For what it’s worth, the 400m run is the toughest grind there is on the circuit.  An all out sprint for a fourth of a mile and that fly float fly ideal just doesn’t fit.  Jeremy knows what pain is, and he also understands perseverance.  The will to succeed and never give up runs in his blood and hopefully the contagiousness of it will catch on and fire you into your own battle with body and mind.

I’m very sorry to hear Jeremy’s hurt before the final,hope he will get well soon.We need you back on the track!!It’s amazing to be ur follower for over 8 years.It’s amazing to watch u running there during every race…but now…

Best wishes Jeremy,speed recovery:)

You know how amazing it’ll be,I’ve been waiting for them 2gether running on the track for over 5 years.Do you know 2004 when Jeremy won his 1st gold medal in Olympic?Do you know 2012 when Oskar get his 1st chance to run in Olympic.I know,and the long-time waiting makes my life amzing.2night,all’ll come true!!!!!!!!Good luck <3 My favorite athletes:)