Everything We Know About Season 11 (from SDCC)
  • Richard Speight Jr. is directing an episode this season.
  • There will be more consistency between episodes this season.
  • Picks up right where we left off.
  • Cas is still under the effect of the attack dog spell cast by Rowena.
  • Mark is insisting that Crowley is dead… (no one believes him)
  • ‘The 1st and 2nd episodes are very much a part one and two.’
  • We will have some new characters introduced. The first will be introduced in Episode 1.
  • The brothers and Castiel are united against the darkness
  • ‘It’s back to the very, very basics. It’s not just hunting things and saving people.’
  • ‘There were things that they did in the old days that somewhere along the way they cut corners with and so we’re going to see them trying very hard not to do that which is easier said then done. So it’s going to cause a lot more complications.’
  • ‘Death is now dead.’
  • ‘In the first batch of episodes the death of Death will be addressed.’
  • ‘You can imagine [the death of Death] causes some issues.’
  • ‘The arc of the season is that you can’t outrun your past.’‘
  • [The brothers] are going to have to rely on a lot of folks, some from the old days to step in an help out…a bunch of surprises and unexpected alliances.’
  • ‘We’re gonna’ see some characters, via visions, that we haven’t seen in a long time…one may or may not be related.’
  • ‘By a lot of devices, faces from the past are going to be appearing in one form or another and it’s all part of this ongoing sort of goal to figure out frankly what is the Darkness, who the Darkness is, what the Darkness wants, and most importantly, how do we stop it…so yeah they are going to be visited by a number of folks you’ll recognise.’
  • Dean is over his guilt and ready to try and fix everything.
  • Fun episode - ‘we are going to learn that Sam had an imaginary friend as a child and we’re gonna’ learn that imaginary friends are a thing.’


  • ‘The Darkness is the ‘big bad’ this season. (obviously)
  • ‘This big bad is unlike anything we’ve seen on the show before.’
  • ‘As the first few episodes unfold we will learn more about what the Darkness is.’
  • ‘The Darkness will remain a mysterious force for some time.’
  • ‘This year it’s all big Armageddon stuff.’
  • ‘Pre-biblical’
  • Darkness existed before God - is something that God struggled to fight back.
  • Cas didn’t think the darkness was a real thing it’s that old of a force.
  • The darkness is like a bedtime story to the angels because it out dates all of them by millions of years.
  • ‘Angels and Demons are scared of this thing as well and that causes a whole lot of chaos when [the brothers] aren’t the only ones cleaning up the mess.’
  • ‘Alliances are going to be made.’
  • ‘They wouldn’t be an obvious choice for an alliance.’
  • ‘[The Darkness] is going to build to a very epic place.’
  • [question asked by interviewer: ‘Could Dean have a particular connection to the darkness because he was the one that carried the mark or is he just as much connected to it as everyone else’] Jensen: ‘Good question…where is the mark is a good question too. There are certainly some big questions that need to be answered. Whether it becomes an interconnection because Dean did wear the mark and now the mark is essentially the key to whatever this was. There might be a connection.’ (Jensen then mentions that Dean will have some premonitions).


  • Episode 2 will ‘set Sam on a path, on a story that I think will in some ways be surprising and in some ways I think fans have been waiting for a long time. It ties back to something kind of in his past’ 
  • ‘The Darkness is pre-biblical. And so Sam, being the diligent researcher, I think his brain is swimming [while] thinking of ‘what can we do?’ ‘How can we fix it? ‘How can I save myself and my brother and the world?’ He starts to have visions or dreams of a higher power. He’s also having memories that maybe weren’t memories. Sam believes there’s a higher power trying to contact him to tell him how to solve this problem. So it’s going to be really cool because we’re going to see a few characters via visions that we haven’t seen in Supernatural in a long time.’


  • Jensen is directing this episode.
  • Is an ‘expositional episode’ 
  • Is an episode that moves the story along.
  • Some things happen to characters in this episodes that may or may not be good for the story.


  • Titled ‘Baby’.
  • Filmed entirely in the Impala.
  • She will be in every shot.
  • The episode is all about the Impala and her experience.
  • ‘We see the crazy Winchester world from the point of view of the Impala.’
  • ‘You’ll hear what’s going on outside.’
  • ‘Characters come in and out of the car to grab stuff.’
  • ‘Sam and Dean will get out of the car and we’ll hear some stuff going on outside her.’
  • ‘We will see the brothers preparing and researching before they leave the car to hunt and then when they come back they’ll be like covered in blood.’

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A Very Special Supernatural Special // SPN Restrospective

For SPN fans who have not seen the video yet, here you go! I hope you enjoy. 

SXF Magazine October 2014 Issue

Text for Tired Eyes

Not many genre shows stay alive for ten years, but SUPERNATURAL hits that decade-long milestone this autumn when it returns to find the Winchester brothers in dire straits once more. Dean (Jensen Ackles) essentially died in the season finale and was resirrected as a black-eyed demon via Crowley (promoted series regular Mark Sheppard). That leaves Sam on a mission to find his brother with the help of Crowley and mortal Castiel (Misha Collins).

Showrunner Jeremy Carver reveals to SFX that the series will open with a tweak structure. „I’m excited we’re not doing a classic Big Bad mythology“, Carver explains. „If anything, our Big Bad right at the get go is the fact that Dean is a demon. We’re also laying some very personal building blocks, not just for Sam and Dean but for Crowley and castiel as well. If we achieve lift-off, it will feel even more impactful as the season goes on because people will be forced into certain corners. It’s not nescessarily a question of good and evil – more „I’ve got to do what I gotta do“. It will raise some very uncomfortable choices for people.“

In particular carver says the show will dig deep into the conundrum of whether Sam crosses a moral line in his search for Dean. „Part of that is playing off fan expectations in that in our hearts we all desperately want brothers to look for brothers. It’s almost the challende of „What are you willing to accept Sam doing to find and rescue his brother?“ It’s meant to open up those kinds of questions and we do go into it in great detail in the first run of episodes.“

The show will also explore new characte parings that Carver hopes will keep the characters fresh deep into the series run. „The Dean/Crowley relationship sprung up last year when they realized they were bros in a way. It’s an uncomfortable thing and we’ll see that continue this year. They are truly doing what they promised which is howl at the Moon. But I think Dean would be foolish to think Crowley didn’t have a couple of other plans as well – which starts to get these two guys questioning just what this relationship is.

Carver continues, „And Sam is working with Castiel, actually apart at first. Castiel is not in good shape and would rather not be a burden in Sam’s search for Dean so he’s taking one for the team lying low. It will cause him to go on a journey of his own which will be very personal and have far-reaching impact for the year.“

Can I just say how freaking excited this small snippet makes me? There aren’t all that many new spoilers in here, but the way Carver words some things is VERY interesting to me. Especially the part about the Big Bad and the personal journeys for all characters involved.

Also 1: Can we please talk about that picture of Demon!Dean in the bar??? Because hello there gorgeous!!! Really, that hair needs to stay!

Also 2: Is he looking especially young to anybody else here as well?

Demon!Dean gimme NOW!!!!!

Meanwhile, at the farm ...

This message has been brought to you by the Clint Barton fandom. You’re welcome. 

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I wasn’t able to attend Comic Con.

No. Scratch that. It’s impossible for me to attend Comic Con because of financial reasons, or lack thereof, and the fact that I live far far away from where conventions usually take place. As a result, I watch videos instead to satisfy my fandom needs. So this is for the people like me, who belong to the Supernatural fandom, that would like to see videos of the SPN cast at Comic Con 2014. 

Here is a compilation of all the links to the videos, (that i’ve watched, so far) of the SPN cast at Comic Con in San Diego:

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Interview with the Cast:

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Fan Q&A w/ Misha Collins & Mark Sheppard Part 1:

Fan Q&A w/ Misha Collins & Mark Sheppard Part 2:

Preview of a clip from Supernatural Season 10:

Osric Chau’s Surprise Appearance at SDCC:

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