Jeremy x Reader

“I don’t want to go.” You complained to Jeremy as he snapped his history text book shut.

“Then don’t go.” He chuckled as you rolled your eyes.

“Yeah like Mom would let that happen, I have to make nice with her friend’s kids, what happened to comfy joggers and pizza?” You sighed and he shrugged.

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Date, Maybe?

Imagine: Jeremy being extremely protective over you.

“Please, just leave me alone,” you whimper, looking up at a girl named Crystal. She hated you. Why? No one knows, but she is adamant to making your life miserable. Sure, you know many vampires who would love to take care of your little ugly duckling problem, but you couldn’t bare the thought of being responsible for someone’s death, despite how much crap she has put you through. “Why do you even hate me? I have never done anything to you!” you shout, scooting back into a tree. Crystal bends down slightly, looking you over with disgust.

“Because you’re an ugly, fat, little pig who thinks she’s so cool! Just because you’re friends with Elena Gilbert and her little crew doesn’t mean you’re all that. And Jeremy, you know, her incredibly hot younger brother, will never like you,” Crystal laughs.

“J-Jeremy?” you question, completely confused. Well, at least, that’s what you want to make her think you are. You know you’ve liked him the second you met him. Sure, he did all of those bad things, but he still cared about people. You couldn’t help but like him, he rescued you from the vampire that killed Vicki.

“You know, the pot head?” she cackles, “even he wouldn’t screw you. He screws anyone with boobs,” Crystal laughs.

You ignore the last part of her sentence, rolling your eyes and speaking up, “he’s not a pot head anymore.”

“So? With or without his cigarettes and pills and alcohol, he wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole. We all can see how you feel about him. And soon, he will see it, too, after he watches the video I got of you telling the blonde barbie that you loved him. He’ll never come near you again!” Crystal laughs.

“W-What?” you cry, mouth agape.

“That’s right. He knows that a slimy, flea-infested, ugly pig like you likes him,” Crystal smirks.

“What did I ever do to you?” you shake your head, tears cascading down your cheeks.

“You existed,” Crystal spits, “and no one wants you here. Certainly not Jeremy. He is mine, you got that? I’ve liked him ever since I saw him, smoking pot in the back of the school. He offered me some and we got high together. We really hit it off,” Crystal smiles, knowing that the sentence would irk you.

“Really? Doesn’t seem like he’s chasing after you. Clearly, he doesn’t like you either. And, you know what? Sure, I love Jeremy Gilbert!” you scream at the top of your lungs, not caring who could overhear, “but i’d rather be known as the girl who loved too much than the girl who brought people down. You think you know Jeremy, but you only know him as who he was when he lost his parents and lost his way, when he smoked pot. I know him as the boy who saved my life, and grew out of his bad habits and now makes it his duty to do the right thing. I see him every day, and you only see him during school. Go ahead, tell Jeremy that I am in love with him, because I at least know him, and he wouldn’t like some girl who lies to bring people down and idolizes the old, bad side of him. So, go ahead… tell him,” you growl angrily, completely fed up with Crystal.

Excuse you?” Crystal gasps, smacking you hard across the face and shoving you to the ground. You let out a groan, holding your stinging cheek, “Jeremy wouldn’t like a pig-faced nobody who-” Crystal stops as the sound of metal clanking to the ground crashes in the background. Both of us turn to see Jeremy, standing there fuming.

“J-Jeremy!” Crystal stands up straight, fixing her short skirt to become even shorter.

“Um… how much did you hear?” you ask him, biting down on your lip.

“Everything. You see, I had a very bad feeling when I saw Crystal shoving you towards the back of the school, and decided to come protect (Y/N). I may have been interested in your choice of topic, so I listened in a bit, but i’m glad I did,” Jeremy crosses his arms, walking closer to the two of you. Since becoming a lot buffer because of training to be a vampire hunter, his muscles bulge as he crosses his arms. You have to force yourself not to look and make a big deal out of it. Once he stands between the two of you, he helps you up and looks directly at Crystal.

“The whole time? Crap, that means that you…” you trail off, biting down on your lip again.

“I didn’t realize that I wasn’t allowed to choose for myself, Crystal. Maybe I like pig-faced nobodies,” Jeremy states. A small smirk makes it way to your mouth.

“Not that I like being called that, but thanks, Jer, I appreciate it,” you laugh lightly.

“But… she’s so-” Crystal starts.

“Beautiful, gorgeous, nice, talented, and sweet? She was right, I wouldn’t like a girl who has to bring others down to make herself feel good. Besides, I’ve liked (Y/N) the second I saw her. I saved her life, and I’m glad I did because she’s someone I love. So, I guess (Y/N) wins. If I ever hear you talking to someone like that again, you’ll regret it, Crystal. Now get out of here and get back to your prissy little friends. I have a date to prepare for… hopefully,” Jeremy grins, turning to you.

“Ugh!” Crystal screams, stalking away.

“Oh, and just because you smoked with him, doesn’t make you connected. He was high and was so chill that he didn’t see the monster he was sitting with!” you shout after her, grinning triumphantly. Jeremy looks at you, laughing.

“I’ve dealt with worse monsters than her,” Jeremy shrugs, “she’s… she’s a Care Bear compared to the monsters we deal with.”

“Cute. And, uh, thanks for sticking up for me. She’s bullied me for forever, and I think I finally know why. I liked someone she claimed.”

“I’m not claimed… yet. However, i’m okay with changing that if you’d go on a date with me. With no monsters,” Jeremy smiles hopefully.

“Mm… I’d love that.”

The Signs from the TVD Characters!


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Damon Salvatore:  


Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce:

Hayley Marshall:


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Lexi Branson:


Jeremy Gilbert:


Caroline Forbes:

Isobel Flemming:


Matt Donovan:


Tyler Lockwood:

Bonnie Bennett:

Alaric Saltzman:

Olivia Parker:


Vicki Donovan:

Nicole *The Cancer* 

You know what

Fuck you Jeremy , A fuck you to Alaric, a great big fuck you to Tyler, a middle finger and a fuck you to Elena , a little fuck you to Stefan, a fuck you to Damon (for making vamp cakes with Elena), fuck you Julie, fuck you Caroline D, suck my nonexistent dick !! All of the people that supposedly love her are the ones ready to drop her for a quick fuck, she loved you guys 😭😭😭😭😭 and y’all broke her!! Fucking bastards!!