The signs as characters from The Vampire Diaries

Aries: Tyler Lockwood

Taurus: Sheriff Liz Forbes

Gemini: Caroline Forbes

Cancer: Elena Gilbert

Leo: Katerina Petrova

Virgo: Jeremy Gilbert

Libra: Enzo

Scorpio: Damon Salvatore

Sagittarius: Matt Honeycutt

Capricorn: Bonnie Bennett

Aquarius: Alaric Saltzman

Pisces: Stefan Salvatore


“I hope I’ll have you for the rest of the day, we have some serious unfinished business to do”, he said smirking as you stepped into the car.


the vampire diaries relationships

↳Alaric and Jeremy ♔ “I just want you to know that I’ll always be here to look out for you. That you’ll never be alone. Okay? I promise.”