A sphincter says what?

One of my very sinfully guilty pleasures in life is watching reality TV and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is always in my watch rotation of reality shows! During the season premiere of season 5 Jeremy Jackson, better known as Hobie from Baywatch (the Hoff’s son), had this very odd & ignorant conversation with the resident tech Shelly upon his intake. It went a little something like this:

Shelly: What about bottled water? Are you okay with bottled water?

Jeremy: I…um… You know, in a pinch.

Shelly: In a pinch? What do you mean? What’s wrong with bottled water?
Jeremy: That plastic bleaches and causes cancer. And, uh, bisexuality it’s been linked to directly
Shelly: Minerals in water….
Jeremy: Yeah.
Shelly: Causes bisexuality?
Jeremy: Yeah, it’s been linked anyway.

Coming from a former meth addict turned steroid taking maniac, I hardly think he’s in any position to be making such outrageous pseduo-scientific claims about anything, much less homophobic slurs about plastic water bottles. Hobie, just because you had ass sex with a water bottle during one of your meth fueled orgy’s doesn’t make you bisexual…m'kay?!? A bit of a freak maybe, but not necessarily full on gay.

I can’t wait to see what other little nuggets o’ facts he’s gonna bestow upon us this season, but this one was definitely a great start!