jericho is the only one who makes sense

dreamsofmagicandrye  asked:

Could you please explain how Jericho being Slade's son explains the Apprentice arc?

isn’t it obvious? :0 maybe it’s just me knowing way too much about the wilson family chronology and being able to fit things together at the speed of light. i’m going to talk about this under the assumption you’ve seen jericho’s cartoon cameo though!

okay SO, the biggest clues here are that jericho can’t speak, that he appears to be living on a mountain when the titans make contact with him, and (the biggest of all) that slade only has one eye. in the original comics, after the accident which rendered joey mute, his mother first tried to murder slade by shooting him in the head - only succeeding in taking out his eye - then promptly divorced him, and refused all access to their children. fitting this storyline into the animated universe, it makes perfect sense for jericho to be so hidden away because he’s being kept from slade.

it ties in even better when you consider how heavily slade’s complex schemes rely on technology, and how completely devoid of the stuff jericho’s mountain home is. all the power slade has in jump city isn’t enough to track down his son’s totally off-grid hiding spot. this also makes me think robin has met jericho before, since he was the only one who knew where to find him when he didn’t even appear to be an active hero!

in turn, this explains slade’s obsession with robin. he’s desperate to take on a fatherly role again and misses his kids, but he’s also supposed to be the big scary villain here. he even has the line “i might become like a father to you”, and if that doesn’t scream of missing his own kids i don’t know what it does!

so basically, slade has one eye because he hurt joey, joey was hidden away because he got hurt, and slade goes on a rampage trying to find new children to fill the gap joey left. i hope that clears it up a bit!