do you ever listen to old taylor swift songs, and remember the OTP you had when those songs were popular? that’s what happened to me this evening, i suddenly thought of my new teen titans OTP of jericho (joe wilson) and raven…

anyway, since deathstroke is played by manu bennett in arrow, i thought it would be nice to depict joey as being of māori descent, and of course i love indian raven as i had drawn her in the past…their outfits are from here!

Joey, I don’t think there is any way that possessing a Jewish guy and making him walk into a confessional could be seen as anything but a total dick move.

Speaking of dick moves, Deathstroke #13 had another one at the very last page. I guess someone felt people could forget that Slade is the worst. Because holy shit he is the worst fucking guy imaginable. I mean, there are lot of dick moves, okay? But sleeping with your son’s fiancée? That’s not the worst thing Slade has done (that would still be a tie between sleeping with Terra and drugging Cass) but it’s up there.

Here is all I've got!

Here are all the requests (smuts and one-shots). I know there’ve been many who were waiting for their request to show up on their dashboard but a little more patience.

Here are the upcoming imagines (including smuts) that I will be posting:

Scott McCall x Reader *smut*

Charles Xavier x Reader *smut*

Eric Coulter x Reader *smut*

Peter Hayes x Reader *smut*

Jerome Valeska x Reader *smut*

Illya Kuryakin x Reader *smut*

Michael Grey x Reader x Thomas Shelby *smut*

Thomas Shelby x Reader *smut*

Jace Wayland x Reader *smut*

Magnus Bane x Reader *smut*

Joker x Reader *smut*

Nick!Lucifer x Reader *smut*

Eobard Thawne x Reader *smut*

Finn Balor x Reader *smut*

Sami Zayn x Reader *smut*

Chris Jericho x Reader *smut*

Noam Dar x Reader *smut*

Luke Gallows x Reader *smut*

Logan Howlett x Reader *smut*

Lucifer Morningstar x Reader *one-shot*

Logan Howlett x Reader *one-shot*

As you can see, I’ve got a lot to write so collaborations are welcome! *gif*

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We all know or fear what is going to happen this sunday. Kevin Owens reign will be over thanks to Goldberg. I hope, no i wish it won’t happen, but… His streak as a champion brought us this awesome friendship between Jericho and Owens, but he wasn’t a fighting champ, he wasn’t allowed to carry the weight of the title alone and that is a shame. If he gets another chance on being the champ again, please let Kevin Owens do what he can do best: fighting people, insulting the commentators and the viewers and let him show the WWE universe why Kill Steen Kill wasn’t just a chant or a print on some merchandise. It was a f**king warcry of a man that would do anything to be at his very best no matter who he faced. Comes sunday, i wish to see the beginning and the rise of the Kevin Owens we all love! Pics thx to @wrestlingphoto

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Don't know if you've seen it, but Max Landis (of the "Wrestling Isn't Wrestling" video fame) has done a 4-minute video titled "There's Something Wrong With Kevin Owens" and he talks about the possibility of Kevin Owens (the character) being bullied as a child. He even discusses the relationships with Jericho and Generico. It's pretty damn amazing.

it was really interesting!

i love when people use trauma psychology in tv shows. that’s actually my area of study/profession! altho i think it makes me too sad to think about tiny Kevin being abused and traumatized for me to get super into this theory…

anything Max Landis has to say about wrestling is interesting to me, because not only does he make thoughtful, eloquent meta, but he’s also a consultant for the WWE. so his cool thoughts can actually have real ramifications for the stories that we get told!

This is exactly why Lemonade is a love letter to Black folk and not just for women in general. If it was just for women, she’d won, like Adele. But because she celebrated her blackness, they gave her something called a “Urban Contemporary” award–whatever the fuck that even means.