i want to live in a world where glenn is thriving and daryl was mature enough to sit and take negan’s taunting like the rest of the group instead of trying to show off and punch a man who essentially had gun pointed at the head of every person daryl loved.

how fucking selfish do you have to be to not take the man’s threat seriously after he just brutally murdered one of your friends. do you feel better? do you feel stronger now?

rick included with that ‘i’m going to kill you’ shit. the ego on these two.

im so fucking angry. they purposely set the deaths up the way they did to lull people into a sense of security once he took out abraham. just when you thought the emotional manipulation couldnt get worse since last season. its bullshit. and everyone’s just celebrating over how they knew it was gonna happen and how glenn had to die and how he’s been living on borrow time over the past seasons and i hate all of you.

genuinely. my god. its a fucking fictional character and i hate all of you who think there’s nothing wrong with this episode.

i cant properly articulate the significance of giving an Asian man such a graphic death as a result of one white man’s apathy and another’s ego. it’s not even as if glenn acted out and got punished for it. but sure cheer for norman when his name is said and celebrate that you predicted the brutal death of an Asian character played by a man who has said on many occasions how difficult it is to be an Asian man in Hollywood.

Supernatural S1 Ep1- Pilot - Pt 3

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S1 Ep1 Part 1, Part 2; This should be the last part for episode 1, tell me if you’re enjoying the series, otherwise I’m not quite sure whether I should keep going aha, another thing is whether you want to be tagged or not, send in an ask if you do and I’ll be glad to add you to the tags:)

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You. Sam and Dean climb out of the Impala and walk into the library, sitting around a computer. 

You open the search page for the Jericho Herald. You type ‘Female Murder Hitchhiking’ and click ‘Go’.

The screen shows 0 results. Dean pushes you aside and replaces ‘Hitchhiking’ with ‘Centennial Highway’. The screen shows the same response. You playfully whack Dean’s shoulder.

Sam is sitting next to you, watching your silent dispute as you once again try to take over, but you’re pushed away by Dean.

“Let me try,” Sam says. Dean smack his hand away. 

“I got it.” He defends.

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Things I have realized after watching pretty much all of Phantom Investigators:
  • Kira is awesome
  • I love how Daemona is the only one without powers but she’s the only one who actually wears a costume while on duty because she’s so fucking adorkable.
  • Casey is more or less the Gus Griswald of the gang and he’s just such a cute little dork and…oh my god protect this kid.
  • I definitely would’ve been friends with someone like Jericho when I was these kids’ age; he’s just such a nice and easygoing guy.
  • You know Wad is just there to get the toys that eventually never got made sold.
  • Bugsteak exists in the show so it’s confirmed that it takes place in the same universe as Life With Loopy.
  • There’s a nameless background character that looks eerily like me.
  • I ship Daemona and Casey pretty hard.
  • Same with Kira and Jericho.
  • I love the contrast between the show’s designs compared to LwL- PI’s puppets are a little more detailed and use black outlines while LwL uses red outlines and are a little less detailed. Not to mention that the color scheme in PI is a little more darker and subdued with a bit of neon thrown in, while LwL is just bright and loud. It’s like The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom.
  • This show deserved a second season.
  • We need more stop-motion shows.
  • (W)Holesome Products is a really underrated studio.
  • Kids WB had some great shows in the past (and some….not so great, like Da Boom Crew and Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island), but their management was absolutely horrible (then again, I think we already knew that from ow they treated Freakazoid! in the ‘90s)

b-ko-edits  asked:

Do you think kayfabe needs to be given more importance in wrestling?

I think the secret is pretty much out that everything is a work now-a-days.  There’s no way they could keep it up with social media and all the spoiler sites.  However, I also don’t like them kinda owning up to it on air.  If this is supposed to be alike any other tv show, you wouldn’t see the actors looking at the camera and winking during a police chase.  They treat it as real.  While we are watching it, we’re invested.

Wrestling still tries to do that, but there are so many smarks our there that wrestlers have taken to doing inside jokes and what-not ON AIR, never mind the storyline.  In a way, I do appreciate that Undertaker (and recently Broken Matt Hardy) not breaking character even in interviews.  We know they are acting, but their public persona makes them badass because they are keeping it up even when they don’t have too.  But when you got Jericho interviewing Bray Wyatt on his pod cast, and he’s acting like a person, it kills his on screen character.  I dunno, it bugs me.  

I’m not sure what kind of line needs to be drawn, but I do miss kayfabe a bit.  Not everyone has a character they have to protect like the three I just mentioned above, BUT I do see some WWE talent making an effort.  Most recently the goddamn Miz was.  Yeah, go figure.  The Miz!  He kept up kayfabe with Daniel Bryan off camera and on social media like it was a real big deal.  And what do you know, people actually care about him now.  Meanwhile, wrestling purist Dolph Ziggler isn’t even trying… that says something. 

I don’t know, what do you think?  This is kind of a hard question to answer because I don’t really think true kayfabe is obtainable now.  We know Matt isn’t really broken BUT we want to believe he is.  I guess that’s the real distinction.  If the wrestler can make us want to believe in something, then we’ll eat it up.  Why do you think we believe that a zombie can wrestle?


I would rather burn out than fade away. Whatever road I go down, it’s not gonna be pretty because it’s gonna be the Dean Ambrose way, and that’s my life story. It’s not gonna be rainbows and Skittles, you know? But I know that no matter what happens, everything is gonna be fine. I still feel indestructible.