It’s just the way he’s dealing with it is not healthy or good. There are a bunch of theories going around talking about how there’s probably something else going on with Magnus and the Seelie Queen that we can’t see. Like he’s a double agent or she’s threatening the people he loves. So maybe Magnus is doing these things for a valid reason. Also, Magnus Bane would never purposely hurt Alec because he’s “petty.” Magnus cares so much about that boy and it’s crazy if anyone even thinks that he doesn’t. Imagine being heartbroken and someone calling you petty because of it. Magnus doesn’t have a good coping mechanism right now, but there’s no way in hell that Magnus is a jerk. Magnus may be not acting very smart right now, but that does not give any of you the right to say he’s doing this on purpose to hurt Alec, or that he’s a bitch. Magnus’s feelings are valid, but he also has to realize what he’s doing and that the Seelie Queen is a manipulative wench who will only hurt and use him

cool MBTI squads

the “we do bad things but somehow never get held accountable for our actions nor do we ever get hurt but fuck do we have a good time” squad: ENTP, ESTP, ESFP

the “beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure” squad: INFJ, ENFP, INFP, INTP, ISFP 

the “fuck you Helen i never want to see you at this PTA meeting or any of my kids soccer games ever again and your brownies taste like shit anyway” squad: ESTJ, ENFJ, ISTJ

the “if i find one paper misplaced on my desk someone will die” squad: INTJ, ENTJ

the “why do i have to choose just one option when i play Fuck Marry Kill why not all three” squad: ESFP, ESTP, ENFP, ISFP 

the “thinks Journey is the best band to ever grace the stage” squad:  ISTJ, ESFJ, ENFJ, ESFP

the “wakes up in the morning wondering who to fight today” squad: ESTP, ENTP, INTJ, ENTJ

the “ Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears” squad: INFP, ESFJ, ISTP

the “*pushes up glasses* *breathes in inhaler* *adjusts bowtie* umm actually” squad: INTP, ENTJ

the “the book was so much better than the movie” squad: ISFJ, INTJ, INFP, ISFP

the “assfuck pretentious cunt dick fuckshitpissbitch jerk” squad: ENTP, ESTP, INTJ, ISTJ

the “most likely to be found guilty of murder” squad: ENFP, ESTP, ISTP

the “most likely to get away with murder” squad: ENTP, ENTJ, INTJ

the “has no friends other than this one squad” squad: INTP, ISFJ, INTJ, ENTJ

the “would genuinely enjoy dubstep remixes of yodeling” squad: ENTP, ESFJ, ESFP, INFP

the “greaser bully from an 80s coming of age movie that takes place in the 50s who carries a knife and chases the 12 year old into the forest” squad: ESTP, ISTP,

the “tumblr sjw who tells people to ‘educate themselves’” squad: ENFJ, ESFJ, ISFJ, ISFP

the “displays qualities strikingly similar to a French pre-revolution Monarch” squad: ENTP, ISTJ, INTJ, ESFP, ENFJ 

Things That Make Me Go Hmm

In light of the current state of affairs … does Team Swift and Team Klossy regret:

💅 The Austin / Jerk staged pap walk pre-election 

💅 The Karlie / Jerk cabin stunt (which played into the Forbes article)

💅 Allowing Jerk to use Karlie’s name in his ‘bought and paid for’ Forbes article

💅 Involving the Kloss sisters in Jerk’s image repair

💅 Karlie calling Jerk a ‘solid dude’ in print last week

My hunch says any previous plan to merge Jerk into Kaylor’s public squad has been permanently abolished. There is no way Team Swift associates with that corrupt Kushner family ever again. Can you imagine the headlines that ‘Taylor hanging out with a Kushner’ in coming days would bring?

I will honestly be shocked if Karlie or her sisters interact with Jerk publicly anymore. Shit got seriously real the past 48 hours … between the Kushner family Chinese ‘bribe’ and Trump interfering in the FBI investigation.

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Nervousness and Spite

Words : 1450
Pairing : Charles Lee x Peggy Schuyler
Warnings : fluff, probable second-hand embarassment
Special Notes : thank you to @smoljamesmadison for inspiring this adorable pair, and @ghostierawrrawr for sending in the headcanon that prompted this fic!

Charles Lee has many feelings about John Laurens. Anger, bitterness, resentment. Feelings one expects to experience after being shot. But one thing Lee never expected to feel towards the hot-headed soldier was jealousy, but damn if that isn’t what sparks in his chest as he watches Laurens flirt with the cute girl he’d been quietly admiring.

Lee almost manages to smother that spark - he’s been flirting with every available girl in sight - but his efforts are in vain. As soon as he sees her giggle and take John’s hand - he hasn’t asked anyone else to dance yet! - the little spark flares right back up. Lee forces himself to look away, tries to distract himself by taking a glass of champagne when it’s offered by a servant. But again, his attempts fail when he glances up and meets John’s gaze from across the room.

John smirks and sticks his tongue out rather childishly. Charles realizes he’s gloating; the other man’s expression practically screams I saw you watching her so I took my shot before you took yours. Lee glares and forces himself to turn away once more, silently fuming as he retreats into a relatively silent corner of the room.


Peggy giggles as John whirls her around in a dramatic spin. “Wow, Johnny, I didn’t expect you to dance like this,” she laughs. John grins. He may have originally approached her simply to piss off Lee, but the two of them had immediately fallen into a comfortable sort of companionship. She’s vibrant, fun and easy to talk to; he vows to do his best to keep Lee away from her.

“Well, sometimes you gotta show off, y'know? I’m just taking a page out of your sister’s book.” Peggy stifles another giggle. “And besides,” he continues, dropping her into a fantastic dip, “I’m just doing my part in the Peggy Protection Squad by dancing so amazingly that no one unworthy of you would dare approach out of fear of disappointing you.”

As he brings her up out of the dip, Peggy swats his arm playfully. “I don’t need a protection squad, jerk. I am perfectly capable of scaring away unwanted suitors on my own.”

“Oh? And how do you manage that?”

Peggy returns his grin. “Simple: if I talk for more than 15 seconds without pausing, they usually leave.”

John laughs as the music draws itself to a sweeping finale. The two friends part on the final note, bowing and curtsying in tandem with the rest of the room. John draws Peggy’s hand up to press a kiss to it, and she blushes and shoos him away. “Knock it off you dork; I think I see Alex coming, you better go meet him before he knocks someone over.”

John glances over his shoulder, shaking his head when he sees that she’s right. He turns, gives Peggy a wave, and disappears into the crowd. Peggy giggles again, turning to make her way to the opposite side of the room when she practically runs headfirst into someone. She glances up, intending to apologize and leave, the words freeze in her mouth.

Adorable. That’s the first word that comes to mind when she sees the face of the man in front of her. Tall, kinda gangly, and wearing a smile that could almost be described as rakish if he didn’t look like he was about to bite his lip off. Or faint.

Before Peggy can regain use of her tongue, he’s offering a slightly trembling hand. “Um, would you care to, uh, d-dance?”

Oh, lord help me, she internally squeals. She smiles, feels a light flush rise to her cheeks. He’s precious.


I’m gonna keep him!


“I’d be delighted!” Lee nearly does faint as she takes his arm, her face lighting up like a sunrise as she pulls him into position. He’s sure his own face must be redder than a Brit’s coat, but he forces himself to remain upright as the music starts.

He’s still not sure what internal force finally drove him over after John left, but he wishes it had thought the action through a little more. As much as he wanted to talk to her, he hadn’t thought at all what he was going to do if he did. All he knew was that he couldn’t let John win her when all he wanted was to spite Lee. This lovely girldeserves someone who likes her, not dislike a competitor.

His mind races in a million different directions like those; he makes it almost ten seconds before he reach a thought that makes him panic. (A personal record for female-based interaction)

I don’t know how to dance! He feels like his heart might stop, while his lungs decide to pick up the slack. He’s on the verge of hyperventilating when he feels a soft hand rub his cheek. He looks down to see his sunshine girl watching him with worry in his eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay. Just remember to breath. Come on, it’s alright.” Her voice is kind, not condescending like he might’ve expected from anyone else. He nods, face flaming as he takes a deep breath. He realizes after a moment that she’s counting quietly under her breath, keeping track of the steps while he syncs his breathing with her numbers. He actually manages to calm himself as she takes the lead, smiling and forgetting his nervousness for just a moment.

Before he knows it, the song is over and she’s guiding him back to the corner he’d previously occupied. She’s smiling the same way you might smile at a frightened kitten “Are you okay?”

Apparently being called on to speak is too much for Lee, because his brain short circuits as he tries to think of a smooth, flirty answer.

“You’re really pretty!” Oh. My. God. He starts mentally kicking himself, feeling his blush make its way back up his neck. Literally the stupidest thing you could’ve said. He’s beginning to contemplate finding John and asking him to shoot him again when Peggy giggles.

“Weeeell, you’re pretty cute yourself.” As Lee recovers from the shock of being flirted with, she holds out a hand. “Margherita Schuyler. But everyone calls me Peggy.”

Recollecting himself enough to take her hand, he continues to spout the first thing that comes to his malfunctioning mind. “I was calling you sunshine, but Peggy has a nice ring to it.” He doesn’t even realize what he said until he notices the blush on Peggy’s face as she giggles again.

“Well, aren’t you quite the charmer?”

“Not really, no.”

Peggy snorts, and suddenly Lee can think clearly again. While his first impulse is to find a hole to crawl into, its overridden by a desire to make her laugh like that again.

A laugh that she apparently has no intention of repeating, if the way she claps her hands over her nose is anything to go by.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry you had to here that! That’s so embarrassing!”

Lee frantically waves his hands in front of him, a gesture that causes her to snort again and give him a playful glare. “No, no, it’s adorable. I’m the embarassing one!”

She shakes her head. “No, you’re the adorable one.” His ears turn red, and she adopts a teasing grin. “And it seems I’ll have to keep calling you that, since you haven’t told me your name.”

Lee groans and buries his face in his hands, and Peggy has to cover her own mouth to keep from laughing. He takes a moment to recollect himself, and even though he can’t quite tame the redness on his cheeks, he manages to remain in control of his thoughts. “L-Lee. Charles Lee, at your service.”

Peggy grins as he bows. “Well, L-Lee,” she purposefully stutters, drawing a shy smile from him, “I think I’d very much like to keep in touch with you. What say you?”

“I-I’d like that very much,” he manages. Peggy claps her hands excitedly. She opens her mouth to speak, but stops as she spots something behind Lee. He turns slightly to see a rather overjoyed burnette making her way over.

“Oh, there’s my sis. I’ll have to introduce you sometime, but right now it looks like she has something she needs to tell me.” Peggy gives him an apologetic smile as she slowly edges around him to keep Eliza from bowling him over. She chews her lip for amoment, evidently in thought, and before Lee can ask what’s on her mind,she’s pulling him into a hug. “I’ll be sure to write!”

She gives him one last dazzling smile that knocks all words out of him, and suddenly she’s dragged away, leaving him alone in his corner.

Once he recovers (hopefully for the last time tonight), he has only one thought repeating itself over and over in his mind.

A girl actually likes me!

anonymous asked:

I'd like to see that list of AkaSa headcannons if you haven't posted them yet!

Okay, so I’m not gonna go into a full list, but let’s throw some at you.

- The first time Baaya meets Akako, whom Saguru has invited over and introduced as his girlfriend, she raises an eyebrow like ‘this is not the sort of girl I’d imagined you with’.

- “I’m a witch.” “Witches aren’t as lovely as you are, I think we should branch out with your labels.”

- They’re like that, old person couple. Like - they’re the types that go out dancing at galas and high-society events, and who judge lots of other people with snark and sarcasm. (#Jerk squad)

- “I’d like to travel to XXX because it’s very prominent with the occult and magic that I would like to study.” “Do they sell tea there? Or will I have to bring my own.”

- “What’s it like having your own gentleman Akako-chan?” “Haa, Saguru is no gentleman, Nakamori-chan. I can assure you of that.” (Sorry, not sorry.)

- Akako presenting Saguru with pretty pocket-watches as their relationship progresses. And they both pretend it doesn’t mean that much to them but it does.

- Saguru is late for school one day (Something that wouldn’t normally ever happen, let’s be real.) Akako snickers from her desk because it’s her fault. He comes into class and just glares. Could be innocent or smutty either works.

anonymous asked:

What do all of the members think of Lynn? I hope they love him as much as I do!

Aaw, I’m glad you love Lynn! As for the members’ opinions;

Everett: Lynn is a bit too goodie-goodie for Everett to feel he really gels with the guy. But he has some respect for Lynn and is able to talk to him more easily when they’re outside of those meetings.

Nate: Lynn tends to frustrate him, as most people do. Nate does count him as one of his very few friends.

Shiloh: He thinks Lynn is great and commends him on how he can handle the jerk squad. Maybe. Who knows if that’s true.

Bae: He thinks Lynn is quite charming and pleasant to be around. Definitely one of his favorite people in the school, though it helps that Lynn is an adult rather than a teenager.

Jeremy: Jeremy is a very blasé guy, so he’s not terribly attached to Lynn or anything. But he wouldn’t say that Lynn’s presence makes things worse, which is something he thinks about almost everyone.

Pran: Pran thinks he’s difficult. Lynn doesn’t just ignore him and he’s always acting so nice. That makes Pran uncomfortable and feel like Lynn must be putting on an act. If Lynn is actually that sweet, than there wouldn’t be much for Pran to complain about and that couldn’t possible be true.

MC: She likes him a lot, and not just ‘cause he cute, haha.

Thank you for the question :D!

Talking With the Dead

Summary: Dean and Sam catch wind of a case where someone is bringing people back from the dead.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Female Reader
Word Count: Just over 1.3K
Warnings: Language, little bit o’ angst.
Author’s Note: My submission for
@balthazars-muse​  Monster Movie challenge. My sign is Taurus: Animation; the ability to bring souls back from the dead

Originally posted by mishaisgodaf

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2.1k of romantic sappy fluff. they dance to billie holiday. (ao3)

It’s not that Dean would say he’s a romantic, per se.

Sure, he likes doing things for Cas that he doesn’t really have to. Sam can make fun of him all he wants but the smile that Cas gets whenever Dean brings him flowers or honey from the farmers market is worth all of that grief and more.

And yeah, ok, maybe Dean has made Cas breakfast in bed just because he felt like it a time or twelve. Is it a crime to want to eat waffles in bed with his best friend?

And okay, just because their first kiss was in the rain while they were fighting on a dock, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like Dean went to that dock after their fight on purpose, okay? That was just - that was the universe. If the universe wanted there to be some sort of Notebook vibe, who was Dean to argue with it?

Dean wouldn’t say he’s a romantic, but Dean doesn’t say a lot of things.

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a long and amazing week in the life: delicious coffee (alma viva) and cookie (saffron snickerdoodle) releases, bowling (I beat all those boys) post 15year anniversary block party, women’s leadership panel at Levi’s and free jeans,(!) no jerks at temescal brewing, squading hard for christina and tim’s dance show, van kleefs and their delicious greyhounds, and much needed sleeeeeeeeep.