Hey, Ryan, I heard you watched porn today with Geoff and Jeremy!

Jack Pattillo (Let’s Play - Destiny: Rise of Iron (31:16))

Ryan: It was super uncomfortable!
Jack: How short was that movie!?
Ryan: Not as…short as…I got nothing.
Jack: Okay!?
Ryan: It was an hour and seventeen minutes.
Jack: I just asked you a legit question and you didn’t come up with a–
Gavin: His brain has been blinded by the porn!
Ryan: Dude. What I have seen…you just don’t even know.
Ryan: I plumbed the depths of a woman. (Geoff laughs off-mic)
Gavin: Was it anal??
Matt: Someone plumbed the depths!
Ryan: Geoff went double fiested into her!
Geoff: (off-mic still) Oh, that’s right! I did on accident.
Matt: On accident, he says.
Geoff: Well, I tried to cover her vagina, and I ended up fisting her.
Matt: Oh, that’s fair. It happens.

headcanons for my sunshine bro jeremy knox

  • nickname captain sunshine originally starts out as an insult thrown at him by jean in his first few weeks at USC
  • jeremy has an addiction to caffeine
  • he throws himself into making the team the best that he can
  • mr sunshine isn’t all sunshine which jean figures out 2 months into summer practice when he is checked awfully hard against the plexiglass
  • he’s afraid of heights which is ironic since he loves flying
  • his favorite place back home is the little hidey hole he found when he was a kid
  • he wears glasses only around the dorms, and then around the apartment him and jean share

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