Drabble || Jerena&Adrian

“Daddy, why am I here again?” Serena asked her father with a sigh, looking around at her surroundings with distaste. When she was younger, going to work with him was a favorite pasttime of hers, but when he dragged her out of bed on her first day of break before the sun had risen and wouldn’t tell her why she absolutely had to come with him on that particular day, she couldn’t help but be a little unhappy with the situation.

Adrian didn’t look up from the mess of papers on his desk that he was sorting through.

“I never told you why you were here in the first place, so there’s no way I can tell you again.”

Serena sighed again, sinking down into the chair she was seated in and shutting her eyes tightly. She was beginning to doze off when a familiar, upbeat voice caused her eyes to snap open in surprise.

“Hey, Dad. Oh, nice cup of coffee. I think I’ll take it.”

James grinned as he snatched the steaming mug off of his father’s desk. He didn’t notice Serena gawking at him.

“Look alive, Potter!” Adrian called suddenly, causing Serena to turn her attention to him as he strode over to James and placed a firm hand on his shoulder. “I’ve got to say, it’s totally surprising an unexpected to see you here. Serena and I were totally not expecting it.”

At the mention of Serena’s name, James finally seemed to notice her sitting in a chair by her father’s desk. He grinned at her briefly then looked at Adrian again.

“Uh…I come here every Saturday, though.”

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Like as a brotp? Absolutely. Jerena can be a fantastic brotp. As a ship? I dunno about that. Mostly cause Derena, and Jenny would be like uh what. My brother hooked up with her and dated her more than once. There has to be some like bro/sis code about that somewhere.