May the angels protect you…
May the sadness forget you…
May goodness surround you…
And may Allah always bless you…
Happy Easter!

jerichochris - We don’t talk much but you’re very nice, sweet, friendly. We both like the same things (wrestling, cm punk, aj lee and so on). OK I’m not very good at telling people how good they are, so just Happy Easter!

sombrocko - So we did talk some time ago and it was fun ok. You’re very unique and just awesome person. Happy Easter! 

maryse0uellet - Idk why i like your name but it’s cool. Happy Easter! 

sheslikealostflower - Just some days ago I realized that “she’s like a lost flower” was said in Lita’s theme song. And I thought that your url is über cool. Because, Lita’s theme is über cool. Okay, so I think that you’re asdfghjkl. It means, you’re the friendliest person i’ve ever chatted to. Happy Easter!  

wwetnaedits - Sorry but your edits are perfection. Happy Easter!

Anyways, Happy Easter! to everyone!

It’s kinda weird, because in Lithuania now it’s snowing.