jeremyallenswhite asked:


  • who’s the messiest one: don’t ppl say that harry is actually really a clean dude? am i making this up i don’t know. i’m p sure zayn would be the messiest tho, maybe more in a logical messy way, in that he knows where all his stuff is when it’s arranged in a way he’s familiar with that looks like a pigsty to harold

  • who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: i don’t think i can say truthfully that either of these men are uncomfortable with PDA

  • who’s the funniest drunk: harry thinks he’s extra funny when he’s drunk. at least his jokes seem much funnier, but zayn tends to only be thinking about a few things harry could be using his mouth for and most of his hilarious jokes go right over zayn’s head

  • who texts the most: harry sends a lot of text messages devoid of any context that tend to be connected to really long, in-jokes crafted while he was hanging out with someone else. even after he explains there’s still not really any context tbh.

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: i actually feel like zarry have great potential to bond over their different music tastes rather than have one of them be more embarrassing than the other. imagine them remixing songs together 8)

  • who reads the most: do i even need to answer this one [2] zayn might summarize the coolest books he reads for harry tho. harry always seems interested but gets distracted a quarter of the way through every new book he starts and rarely ever finishes one

  • who’s better with kids: harry’s pretty good with the older kids, the ones who are talking and being terribly obnoxious and loud, he seems to be able to harness that energy more effectively, but he’s pretty useless with babies. zayn’s got a pretty good track record for little ones of all ages tho 

  • who’s the one that fixes things around the house: harry may try. usually he just breaks that thing even more.

  • who’s got the weirdest hobby: whatever the hobby is the answer is harold

  • who cooks and who cleans up: harry would do both, he has incredible potential as a househusband