“you get 7-year-olds running up to you in costume and they want a photo. there’s something beautiful about the purity of a child’s spirit. they come with an amazing energy. and then usually it’s tagged along with the dad dressed in costume, as well, which can make it quite creepy, [laughs] no, it’s all amazing. it really is amazing.”

 - jeremy renner on playing hawkeye


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UPDATE - full interview from Rich Eisen


That’s what you get Tonight in Boston #WritingTheFuture #WritingTheFutureTour #Paramore #TaylorYork #jeremydavis #hayleywilliams



jeremy talks mission impossible with conan

time has flown by so fast leading up to writing the future. i can’t believe it’s tonight. and i cannot believe this is the setlist! saying goodbye to an era that has helped me through so much is going to be so hard. i really have no words as to how much this show will mean to me. i’ll have a better explanation for you tomorrow, i’m sure. and then we’ll be doing it all over again in 20 days. ahh. what a life i’m living. i need to start appreciating it more.