Notes on “An eye for an eye.”
  • The foreboding version of the figure of speech the title alludes to
    • Saying: “An eye for an eye makes the world blind.”
    • Title: “An eye for an eye.”
    • Description: “We’re all blind.”
  • Boys Park is still going strong
  • Jeremy knew something was up, and was stalking the crew
  • Steven’s vyvanse addiction is still a thing
  • More third person camera shots- not cinematic, but also not addressed to be any actual person filming.
  • Parker can teleport (Because he is now only half a soul(?), he may now be only semi-corporeal?)
  • Andrew screams really high pitched
  • Andrew refuses to buy any of this resurrection bullshit
  • Parker can’t die
  • The ‘demon’, so we thought, is more likely a separated part of Parker’s soul itself; all of the parts that take damage manifested separately in a non-corporeal form.
  • Said entity seems to be transferring any damage Parker takes onto it’s current host.
  • See: Parker gets hit by a truck. 
    • Upon initial impact, while Autumn is possessed, she convulses and screams as if under sudden and impressive pain. 
    • James, who becomes possessed a bit after that impact, spits blood. 
    • Cib, who is possessed after that, seems to have his vision go dark (that weird camera effect) and goes rigid; a state James compares eerily to rigor mortis.
  • (Also the bit at the end, but I don’t need to spell that one out for you.)
  • The pentagram on the hiking trail seems to be the one place that the entity can exist at all without a host- hence why it couldn’t escape until Autumn stepped inside, and why it could only transfer while any person was also inside- it needed to be able to move outside the bodies to transfer.
  • Bruce somehow got into a relationship with Autumn while she didn’t speak/react the whole time? Weird?
  • Steven apparently wishes he had stepped into the pentagram and died instead of Cib
  • “I wish I could have laughed at that, but I- I’ve… I’ve been having a tough time laughing lately.” - Steven
  • Andrew’s criminal past has not been glossed over, apparently
  • Andrew ‘knows’ that Parker isn’t the real Parker, and is able to commit himself to shooting him in the head
  • Jeremy knew what was happening which is why he rushed to Parker
  • Jeremy figured it out but couldn’t get there in time
  • This episode was a role reversal, essentially, of the minor 3 and the main crew. Andrew, from Parker’s 'group’, basically killed Cib, part of the main crew. In both scenarios, the killer acted on instinct, another member(s) of their group figured it out and rushed over but didn’t make it in time, and both were killed by damage to the head.
  • Cib appeared to have been approaching Steven with malintent right before That happened. Autumn regularly set things on fire and emotionally manipulated both Cib and Steven. In general, this entity seems to be malevolent, so it may be carrying most of Parker’s rage as well.
  • Cibothy Vapington found dead in Miami


To all of you who asked me or even wished for me to do the entire Be More Chill Musical, thank Dove Calderwood aka @goofygrrl, who commissioned me to do animatics of the whole show!!!
As planned I’ll finish “Upgrade” and then start doing the musical from the start! 
But I’ll choose the halloween costumes anyway, as soon as I finish upgrade like I promised.