Jeremy Hush

This artist draws from a wealth of sources and influences. An avid world traveller, and a recognized initiate of the heavy metal and punk scenes, Hush has been creating work for zines and bands for years. Over the past few years he has been increasing his focus on his practice and exhibiting his art more extensively.

His work is haunting and beautiful, wild and chaotic, dark and saturated, but entirely unique. Clearly influenced to some extent by the linear styles of 19th century prints and drawings, his work combines this suggestion to a historical aesthetic precedent with a contemporary inflection in content. Artist website.


black queen by jeremy “hush” clark

some of y'all might remember the newsprint punk zine “slug and lettuce”, and if you do you remember jeremy’s art at the masthead of most issues. scenes of oogles and crust punks fighting unseen foes with bows and arrows, or dreamily eyeing off the edge of the page while whistfully swinging their feet perched atop broken hydro lines.

jeremy’s art is beautfiul. it fills me with romance and tells great epics with a single image.

i am thankful for their art and all it inspires.