jericho mine


The biggest mistake I ever made was trusting you. Yeah, that’s right, Sami Zayn was right, but the thing is, I gotta take blame for this myself cause eight years ago, ten years ago, I would’ve done the same thing to you. And I would’ve done it first, I would’ve done it quicker, and I would’ve done it better. But I didn’t! Okay, I was complacent, I liked the idea of having a best friend, but you’re right, Kevin, you’re not my best friend. I don’t want you to be my best friend, you know why? Cause I’ve got a lot of friends. I’ve got a lot of friends here tonight. I GOT THOUSANDS OF FRIENDS HERE TONIGHT, RIGHT? I GOT BUDDIES, I GOT PALS, I GOT THE FRIENDS OF JERICHO, CHEER ME ON, MAAAAAAN!!!


Here’s just a dump of some WWE fan art that I’ve done in the past. I love all of them.

Enzo, Bray and Chris all liked theirs actually :,) Enzo retweeted his and posted it on Instagram, Bray liked his on twitter, and Chris retweeted his (best day of my life ever). I haven’t been able to get Alexa or Kenny to see theirs yet and neither Sasha nor Enzo saw the one of them together. But I just tweeted Baron’s at him fifteen minutes ago so fingers crossed here.

((((note: they’re all signed garramayfire because that’s my twitter/instagram handle and used to be my personal blog’s URL — which is blusakura now))))