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Spotlighting forgotten DC/Titans characters here, Slade’s son Joseph Wilson, or Jericho!

Despite his awful character design when he was first introduced, i always found him really fascinating as being both an incredibly powerful disabled (mute) person, but part of a brother/sister team of which he was the unabashedly meek and feminine half. Definitely unique, would like to see more of him. With a better costume, DC.



Can we take 5 minutes to read it? I Love how Greg support LGBTQ people and how he don’t care about Twitter Hate. Ok dearies, all of us know about Marie Logan aka Garfield Logan’s Mother (Beast Boy). But what do you think about it? who can be the others LGBTQ CHARACTERS!?!? I hope Bluepulse! Obviously because is my favorite ship, as a Bisexual Mexican Boy, I Love Jaime Reyes and his relationship with Bart Allen, even if only are Best Friends. We saw Poison Ivy on Season One and she’s officially Bisexual, hope se more about her and Harley on Season 3. In the animated movies we have 2 LGBTQ CHARACTERS and I need them on Young Justice, John Constantine (Bi) and Batwoman (Lesby). And also Aqualad and Jericho are Bisexuals on the comics. In my opinion, Kaldur don’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend, he need time to forget Tula. Hope see Jericho and Slade on S3, even if he’s not Bi, love him since Teen Titans. Love you all!

Where to start reading Jericho?

His first appearance was in Tales of the Teen Titans #42

  • Tales of the Teen Titans #43-91 (esp #44, 51-52, 58, Annual #3)
  • New Teen Titans v2 #1-49 (esp #1, 10-14)
  • Teen Titans Spotlight On: Jericho #3-6
  • New Titans #50-84 (esp #55, 66-67, 71-84)
  • Teen Titans v3 (esp #1-6, 11-12, 40-41, 77-78)
  • DC Universe: Decisions #3-4
  • Deathtrap crossover (Titans #12-13, Teen Titans v3 #69-70, Vigilante #5-6)
  • Titans v2 #37-38, Annual #1
  • Deathstroke v3 #2-6
  • Deathstrike: Rebirth #1
  • Deathstroke v4 (esp #1-4, 6-10, 12-17)

Jericho(Signing while looking back and forth between Kid Devil and Ravager): Wait, you two know each other?

Ravager(Slinging an arm around Kid Devil’s shoulders): Oh, where are my manners? Joe, this is Kid Devil, he tolerates me making fun of Wonder Brat and sometimes we fight crime. Eddie, this is Joseph, my intern.