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For Day 4 of @tazladyweek, Canon Divergence. Don’t get me wrong, I love NO3113 as a member of Team Sweet Flips, but I really want her to be able to go home and chill with her family as well, maybe have some fun being an auntie?

“This is what I’ve learned, in my life: Head banging is crucial. Growing up is hard to do. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a dress” -Hayley Williams 

Careful Now || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 20 - Century Old Klaus Time

Set in the back half of Season 4, Katherine already fed Jeremy to Silas and Elena went crazy. Klaus hasn’t slept with any *ahem* werewolves yet, for those keeping track at home. This is also my first crack at time travel, too, so fair warning on timeline confusion.

She woke slowly, the comfort of sleep far outweighing the cold air blowing across her face or the hard, bumpy ground beneath her. Groaning, Caroline finally sat up, confused by the woods surrounding her. She had definitely fallen asleep in Bonnie’s bed.

The witch had been in a bad way since Jeremy died and Elena flipped the switch. Since Tyler had fled Mystic Falls, Caroline needed an outlet for her caretaker tendencies and a distraction for her hurt feelings. Bonnie needed her help, and Caroline was grateful to still have her friend.

They had been up late, Bonnie going over every detail of how their lives had gotten to be so bad. The intricate conversation hurt Caroline’s head (the tequila shots probably didn’t help), but Bonnie had started to pick up in excitement. Something about solving all their problems, going back to the start, pinning it all on the Mikaelsons. 

Their lives didn’t get weird until the Salvatores came to town. Even then, it was elaborate set-up by Katherine, preserving Mystic Falls as the perfect opportunity for Klaus to break his curse. Everything would have been fine had the Mikaelsons never returned to Mystic Falls.

Caroline’s eyes widened, looking around. Bonnie must have done a spell. But where did she send her?

A quick assessment of herself told Caroline she was still a vampire, wearing the flannel pajamas she had borrowed from Bonnie. No shoes or socks. Vampire or not, the outdoors still mean basic footwear for Caroline. Standing up, she tried not to grimace at the feel of cold, wet grass between her toes. She looked around, unable to see anything but trees.

Sighing, Caroline started walking, hoping she found anyone willing to help her get home. “What did you do, Bonnie?”

Thankfully, her search didn’t take long. About fifteen minutes into her trek, Caroline spotted a cottage tucked into the woods. There was smoke from what looked like a chimney, promising warmth and human interaction.

She made sure to keep her pace level, in case anyone was watching. Approaching the door carefully, Caroline raised her hand to knock.

Instead, the door ripped open before her fist could land. “Who are you,” a shrill voice demanded. “And what on earth are you wearing?”

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