Okay! Some more of the same. I haven’t been here, but I have been baking. I got into wrestling somewhere along the way and I made This. It’s the Jericake, based on WWE Superstar, best selling book author, and lead singer of Fozzy, Chris Jericho. The guy is freaking amazing. There’s a full description on the voting page, but it’s a hell of a cake, if I do say so myself.

The bottom layer is chocolate covered strawberry and the top two chocolate, espresso vodka cake. They’re covered in a dark chocolate, espresso vodka shell then iced with mocha cream cheese and black fondant. It was meant to be as addictive, flashy and have as much presence as Y2J himself in the competition. It must have something going for it to be in second place, but that’s where you guys come in (hopefully). 

I am in second place by a bit more than twenty votes. You can only vote once from any one IP address, and you can’t trick it, because the amazing Natalie ( Bake and Destroy ) has a program that tracks that and she deletes multiples. So, if you want to vote more than once and can’t, just vote once, and get a friend to do the same. We’re so close, guys! Just help me reach a little further. This was one of five entries I did this year.

I’m trying to improve my baking skills and absolutely love working in a theme. This has been incredibly fun for me, and even if I don’t win, I’m totally pleased I did it and hope we have another one next year. I already have ideas. But I was in the top four for Champion this year and now I’m top two for People’s choice.

Please Vote Here: for The Jericake! It’s deeply appreciated. Thanks!