jeri's art

This is a little post made to inspire. Ok, so I’ve been practicing constantly. Jeri on the right was when I first took to the digital thang last year, Seven on the right you may recognise from a post I made a few days ago. Go forth and draw your hands off!

What made the deal a bit sweeter was the fact I got a like from Jeri and a comment on Instagram. **hi five (hi-fives self as I’m alllll alllooonnnneeeeee)

Seven of Nine
I hope I’ve done this beautiful lady justice. Digitally painted in Autodesk Sketchbook for IPad. Lots of squiggles and lines come together to form the finished piece.
Seven is one of my all time favourite characters. Jeri is always so warm and friendly on social media, sharing photos of her life and her family. Won a place in my heart for being a totally awesome human being

I finally was able to sit down and read the latest chapter of Sansûkh by determamfidd (my eyes still hurt from crying btw) and I totally fell in love with Merilin, an OC who seems super rad so far. She’s a really cool trans elf, who’s an archer, and Second in Command to Legolas’ brother, Laerophen. We haven’t seen a whole lot of her yet, but I couldn’t resist the urge to draw her before going to bed. :)

Jeri, Child of Beri

More Sansûkh art!  Who’s surprised?  Not me XD

This is Jeri, the rather cool nonbinary dwarf who has popped up in the last few chapters.  I really liked the description of them dyeing their beard green as a symbol of their gender-nonconformity, and it made me imagine them as kind of an edgy-looking dwarf in general.  This was mostly just a doodle to solidify a design (hence being too lazy to draw anything below the shoulders XP), but I might tackle them again later.

This makes me want to delve more into what kind of substances they could use to dye hair, and what different colors might mean….