So assuming that everyone is freaking out because it’s being speculated that Aaron is going to die, here’s something that’ll make you want to stab someone… Okay, so Constantine killed his brother on accident by using his as a counterweight. So what if Call(who is still Constantine) kills Aaron the same way?? ANd IS TOTALLY DISTRAUGHT AND SKLJDFJa;lkjdf;lksdjf;lakds there i made myself sad. pls kill me

Protective Lover au

Erie and Jericho had planned on a night in since they both had the day off and were in major need of a day alone together to just cuddle and watch some tv. She had her head laying in Jericho’s lap while they watched one of their favorite tv shows and ate popcorn, sometimes she would hold her mouth open for him to feed her and when they did they’d just giggle together and she’d nuzzle into his stomach gently. She was fading in and out of sleep, sometimes sleeping for a few minutes and other times she’d make it through an entire show but Jericho never seemed to mind.

She had just woken up when she heard the doorbell ring and a frown came to her face, making her hum a little in protest before looking up to Jericho. “We did nae order in any food did we? Are ye expecting someone from the gang t’ stop by?” She asked, knowing it had to have been one or the other because he knew better than to bring his clients into their hom. She sat up a bit and sighed softly when he shook his head no for both and she kissed him gently with a smile. “Would ye like me t’ go answer the door?” What they didn’t know was that waiting for them on the other side were Jericho’s parents and terrible memories for him.


WWE results from Abilene house show (Aug. 26, 2016): Ambrose vs. Styles vs. Wyatt

WWE results from Abilene house show (Aug. 26, 2016): Ambrose vs. Styles vs. Wyatt

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Abilene, Texas

What happened?

  • Enzo & Big Cass def. The Vaudevillains
    – The Miz def. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young
    – Kane def. Baron Corbin
    – Dolph Ziggler def. Sheamus
    – Becky Lynch & Alicia Fox def. Natalya & Dana Brooke
    – Neville def. Chris Jericho
    – Dean Ambrose def. AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt

What caught our eye?

As you can tell, WWE has not yet started with split brand exclusive house…

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mojomcjones  asked:

This new adorableness with wanting a buddy like KO and a scarf to be creative with. I need the gift of Jericho this thirst party if ya' catch my drift.

EVER SINCE I FIRST SAW JERICHO I WAS LIKE “omfg he’s the hot dad. Like, when you go over to your best friend’s house and pay more attention to her dad than you do to her. Bc he’s the hot dad.” Lmaooooo


I would rather burn out than fade away. Whatever road I go down, it’s not gonna be pretty because it’s gonna be the Dean Ambrose way, and that’s my life story. It’s not gonna be rainbows and Skittles, you know? But I know that no matter what happens, everything is gonna be fine. I still feel indestructible.