jeri's art

Jeri, Child of Beri

More Sansûkh art!  Who’s surprised?  Not me XD

This is Jeri, the rather cool nonbinary dwarf who has popped up in the last few chapters.  I really liked the description of them dyeing their beard green as a symbol of their gender-nonconformity, and it made me imagine them as kind of an edgy-looking dwarf in general.  This was mostly just a doodle to solidify a design (hence being too lazy to draw anything below the shoulders XP), but I might tackle them again later.

This makes me want to delve more into what kind of substances they could use to dye hair, and what different colors might mean….

I finally was able to sit down and read the latest chapter of Sansûkh by determamfidd (my eyes still hurt from crying btw) and I totally fell in love with Merilin, an OC who seems super rad so far. She’s a really cool trans elf, who’s an archer, and Second in Command to Legolas’ brother, Laerophen. We haven’t seen a whole lot of her yet, but I couldn’t resist the urge to draw her before going to bed. :)