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Guess who started reading @fenri’s Alien Sex Fiend? Can’t you tell how much I’m enjoying it?

Also, Pidge is the real MVP here.


Riverdale S01E10

Can we talk about this episode?! The start was kinda meh, but after things started unfolding…

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I’ll start by saying what I always say: ALICE IS THE FREAKING BEST

From the preview I thought Archie had been drugged by Cheryl or Chuck, but no, boy just hit the bottle hard.

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Also deserving of a shout out is my girl Veronica for finally saying what we’ve all been thinking about Cheryl and Jason

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Side notes:

- This week there is a race for the biggest jerk award. The main contenders are Chuck and Hiburaim, with Joaquin also in the running 

- I still do not trust Ethel AL ALL

- Juggy can throw a mean punch

- How is everybody just cool with the secrets game?!

“I really dislike how the narration in SAO is desperately trying to convince me that Akihiko Kayaba was not that bad of a guy. “Look, he was smart, and he helped Kirito in the second arc, and he’s developed that nifty medical technology! Sure, he’s also a mass-murdering sociopath, but meh, nobody’s perfect”. 

Happy birthday to that until-recently-forgotten historical figure who has become a symbol of how LGBTQ people are not limited in what they can do by stereotypes, whose courage and against the grain thinking challenged our expectations for what our culture is capable of, who, for all his faults, has inspired us all- Frank Ocean.

Also it’s John Laurens’s birthday or whatever.

Sure, Hamlin was really just playing the role of the scapegoat, but he did agree to keeping Jimmy from getting a job he worked hard for, moved Kim to a crappy office for losing a stubborn client, and copyrighted a color as “Hamlindigo Blue”. I’m not saying he’s evil, but I just don’t exactly think of him as a sweetheart either.

So who sleeps in the second bedroom?

Okay, kids, I wanted to throw my two cents in on the Alaric/Stefan confrontation scene in 7x19. 

Be forewarned: I only watched the SC clips from the episode on YouTube, and I’ve only seen 7x01 through 7x06 all season. So maybe take what I’m about to say with a vat of salt. Another disclaimer: I am in no way trying to justify the writing choices made this season; I have hated them and complained about them at length. This is only my attempt to make sense of some of them from a character standpoint.

I get that the scene left a bad taste in a lot of mouths because it commented upon the sex that Caroline wasn’t having and came across as two guys fighting in a dick measuring contest.

However, while I think that’s a valid interpretation from Alaric’s perspective, I couldn’t help but see the scene differently, and I don’t think that’s the way Stefan meant it or even where he’s coming from.

Let me explain:

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TBH I think we’re giving Ouryuu an unnecessarily hard time cause like all the dragon gods are immortal so he was probably thinking he was doing his human counterpart a favor? Like humans are sad and puny and don’t last long BUT YOU get to last forever!! Being immortal is great!! Nothing could possibly go wrong here u go human counterpart do well keep Hiryuu safe forever :)
Meanwhile SEIRYUU HERE is like “what we have to give them powers now? Fuck that fuck humans fuck my human counterpart IN PARTICULAR I don’t want to give humans POWERS but I HAVE TO so have this sweet ass power that you CANT USE WITHOUT CAUSING PERSONAL HARM and is SUPER HARD TO CONTROL. Also I hope you like being able to SEE INTO HUMAN BODIES
I think Biggest Jerk Award should go to Seiryuu

I’m drawing serious parallels between Peridot and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender because just like him, Peridot is spending individual episodes bonding and interacting with each of the main characters and slowly erasing their previously negative impressions of her. I’m curious to see how different Peridot’s ultimate test of her redemption will be. Will she confront Jasper or Yellow Diamond about her change like Zuko did with Azula and Ozai, or is this going to take a unique twist? I can’t wait to find out!


Other Academy Awards
  • Biggest Jerk Who Made A Movie That Rhymes With His Own Name: David O’Russell, American Hustle
  • Luckiest Dude Alive: The Pizza Delivery Guy, The Newest Most Popular Pizza Store in LA
  • Most Likely To Sit In Front Of You At A Cinema: Pharrell’s Hat
  • He Researched Frantically On Google Translate, To No Avail: John Travolta
  • Okay? Okay? Okay? Matthew Mcconaughey, Alright Alright Alright
  • God You’re Stunning: Lupita Nyong’o
  • Obscure Movie, Obscure State: Nebraska
  • Power Couple Walking: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the only nominees
  • Can You End The Polar Vortex Now?: Cast and crew of Frozen, Frozen


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