jeremy's face

So lemme tell you a story. An Achievement Hunter story. Specifically the story of how I discovered Achievement Hunter. I randomly happened upon Achievement Hunter Minecraft Part 200 on the day it came out. I quickly realized that I had no idea what they were talking about. So, I decided to watch one or two episodes to see if it would help me understand.

And that is how Achievement Hunter tricked me into watching 200 Minecraft videos in 2 weeks.

ok so listen, i know i’m a few years too late to be posting phineas and ferb fanart, but i just rewatched a few episodes and got hit in the gut with nostalgia. this is the show that made me want to be an artist, and even if i don’t like it as much as i used to, it still means a lot to me 

i wanted to try something a bit different with the lineart so i drew canderemy :3 (i kept hearing the song he sings her inside an umbrella and i just had to ok)

not so happy with jeremy’s face but it’s just a doodle anyway lol


The Moment - Star Wars fan art by jeremy chong

“Wanted to try something more in nature, therefore i set this piece in a deep jungle of Dagobah planet, where Luke found Yoda, A final training of Luke to become a jedi and prepare to defeat Darth Vader, the Darth Vader is an illusion that summon by Yoda, and they are standing on top of Millennium Falcon =D”

More selected entries for the ILM Star Wars competition on my tumblr [here]

It happens on a Sunday.

Its a rare morning where Jean is awake before Jeremy and gets to see the sunlight dance over his tan skin through the window. He traces his fingers over his warm back, over the bones that he jokingly says are Jeremy’s wings. He continues up to his shoulders, when Jeremy makes a happy, sleepy noise.

“Mmm,” he says, turning over to face Jean. “What a way to wake up.”

“I love you,” Jean says in response. Its the first time he’s said it and he’s so afraid, because Jeremy has a way of pulling out all the jagged edges of Jean that aren’t quite right, and finding them beautiful anyway and Jean is so afraid of being told he’s beautiful.

Before he can feel embarrassed and take it back, Jeremy’s face splits into a blinding grin. “I love you too.”

It’s not the first time Jeremy’s said it, but it’s the first time Jean hears it and doesn’t immediately think that he’s doomed. Instead he thinks of Jeremy’s smile and the pancakes they’ll make together once they pull themselves out of bed and the way Jeremy makes his jagged edges a little bit softer. Its not perfect, but slowly the good days are starting to outweigh the bad.