Jeremy Mayer: breathing new life into the typewriter

“There is a lot about the last century that I like and would like to maintain and hold onto myself but then there is a lot I would like to participate in tearing down…I do have a lot of respect for the design (of the typewriter), it’s beautiful, it’s elegant but then that is exactly why I want to take them apart too.”

Did this pissed off cat about 18 years ago. If I remember correctly, I traded my friend Doran a pair of snowboard boots for it. It came back to me about a year ago for a little TLC, spent a few months at the old SF Exploratorium, now it’s heading home to MN. #jeremymayer #sculpture #typewriter #cat

I draw sometimes. I like to use Schwan-Stabilo CarbOthello pencils (I’ve used them since I was 14, which is almost 30 years) and Derwent pastel pencils on black or green paper. 

This one’s called “Story II”, 2006. 

I did a series of drawings that were based on old Kodak 110 film photos that my parents had taken in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. 

As I got older (or old), I started to notice that my memories were pretty malleable- they would change as I recalled them over and over. This is pretty well supported by current science about memory. It’s entirely possible that some of the things I remembered never really happened at all. I decided to take all of these photos and try to mesh them with my memory of the time. This one here is based on a photo of me as a 1-year-old standing in front of our tiny trailer in McKinley, Minnesota after a snowstorm. My dad always insisted that, when the sidewalk got shoveled after a storm, that EVERY snowflake be removed and the sidewalk be thoroughly swept afterward to prevent ice from forming, because there were many elderly people in town who would walk to the store or to church, and a single slip could, quite literally, kill them, either by suffering a debilitating hip fracture or succumbing to exposure to the Minnesota cold. 

When I was very young, I seem to remember that I thought that, as daylight approached, objects like trees, cars, snow, tricycles, would remake themselves, condense, as if from a fog of matter. Asymmetry was jarring and frustrating for me. I worried my tricycle would get cold. A shovel was a sentient helper. I could feel the coldness of the car’s tires as if they were my own fingers. I always loved the first snow because the blades of grass were still green, their tips revealed by my dad’s comically vigorous shoveling and sweeping. 

I like drawing. I will draw more. 

Working on the outer petals of the lotus made from typewriter parts. Projected on the wall is the CAD drawing done in Rhino of hardware for the movement of the petals that I have to actually fabricate - which I haven’t done in my work for quite some time - so this is all pretty fun work right now. I’ll also be making a few mandala-ish wall hanging things while I’m here. Starting on those soon. #Mumbai #Godrej #sculpture #studio #jeremymayer #India