Can we talk about how literally everyone in Neutral Milk Hotel is a genius?
I mean every single member of the band has their own career outside of the band
Jeff Mangum is one of the best songwriters of our time and while all of the songs he has written are credited to Neutral Milk Hotel he has inspired huge amounts of people (myself included) in their creative pursuits
Scott Spillane is one of the best horn players I’ve ever heard, has the greatest neck beard I’ve ever seen and has an awesome band of his own called The Gerbils
Julian Koster is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, he is constantly telling stories and every single one of The Music Tapes songs is beautiful and full of bowed banjo and saw and 7ft tall metronomes, he is constantly filled with childlike wonder and it makes me feel like I am a little kid again
Jeremy Barnes is an epically monolithic drummer and an amazing accordionist, after Neutral Milk Hotel he started A Hawk and a Hacksaw with his wife and they play awesome Bulgarian folk and Gypsy folk
To wrap up this long post I love this band, I love The Elephant 6 Recording Company and everything they are doing and I love everyone in it