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Jeri, Child of Beri

More Sansûkh art!  Who’s surprised?  Not me XD

This is Jeri, the rather cool nonbinary dwarf who has popped up in the last few chapters.  I really liked the description of them dyeing their beard green as a symbol of their gender-nonconformity, and it made me imagine them as kind of an edgy-looking dwarf in general.  This was mostly just a doodle to solidify a design (hence being too lazy to draw anything below the shoulders XP), but I might tackle them again later.

This makes me want to delve more into what kind of substances they could use to dye hair, and what different colors might mean….

Happy Birthday Jeri Ryan

53 of 366

Jeri Ryan is exceptionally classy to her fans online (I assume so offline as well but I’ve only dealt with her online).  I first encountered her in the short lived UFO series Dark Skies and it took me about a season of Voyager to work out where I knew her from (less internet back then).  

I imagine it was not easy joining a Star Trek show as a series regular a couple of seasons in but Seven would go on to help define Voyager and became a fan favourite.

Also I couldn’t resist drawing a bunch of Borg again ;)

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Credits: Jeri Lampert