Heroes Con 2008

I was hoping I would be able to put the words together this morning but again, they have failed me. So i hope this comes out coherently. I still cannot comprehend the loss of Jeremy. I cannot even fathom what his family and wife Kelly are feeling. My heart is so broken for them. I have been reading some of the stories from friends, colleagues, and fans of his work and they fill my heart with love and happiness. I think about how many lives were touched by such a wonderful, talented, kind, loving, and funny man. I think about how much joy just being around he and Kelly brought to all of our lives. Always happy. Always laughing. their love of each other and of life is radiant and you can’t help but bask in it. I refuse to let that go. the world was a better place for him being in it. I will always cherish the time we got to share and the new friends he added to my life.

Out of all the wonderful times I got to have with them,I am so grateful for the special moment we had together crossing the threshold of Wrigley Field for the first time last April. It was a dream come true day for both of us!

Didn’t matter the outcome of the game. We got to be there and I got to share it with wonderful people. My only regret that day was Amanda was not there with us. Though she was at home capturing the moment on TV.

The beautiful dinner the four of us shared NY just a few weeks ago, was so magical and filled with laughter. I will hold on to that always.

Jeremy was a treasure in life and art and I am so happy his Skyward series was able to reach so many but sad there adventures were cut short. The stories that are out there, please go find them. read them. and cherish them. It is so great to see a creator tell their own stories and he will live on forever because of it.I was honored to get to do a variant cover for Skyward and it is a piece I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life.

If you can contribute, here is a link to the Go Fund Me campaign to help with the expenses of the last week.

I love you, Jeremy. I love you, Kelly. I also send love to all of our friends and loved one who are hurting right now. We are a family and we lost our brother. I wish I could wrap my arms around all of you personally and tell you how much I love you.

Inktober the sixteenth
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