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Time to float - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Time to float

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: If you’re taking requests for Bill Skarsgård can you write one where the reader is a famous actress and also little Jackson Scott’s big sister (the kid who plays Georgie) so she attends the premiere with him wearing a stunning dress as usual, she meets Bill who is awestruck bc hes a huge fan with a massive crush on her, the kids who played in the movie myb tease him a little bit, and she’s flattered and thinks hes adorable idk i like this idea 
YN is Jackson older sister and Bill is her fan!so when he finds out he tries his best to get Jackson to introduce them,and when he does,Jackson can’t help and teels big sis that Bill has a crush on her and he’s just super adorkable to admit! later they all say that on an interview,and the kids love to make fun of them

“Jackson please don’t run! Be careful, sweetie, you’re gonna-” you stopped yourself when you heard you little brother giggle and you realized what you’d just said “Oh gosh I am turning into mom!” you breathed out, eyes wide.

Your little brother ran back to you, wrapping his small arms around your legs and you looked down to be met with his adorable smile “Yes you are! But I am always going to love you the most! More than mom and dad, and more than anyone else in the world!” he said and you giggled.

“And you will always be the number one man in my heart, JR!” you leaned down to pick him up and kiss his cheek as he wrapped his arms around your neck with a big smile.

“Even before dad?” he asked and you grinned, nodding your head.

“But we’re not gonna tell him that, because it’s gonna break his heart.” you pouted, and he giggled.

“You bet it will!” your father piped in, saying with a serious nod and you laughed with Jackson as he kissed your cheek before going to help your mother.

“And… even more than him?” he said with what was supposed to be a smirk on his face and you chuckled, tickling his belly.

“You sly little tease!” you grinned as he squirmed in your arms “Alright, maybe I really do like him a little bit but-”

He rolled his eyes so dramatically at you and shook his head “A lot!”

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little tattoos part iii


this is part three of my reddie soulmate fic

read part one here and two here

thank you guys so much for all the love on this fic. Please read my notes on the bottom as they are important! ty!

summary: a soulmate au where everyone has a tattoo exactly like their soulmate

pairing: eddie and richie

words:  2233

Eddie woke up even more exhausted than he was when he fell asleep. He let a breath out of his mouth and took in a long one through his nose. He kept his eyes shut. He wasn’t ready to face the world yet.

Everything he loved was gone, he suddenly realized. This thought jolted him awake, causing him to sit straight up in a panic. It hadn’t occurred to him that he lost everything yesterday. All of his friends were bound to know. They all hung out together. They were the Loser’s Club and Eddie had ruined that. They could never all hang out anymore as Eddie couldn’t bear to be in the same room as Richie, let alone even think about him. He started to really panic, then.

His breathing was rapid and shallow and his hands were shaking violently. Eddie got up, stumbling, trying to find his damned inhaler. It wasn’t in his pocket, nor his backpack, or on his desk. He couldn’t breathe. At this point, he didn’t know if it was even an asthma attack anymore, or if it was one in the first place. It was so much worse. His head was spinning and he couldn’t see anymore. It was in his jacket, he remembered suddenly.

Eddie collapsed on the ground, catching himself with his hands as he tried to steady his breathing, but nothing was working. His heart was racing and he couldn’t stop shaking. Eddie was sobbing uncontrollably, his vision blurred from the tears. He didn’t know what was happening. His lungs felt constricted and he couldn’t get any air in. He was hyperventilating, trying to breathe but couldn’t. He tried to move towards his jacket that was hanging on the back of his chair. He was shaking so badly that he could barely move. His hand grasped the chair, pulling it and knocking it over. The light blue inhaler fell out of the pocket of his coat, landing a couple inches away from him. He grabbed it, instantly feeling as if he could breathe again when he took his first two puffs of medicine.

An hour passed before Eddie could stand again. HIs legs were shaky but he managed to get to his bathroom. He found it odd that his mother hadn’t come to get him yet until he realized that it was four in the morning. Eddie knew he couldn’t go to school, but he couldn’t stay home ‘sick’ as his mother would take him to the hospital. He washed his face with some water and laid back down and attempted to fall asleep.

His mother woke him up at 7 am and tried to get him to take his pills as she did every morning. He walked out of the house and rode his bike to park. Eddie read there all day. He needed to take a breather and reading was his escape. The cool breeze against his skin calmed him even more as he closed his eyes and rested his head against the tree he was sitting up against. It was odd to feel so peaceful. At three o'clock, he headed home as if he had gone to school.

“Eddie bear, how was school?” She asked from her chair in the living room.

“Fine.” He responded quietly, heading upstairs and into his room.

Eddie felt bad about lying, not going to school, but he knew he couldn’t face Richie, Bill, or anyone for that matter. He checked his cut from the previous day, and it was still healing properly. That was one less thing for him to worry about. Eddie laid back on his bed, sighing. Could his life get any worse?

“W-W-What did you d-do?” Bill demanded, slamming his Chemistry book down on the loser’s lunch table. He was beyond pissed.

   Richie looked up at Bill through his coke bottle lenses. Stan was pissed too, standing behind him with crossed arms and narrowed eyes. “I didn’t do anything!” He defended, pushing his glasses further up on his nose. “I-”

   “Where is Eddie?” Stan interjected, sliding into the seat across from Richie. “He isn’t here today and he was supposed to tell you how he felt yesterday. What the hell did you do to him, Richie?”

   Richie scoffed. “So that’s why he was avoiding me.”

   Bill looked at him confused. “W-What do you mean av-av-avoiding you?”

   Richie rolled his eyes. “You know when someone doesn’t talk to you and walks different routes in the hallways so they don’t see you. Gee, Bill, I thought you were smart.” He replied sarcastically, sticking his plastic fork into eerily yellow mashed potatoes.

   Stan leaned forward on his elbows. “So, if he avoided you, why isn’t he here?”

   Richie let out an exasperated sigh, leaning backward in his chair. “He told me in the gym locker room, alright?”

   Bill sat down next to Stan, looking at Richie to egg him on.

   Richie sighed again. “And I was too shocked to do anything and he ran out crying.”


   “Hey! I tried to go to his house and apologize and he slammed the window shut. He wouldn’t listen to me.” Richie grumbled. “I really tried! But I have a plan.”

   Stan and Bill exchanged glances. Bill nodded a little and Stan sighed. “What’s your plan?”

   Richie sat up straight. “You two need to convince him to come over. Say it’s everyone but me.”

   Bill frowned. “H-He’s not gonna b-b-believe us, Rich.”

   “Make him believe you! I need to talk to him. I need to explain.” Richie protested, running a hand through his hair.

   Bill nodded. “I’ll t-try.”

   Richie looked at Stan, who was staring down at the table. “Stan?”

   “I’m not gonna help you if all you’re gonna do is break his heart. He doesn’t deserve that, Richie.” He deadpanned.

   Richie was offended and a look of hurt flashed across his face before he composed himself. “I am not going to hurt Eddie!”

   “Sure, telling him you only wanna be his friend isn’t gonna hurt him.”

   “This is the one time I’m not being a sarcastic dipshit, Stanley! Are you listening? I said I’m not going to hurt him. I would never hurt him. I love him!” Richie slammed his fist on the table, causing a few kids to look over at them. “Did you hear that?”

   Stan nodded.

   “At least they didn’t cut off your ears like they cut off your dick.” Richie spat, getting up and walking away. The bell rang moments later. Bill grabbed his bookbag and stood up, gently nudging Stan to do the same. Richie was standing near his locker, attempting to open it but getting the combination wrong.


   “What, Stanley? What the hell do you want?” Richie practically growled, turning and glaring at Stan. If looks could kill, he would be dead ten times over.

   “I’ll help.”

   Richie’s hard stare softened a little. “Thanks. I’m sorry I got mad but you gotta admit that line was good.” A small smile crept onto his face, and even Stan chuckled a bit.

   Bill was assigned the job to get Eddie over, and Stan was to get everyone else in on the plan. He walked up to Eddie’s door and knocked. There was shuffling and a shout of “I got it” from Eddie. He opened the door and saw Bill, his face paled a little.

   “H-Hi,” Bill said quietly. “C-Could we talk?”

   Eddie glanced behind him for a moment to see if his mom had fallen back asleep or not before nodding and stepping outside, shutting the door behind him. “What do you wanna talk about because I’m not gonna talk about him.” He put emphasis on the word him. He sounded angry, disgusted, even. He laced his fingers together, still a bit shaky from his panic attack this morning.

   “N-No. The group w-wants you to come over. Minus R-R-Richie.”

   “Oh, no. I am not falling for that. He’s gonna be there when I get there and I don’t want to talk to him.”

   Bill shook his head. “Please? I-I-It’s movie night. You can p-pick.”

   Eddie glared at the ground, trying to work the request over in his head. He finally let out a long sigh and nodded. “Fine.”

   They rode their bikes to Bill’s house in silence, neither of them knowing what to say, so they said nothing. Eddie set his bike up against the house as he always did, following Bill inside. Georgie greeted the both of them with a hello and a smile.

   “H-Head to the living room, I-I-I’ll get the snacks,” Bill said, heading to the kitchen. Eddie nodded, walking towards the living room. He walked in, glancing around the room at the various decorations on the wall. Paintings and pictures of their family were scattered around the room. It felt homey.

   Eddie was jolted out of his thoughts when he heard the door shut. He turned his head to look, only to find Richie standing there. His breath hitched in his throat and he knew he had paled. It wasn’t even five seconds before he started to get angry. He knew this was a set-up.

   “I fucking knew it,” Eddie grumbled.

   “Eddie-” Richie started, but Eddie had had enough.

   “No, Richie. I don’t want to hear it. I’m really not in the mood to listen to you tell me you don’t feel the same way and that you hope we can be friends. Because we can’t be friends, Richie! I don’t want to be your friend. I can’t be your damn friend.

   Richie Tozier was silenced by Eddie for the second time that week. It was a new record. He composed himself before stepping forward. “If you let me show you something, I promise I will leave you alone.”

   Eddie was shocked that Richie was being serious. He was never serious in all the time he’s known the guy. He was always cracking inappropriate jokes at the wrong time. Despite all of his instinct to say no, Eddie nodded.

   Richie let out a sigh of relief before spitting onto his hand.

   “That is disgusting! What the hell are you-” Eddie cut himself off as he watched Richie take his spit and use it to smudge his soulmate tattoo off his skin. It wasn’t real. This whole time, Eddie thought that Richie had a soulmate. It was fake.

   Richie watched Eddie for a moment before deciding to explain himself. “My mom used to tell me I would be made fun of for not having a soulmate. That I wouldn’t fit in. So, one night I decided to draw one on every morning so I would fit in. It sounds shitty and kind of is but- Eds are you listening?”

   Eddie walked forward and grabbed Richie’s hand. He was holding back the urge to cringe, as Richie’s saliva was now on his hand. Richie didn’t understand what Eddie was doing. He let him move his finger until it was placed right next to the corresponding one on Eddie’s hand. Under Richie’s tattoo that he drew on, was a small, circular and blotchy birthmark. It was identical to Eddie’s.

   “What the fuck,” Eddie announced. A smile spread across Richie’s face while Eddie started to ramble. “What does this mean? Are these soulmate tattoos? They look like birthmarks! Why the hell would this be a soul-”

   Richie grabbed his face in his hands, leaning in and pressing his chapped lips onto Eddie’s soft ones. Eddie was stiff for a moment before he melted into the kiss and started to do the same that Richie was. Eddie was unsure where to put his hands or what to even do. Before he could react, Richie pulled away, slowly opening his eyes to find Eddie completely red.

   “I love you too, Eds.”

   Eddie had a content smile on his face. “Don’t call me that, Trashmouth.”

   “Ah, Trashmouth, what a nickname. You really know how to charm the boys.” Richie sassed, throwing his arm over Eddie’s shoulder. “Shall we tell the rest of the losers that Bill and Stan have competition?”

   Eddie and Richie showed the rest of the group their tattoos. Stan had this smug look of “I told you so” written across his face and so did Bill. They ended up watching a rom-com, much to Eddie’s dismay. Richie kept his arm around the smaller boy the whole night, pressing chaste kisses to his forehead every once and awhile.

   Richie and Eddie rode back to their houses together that night. They arrived at Eddie’s house first, both of them silent.

   “Gee, you could cut this sexual tension with a knife.” Richie joked, leaning forward on the handlebars of his bike.

   Eddie rolled his eyes, using his kickstand to stand his bike up next to his porch as he always did. Richie hopped off his bike, letting it lay on the ground. He walked up to Eddie, pinching his cheek. “So, Eddie Spaghetti, where do you wanna go on our first date of being fuckbuddies?”

   “You ruined it.” Eddie sighed, slapping his hand away.

   “I didn’t ruin anything!” Richie retorted, smiling. “I made it better.”

   “Okay, Tozier,” Eddie said, leaning forward and kissing Richie briefly.

   Richie had a smile plastered on his face. “Goodnight, Eds.”

   “Goodnight, Trashmouth,” Eddie said before he shut the door. He quietly snuck up the stairs. His mom was still asleep in her chair. He fell back on his bed, a content smile on his face.

   Eddie Kaspbrak was happy.


this ending is ending a. i wrote two endings because i couldnt decide which i liked better

so ending b will be posted after part four as a bonus lil chapter thingy

you can decide whichever you prefer to be canon as i love them both

also im really self concious about this part so please give me your honest feedback ilysm

let me know if you want an epilouge! i would be down to write it


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Reddie x FRIENDS
  • Richie: I have feelings for someone.
  • Losers Club: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!
  • Richie: And it's Eddie.
  • Richie: You already know don't you.
  • Losers Club: Little bit.
IT masterlist - 14.10.17

reddie -

   ♡ author’s favourites 

bad at love :

truly madly deeply : request

  • Eddie reflects on his and Richie’s relationship. (future fic) pastel!eddie x punk!richie warnings : SUPER fluffy af

 smoke rings :  request

  • eddie finds richie smoking and he’s not happy about it. (future fic)warnings: angst & smoking

wonderless : request

  • eddie admires his boyfriend from a far. (future fic) warnings : minor sexual implications  

♡ same game :  request

  • five times eddie kaspbrak was oblivious to richie toziers flirting and the one time he wasn’t. (modern au) warnings : none

loving someone :

  • years after the IT incident, the loser’s drift apart due to misunderstanding on eddie’s behalf. the misfits haven’t been the same since that summer. now eddie comes face to face with a mistake he made six months prior and his world gets turned upside down all because the losers didn’t try hard enough. (future fic) warnings : depression, suicide, homophobia
  • part one
  • part two (coming soon)

running on ice : request 

  • pastel!eddie x punk!richie, someone flirts with richie’s man and he’s not happy. (future fic) warnings : none

take on me : request (coming soon)

  • richie and eddie are dating in the neibolt house when richie finds his missing poster, fluff ahead. (present fic) warnings : pennywise

all the small things : request (coming soon)

  • five times richie and eddie got caught and the one time they didn’t

take me : (coming soon)

  • songfic - eddie is sick of waiting for richie to make the first move

american idiot : request (coming soon)

  • richie is baked out of his mind and accidentally tells Eddie how much he loves him

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Request: Hi I’m not sure if you’re open to take request right now. If you are can you please make a Eddie Kaspbrak for IT imagine. Can it be where Bill’s cousin who is the reader and Eddie both like each other so Bill and everyone else try’s to get the together? Please if you have the time of course thank you!

Fandom: IT (2017)

Pairing: Reader/Eddie Kaspbrak

Rating: General

Warning: strong language!


It was needless to say that Y/N was just as oblivious as Eddie was. Y/N had only recently moved to Derry with their mother and father so they could be somewhat closer to their family from their mothers side. Of course, Y/N thought the move was ridiculous until Bill had introduced them to the entire Losers’ club. Though Y/N wasn’t a fan of the name, the people in the club definitely didn’t seem like losers’, they stuck it out and remained quiet happy.

Y/N enjoyed the company, they always found Richie to be the funniest (when he wasn’t being insulting that was.) but always found Eddie to be their very favourite. Of course, they didn’t believe they actually like-liked Eddie. Not until Bill actually suggested it and really got Y/N thinking. It was bothersome for a few days, Y/N couldn’t concentrate on anything else besides the fact they could possibly like their friend, but of course, what Y/N didn’t know was that Eddie had just as big a crush on them — maybe even a little bigger.

Now, everyone else in the group knew it, they constantly teased Eddie when Y/N wasn’t around much to his disapproval. He tried denying it but simply gave up after a few attempts once he had realised the teasing would never stop.

”Just ask them out you twat-waffle.“ Richie would muse with a shit-eating grin on his face as he prodded at Eddie endlessly.

”And have them hate me for all eternity? I think not.“ Eddie would reply every time without fail, which would cause Richie to make the most disgusted look in the world before offering to do it for him.

Eddie had been rather distraught about the entire thing, Richie and Ben had been endlessly trying to edge him towards talking to Y/N about his feelings but Eddie resisted each time without fail.

Meanwhile, Bill and Beverly had been nudging Y/N in the right path of confessing their minor infatuation with Eddie, but Y/N was persistant. They didn’t want to rush into anything before they were certain that Eddie liked them back, they didn’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position and have an entire friendship ruined in a matter of seconds. That wasn’t how they planned to spend their time in Derry.

What neither Eddie nor Y/N knew was the elaborate plan created by Ben, Bev, Bill, Mike, Stan, and Richie in an attempt to hook the two up, persay. It was really quite a badly thought out plan, and if it went wrong they decided that blaming Richie was their best bet, much to Richie’s dismay. The plan had been to slip poorly made love notes into each of the pairs lockers to make it seem like they both had an equal liking for each other (which wasn’t exactly false!) and have the two finally get together and cut the ever looming tension that seemed to linger on forever.

Needless to say, their awful plan pulled through somewhat. Beverly had used her neatest hand writing to scribble out a ‘mushy’ love letter addressed from Y/N to Eddie, and Stan had used his second neatest to write out Eddies. Originally Richie wrote out the letter from Eddie, but this was scratched and used as guidelines of what not to write in the love letter.

“You can’t talk about Y/N like that! It’s a love letter not an erotic novel!“ Stan had objected, his eyebrows pulled together in a scolding fashion whilst Bill passed distasteful glances at Richie whilst he read over the original draft.

“Y-you know they’re suh-suh-still my cousin, r-right?“ Bill eventually managed, his lips pulled together in a thin line whilst Richie grinned proudly to himself from across the room.


Monday morning came quickly, and surprisingly enough everyone besides Eddie and Y/N arrived to school a half an hour earlier than they usually did. They had to make sure everything was perfect and that they didn’t slip the wrong letter into the wrong locker, really that would have been utterly disastrous. They slipped them both in on the count of three, fortunately Eddie and Y/N’s lockers were close by, four lockers away from each other. This definitely gave the losers’ a better view of everything that went down.

Once Y/N and Eddie arrived about fifteen minutes apart from each other, the losers’ knew what was about to go down. Y/N was the first to open their locker, the blue piece of paper fluttering onto the ground and resting there till they leaned over to pick it up, unfold it, and scan it over for the moment before glancing around in search of Eddie. Speaking of Eddie, he had opened his locker with ease, grabbing his books and ultimately failing to notice the deep purple coloured page for the moment before he picked it up and glanced over it, looking over to find Y/N.

The two held eye contact for a moment, causing Beverly to chew her tongue in anticipation. Eventually Y/N slowly closed their locker and approached Eddie, who stiffened on the spot and looked at the other with utter nervousness in his eyes.

“I got your letter.” Y/N started, gaining a very confused look from Eddie before he glanced at the others who gave him a thumbs up.

”Oh right, yes, my letter–“ He was practically lost for words, terrified that Y/N would hand him back the forged letter and ask him to keep out of range of sight from them for the rest of the year. But, he was pleasantly surprised to find that they simply smiled sweetly and nodded quietly.

“We can go to the park or something after school if you’d like?” Y/N spoke quietly, passing a glance at Beverly who gave them a thumbs up.

Eddie was almost entirely lost for words, terrified that if he spoke he would start to sound like Bill and embarrass himself already. He simply nodded, a smile crossing his face and suddenly he was conscious that he may have been nodding a little too eagerly, but his suspicious were overturned once Y/N smiled and kissed his cheek happily.

“It’s a date.” They stated with ease, turning on their heels and walking off at last, and once they were out of sight there rang a chorus of exhales and dopey smiles from every other loser. Finally, they could all sit in the same room without any unresolved romantic tension.

{I hope this is what you were looking for? I feel like it’s a bit short, I’m sorry! If it doesn’t meet your expectations I solemnly apologise.}

Stan Uris Imagine

Originally posted by scerek

The gang was standing around watching Eddie finish bandaging up the new kid, Ben Hanscom, since he got attacked by Henry Bowers and his group of idiots. I turned and looked at Bill with a smile on my face as he just came back from talking to Beverly. I start to zone out as I hear the boys talk about Bill and Bev’s kiss in the third grade play.

My mind wanders off to Stan. Just thinking about him puts a smile on my face along with a slight blush. Bev was the only one who knew of my crush on Stanley Issac Uris, the boy I’ve known since kindergarten and had a crush on since second grade. He’s one of the sweetest boys I know besides Bill. His sassy remarks and kind heart made me fall for him even more.

I snap out of my thoughts as I heard Richie say “More like who’d she do. I hear the list is longer than my wang.”

I roll my eyes as I see Richie grab his non existent “wang” in exaggeration. Everyone looks at him in annoyance. I’m about to tell him to shut up when Stan speaks up and says, “That’s not saying much.”

I start to giggle and with a smile on my face I accidentally blurt, “Oh my god I’m so in love with you.”

My eyes widen as I realize what I just said and feel my face start to become red. Everyone had a look of shock except for Ben. Ben had a confused look on his face as he didn’t know what was remotely going on. I could have almost laughed at Richie’s expression but I couldn’t show emotion except embarrassment at the moment. Richie looked as shocked as if I had told him I’m friends with Henry Bowers. I don’t dare look at Stanley, who is standing right next to me.

“H-ha! I got you guys! I um need to c-catch up with Bev!” I spit out flustered. I quickly jogged out of the alleyway as fast as I could. I leaned against the wall and put my face in my hands, silently screaming of embarrassment. I heard a “what the fuck” from Richie and that put a light smile on my face. I took a deep breath as I run to go catch up with Bev.

Back in the alleyway, all the boys looked at Stan who had a smile on his face showing his dimple. Richie looked at Eddie and said, “Totally did not see that coming.”

“Yeah I could tell. Your mouth was basically touching the ground and I thought your eyes were going to bug out of your head.” Eddie comments.

Stan looked at Bill with that smile and Bill smiled back knowing the girl Stan liked since third grade felt the same.


Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4-

Part 4.5 -

hi! This is my first imagine and idk if it’s good or not. Also I just went off of my memory with this scene so I apologize. Feedback would be great! If you want more you can send in requests (the losers club only please). If you guys want a part 2 I would be more than happy to write it. Thanks for reading! Xx

Truth or Dare

Fandom: IT
Pairing: Reddie (Riche x Eddie)
Warnings: some swearing

“Truth or dare…Ben!”
“Aw, really, Stan?” Ben groaned, “Bev just picked me! Fine, dare.”
The Losers were passing away the winter holidays inside Bill’s living room with a game of truth or dare, as Stan said it was too cold to go out exploring. Well, what actually happened was a little different.

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Loving you.

Request: Hello! If requests are open, may I request a Beverly Marsh x Fem Reader where the reader is the new “girly” girl at school and the moment Beverly sees the readers she’s like “guys help I’m gay” and the rest of the losers club helps Beverly confess and it ends up all fluffy with Beverly and the reader confessing to each other? Thank you, and sorry if this is too much!!

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Beverly Marsh. (2017, Sophia Lillis.)

Fandom: IT (2017)

Warning: Strong language.

Loving you.

It was no lie that Y/N was making boys, and girls alike, swoon. She was beautiful to say the least. Her glossy hair was always done up in pretty styles or left long and flowing. Her eyes glistened the same way her lip gloss did and her outfits were always beautiful on her, it was true, she could pull anything off. She could probably come to school in a trash bag and she could still receive compliments.

Almost everyone in her grade adored her, and this didn’t not leave Beverly Marsh as an exception. Beverly was almost certain she was in love with this new girl who she hardly knew, she adored her so much she had even been questioning how much she liked boys. Which she found to be not that much really.

One fateful day, Beverly turned to the losers’ for some kind of advice, hoping that perhaps they could help her with her sticky situation to which they tried to help her.

“If you like her you should try sending her pictures of your fucking boobs or something.” Richie suggested, to which he gained a whack on the back of the head by Bill, who stood behind him disapprovingly.

“Puh-puh-perhaps try t-telling her you luh-like her?” Bill managed, Beverly didn’t think it would be that simple however. But, she was willing to try anything.

“A poem?” Ben suggested with a kind smile, genuinely wanting to help Beverly with her problem, and Bev found this idea to be superb! She nodded frantically.

“Would you help me with it?” She asked with a gleeful smile, to which Ben nodded contently and the two were off, back to Bens house to work on the poem.


It seemed to Bev like they had been working for hours, writing out drafts and then redrafts until they finally had the perfect piece. They spent another half hour decorating the page and by the end of it Beverly had glitter stuck to her cheek and a bright smile on her face.

It was perfect, in Beverlys opinion. She just knew that Y/N would love it, but giving it to her was another big step. Beverly pushed the poem into an envelope and glued a small ribbon bow to the front of the envelope with Y/N’s name scrawled in heart shaped bubbles.

Beverly knew this was a fail proof plan, pushing the envelope into her school bag, thanking Ben, and walking home for the night. That night Beverly dreamt well.


The day had arrived and Beverlys stomach was in a knot. She walked up to Y/N, who had been at her locker, and slowly pulled the envelope from her bag. She held it out and readied herself for rejection.

Y/N took the envelope from Beverly with a shy smile on her face, tilting her head a little to one side before speaking. “What’s this for?” She asked kindly, opening the paper envelope and slowly taking out the poem.

“Well, its for you, because I, well, I like you?” Beverly managed, her hand over her stomach which seemed to be filled with butterflies in that moment. She swallowed harshly as Y/N began to read the short poem.

Y/N had never looked so deep in concentration, especially as her cheeks began to warm up and her eyes brimmed with tears of happiness. She smiled brightly looking back at Beverly and throwing her hands around her neck, pulling her into a tight embrace.

“I like you too, Bevs.” Y/N exclaimed with all her might, holding Beverly happily and giving her a huge smooch on the cheek.

“Thank you so much for doing all this for me!” Y/N said once again, but Beverly simply couldn’t reply. She was utterly lost for words and unable to comprehend what was actually happening.

{This is really short! I’m so sorry! I had no idea what way to go about this. My imagines have been getting really short but that’s because I took on too many at once, it’s entirely my fault Yall I’m sorry!}

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I wanted to share this with all of you because this is beautiful.

♡ Bill + Bev (+Ben) | PERFECT.

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Think about this, if they casted Eliza Taylor as The DCEU’s Supergirl, it’s like killing two problematic birds with one stone. The 1oo would die without Eliza and we can dropkick Melissa Benoist’s Mayonnaise loving self out a window


Iron Man All The Way!

Avengers Cast [Including Aaron Taylor Johnson] x Teenage! Best Friend! Reader

Genre: Humor, Friendship

Rating: Everyone

Warnings: None


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


Key: (y/n) - your name (y/l/n) - your last name (Y/a) - your age  

(F/c) - Favorite color (2/f/n) - second fave color (e/c) - eye color  

(H/c) - Hair color (h/l) hair length (s/c) - skin color


-Reader POV-

Christmas time with the cast of The Avengers was always so fun. Everyone, if they could make it, would hang out at Chris Evans house so I could just walk across the street to visit them all. This Christmas, Chris had Jeremy, Robert, Mark, Hemmy, Aaron, and Scarlett over at his house. I was bummed when I heard that Elizabeth couldn’t make it. I was currently over at Chris’s house, on the couch, just waking up. The sun was shining on my face and I winced as I opened my (e/c) orbs, my eyelids still drooping with sleep. I stretched and looked around me slowly, taking in my surroundings.


I called out in a confused manner. He poked his head out from around the corner leading to the kitchen and replied with a smile.

“Morning, sunshine. I was about to walk in here to see if you were dead or alive.”

“What time is it, dorkface?”

He looked at his watch and said.

“11:26am. Everyone’s at the kitchen table wait-”

“-sorry to cut you off…but how did I get here?”

I sat up slowly, stretching and winced when my elbows cracked noisily. Chris made an ‘ew’ face and replied.

“You came over last night after a fight with your brother. Then you crashed right in Jeremy and Hemsworth’s lap while we were watching Christmas movies.”

I nodded then yawned, getting up and walking beside him to the kitchen. Jeremy was to first to look up and he said.

“Oh my god, she’s alive.”

Everyone immediately looked up and said their good mornings. I replied.

“It is not a good morning until I have my coffee.”

Aaron handed me a cup and I grinned, nodding once towards him and sitting down at the island across from Robert. He smiled.

“Know what today is, sparky?”

“No I do not, iron baby. What’s up?”

Hemmy said, smirking.

“The sky.”

“Ooooo how’s the weather up there? I heard they get a lot of rain there.”

Everyone chuckled and he said.

“Well, considerably. The humid air and the pressures are high though.”

“Is that why your brain is so dysfunctional?”

Aaron, CE, and Jeremy started laughing while Hemmy just pursed his lip, smiling a bit. I grinned and turned back to a face palming Downey as he said.

“Anyways, it’s Christmas eve. Tomorrow is Christmas.”

I choked on my coffee and yelled, screeching my seat back.

“What!? Seriously?!”

I ran to the window, seeing snow.

“Oh my god, it’s December? Dude, was I asleep for 70 years?! What year is this?”

Everyone started laughing at me and I shook my head, Aaron replying.

“It’s 2014, December 24.”

“I know that, I was being sarcastic! Dude, I love Christmas!”

CE grinned and asked, pushing my chair back in when I sat in it.

“Remember when we made snow cones with the snow?”

“Then shoved them in your face?”

He sucked in a breath then shook his head.

“Yeah, that moment. I still think I got freezer burn because of that.”

“Waaaah, wah, wah. You’ll live, Captain.”

He rolled his eyes and I added.

“You should be used to it anyways. Weren’t you frozen for 70 years?”

Robert grinned and I looked at him, giving him a look that said 'I know you wanna say something so I dare you to say what you want to say.’ Robert grinned then replied.

“I wonder if Capsicle turns into Chrissicle when we’re not on set.”

CE glared at Robert and I whispered to Jeremy.

“This is where it actually happens.”

Jeremy whispered back.


“The sexual tension between Rogers and Stark.”

Jeremy busted out laughing and I grinned.

“Hello, (y/n)-”

“-holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”

I jumped and grabbed my pounding heart. Scarlett laughed and I glared at her.

“Seriously? Have you no heart?! You could have put me in cardiac arrest you butthole!”

I chuckled nervously as Robert rolled his eyes, CE and Aaron grinning, Hemmy shaking his head, and Mark and Jeremy face palming. Robert mumbled.

“You are so dramatic.”

“I could be an actress!”

I did a funky pose and everyone grinned. A knocking came on the door and I turned. CE jumped up.

“Be right back.”

I yelled to him.

“If it’s the cops, remember: I didn’t do it and we don’t speak English!”

Aaron grinned and I hid behind the island.

“(Y/N)! You mother is here!”

“Aw crap.”

I jumped up and replied with a nervous laugh, leaning against the doorway.

“Hey, momma! What is up? You look so pretty today!”

“You are not in trouble, (y/n).”

I let out a sigh of relief and replied, wiping my forehead.

“Phew! Thought I was going to get my ear ripped off. What’s going on, mom?”

She smiled, her brown eyes glowing a bit and said, tugging an annoyed 17-year-old blonde boy with her.

“I, your father and brother are going to the city for a bit to visit your Aunt Darcy. I know you don’t like her so I’m leaving you in Chris’s care-”

“Hey, Mrs. (Y/L/N)!”

Everyone yelled to her. She smiled and replied, waving.

“Hello boys and girl! Anyways-”

She grabbed Chris’s ear sharply and tugged him down to her height, glaring hotly into his blue eyes.

“If my daughter is hurt in any way shape and form, Evans, I promise you this: I will rip every blonde hair off your head and squeeze your ears off.”

He replied, gasping a bit.

“Y-Yes, Ma'am!”

She let go, brushing dust off her green dress and said, smiling again.

“Be careful, sweetheart.”

I was too terrified to say anything back. I waved my fingers and backed away slowly. She closed the door, glaring at Chris one more time and left. I looked at him rubbing his ear and he whispered.

“Your mother scares me.”

“Why do you think I hang out here most of the time?”

He laughed sheepishly and mumbled.

“That must explain the running over here every day at 4 pm.”

“That’s exactly why, CE.”

As we walked back into the kitchen, everyone was wide eyed and mid drinking-mid flipping a page of the newspaper, or hiding behind the island (Jeremy, looking at you, friend.) I flicked Jeremy’s eyebrow and said, grinning a bit.

“Guess y'all know to never make me mad now? Might Hulk out on you if I do.”

Mark sighed and Robert grinned.

“You’d make a pretty Christmas tree, sparky.”

We all started laughing until I said with an annoyed expression.


CE snorted and said in an authority “Steve.” voice.

“Tony, no.”

Robert whipped around and replied.

“Tony yes.”

I cut in, saying.

“Don’t you remember what happened last time you said 'Tony, yes’? You created a robot that destroyed the city and killed Pietro.”

I slowly hugged Aaron, petting his hair softly.

“Poor, poor, Pietro.”

Robert replied without missing a beat.

“Ha, we still saved the world.”

I blinked a few times then stuck up both my middle fingers.

“Hey, CE?”

He looked at me with a questioning gaze.


“Where’s the shield?”

He immediately narrowed his eyes in suspicion, drawing out the 'y’ in why.

“Uh, why?”

“I need it.”


“Because I’m about to show a certain Downey that the power of Captain America compels him!”

I whacked Downey with a rolled up magazine lightly and he flinched, grinning.

“Watch the hair, sweetheart! I just got it done.”

“Blah, blah, blah. All I hear. Blah blah, i'maweirdo blah.”

Everyone chuckled and he rolled his eyes. Scarlett asked.

“You guys are such 5 year olds. (Y/N), have any favorite Christmas songs?”

I immediately grinned, everyone looking at each other when I replied.

“Hell to the yes.”

CE mumbled with Hemmy.

“Oh my god, she’s gonna do it.”

Scar asked, smiling a little.

“What is it?”

I said, hugging Robert with one arm.

“My version to Jingle Bells. It’s called 'Iron man all the way!’”

Robert dropped his magazine, put his hands in the air and said.

“I knew she liked me more. You all can shut your mouths because your arguments are invalid. I told. You. So.”

Jeremy literally face palmed and asked.

“Why? Just…why?”

I said, grinning.

“When you hear it, you’ll understand.”

Aaron and Hemmy wolf-called, clapping a bit.

“Let’s hear it, rock star!”

I grinned and cleared my throat. I giggled a bit and sat up a bit, clenching my fists a bit. Then, I sang my song.

(I actually wrote this by the way :D)

“Dashing through the tower

And in the helicarriers

The yells are getting louder

Shut up, Stevie Rogers!

Let Tony do his thing

Natasha is getting mad

Bruce refuses to sing

Thor is more than glad


Jingle Bells

Captain America smells

Hawkeye laid an egg

Pietro Dies

Wanda cries

Iron Man all the way!

Nick hates it when I sing

Loki still hates everyone

Tony Stark did a thing

Clint, help me have some fun!


Jingle Bells

Loki smells

Thor hit Banner in the head

Bruce hulked out

Let out a shout



Everyone yelled at the end, Mark laughing into his hands. Hemmy jumped and flinched, looking around and yelled.

“It wasn’t my fault!”

Chris threw his hands up in the air, saying.

“I knew it was a bad idea to let you be around him!”

Robert laughed and replied.

“Hulk already punched him once.”

Jeremy replied.

“I must tend to my eggs.”

He walked upstairs and Scarlett said, looking at me.

“When did you write this?”

“After I watched the movie.”

Aaron stated, crossing his arms.

“Of course, throw it out there that I died.”

I shrugged and Chris kept arguing with Hemmy.

“Why would you hit him in the head?”

“If the man of green wouldn’t stop talking about my brother, I wouldn’t have had to go to such lengths to quiet his mouth!”

“You could have killed us all!”

“I’m about to kill you both if you two keep acting like weirdo’s and drink your fucking coffee, dammit!”

I said, slamming my palms into the island. Both men jerked to the wall, Chris putting his hands over his head while saying.

“Holy shit! I am sorry mom! I’ll drink my coffee and eat my broccoli!”

I snorted and laughed into my hands, turning away and said.

“Oh my god.”

Robert said, shaking his head.

“Jesus, Dorito. You are such a sissy.”

Chris acted as if he was crying and replied.

“You take that back!”

“How about no?”

I laughed as Jeremy came down from upstairs, quirking an eyebrow up as he spied me, Aaron, Scarlett, Hemmy, and Mark laugh at Chris and Robert’s arguing about whatever they could think of. I piped in.

“Hey boys?”
They looked over with questioning looks and Jeremy stated with arms crossed.

“Can you take your lovers’ quarrel somewhere else? Jesus.”

Chris and Robert gave equal looks of horror and disgust and both yelled out.


“Fuckin disgusting!”

I whispered to Jeremy, watching as Chris gagged and Robert face palmed, shuddering.

“Is it just me or did they suddenly get really defensive?”

“No, I noticed it too.”

Aaron whispered to me.
“Do you think their secretly seeing each other?”

“Nah, Chris doesn’t seem like a secretive person.”

Chris looked up as he heard his name.
“What? What about me?”

Scarlett said quirking an eyebrow up while smirking.

“You two are awfully defensive about this.”

I piped in, walking to Chris and Robert and putting my arms around both their waists.

“Now guys, be nice to the two very confused men. I know-”

“Don’t you dare play savior, (Y/N)! You were the one who pointed out their protests!”

I replied, still holding the two.

“Yeah, but think about it. These two wouldn’t make it five minutes being gay for each other.”

Everyone laughed and I clapped, smiling.

“So? Who wants to go last minute Christmas shopping with me?”

Everyone raised his or her hand and I sighed.

“I can only take one. Ok, if you can guess my exact bra size, you can go.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes and Robert asked.

“Who would we answer that?”

“Exactly why you’re not going first. Different question for every trip.”

Scarlett asked.



She rolled her eyes and Chris said.

“This is a really weird question but it’s (bra size.)”

I froze and looked over at him.

“Dude, have you been stealing my bras because you answered that way too quickly.”

Chris pointed out.

“You practically live here and you have no idea how to work my washer and dryer.”

I nodded while mouthing an 'oh.’ Moreover, shook my head, grabbing Chris’s hoodie that I stole from him and said, grabbing his keys and running to the garage.

“I’m driving!”

“Absolutely not! Uh uh, give me the keys!”




Merry (Very Late) Christmas

Truth or dare-Jaeden Lieberher

“Okay so I just ordered pizza,there’s chips and shit in the kitchen just try not to ruin my lake house how you ruin wyatt’s apartment” You spoke as you walked into the living room of your lake house to your friends,Sophia,Wyatt,Finn,chosen,jack,Jeremy and Jaeden. They were all spending the night since it was summer and your parents didn’t give a crap if you guys were all alone together. “So what are we gonna do tonight,play some video games watch some movies?” You asked turning on the speakers to play music from your favorite playlist that most of the boys hated. “How bout we do a truth or dare live stream?” Sophia said as she scrolled through her phone as your eyes lit up immediately stopping what you were doing to go and jump on the couch to yell. “YESSSSS I LIVE TRUTH OR DARE” you screamed while everybody laughed setting up something to put the phone on.

“Okay um y/n,jaeden! I think this ones for you two” Wyatt said smirking as he read it. “Well isn’t that splendid,what is it” you asked trying to get it over with. “I dare y/n to kiss jaeden,on the lips no cheeks” Sophia,and jack read since they ship you and Jaeden,hard. You turned to look at Jaeden to see him slowly becoming a blushing mess. “You guys have to! It’s a dare!”Finn yelled since he was getting everyone drinks. You sighed, giggling a bit. You never thought your first kiss would be like this, on camera.

 “Okay okay on the count of three” Chosen said, they were all so proud and you hated it. You’re going to give them some of the worst dares after this. “1,2,3!” Jeremy yelled as they all anticipated if you’d actually do it. You looked over at the screen to see the comments going wild with things like ‘OMG ARE THEY ACTUALLY GOING TO?!?!’ ‘NO FREAKING WAY MY SHIPPPPP’ and ‘AH I CANT EVEN’. You basically said fuck it in your mind and grabbed his face. Kissing him quickly, it only lasted about 20 seconds more or less but it felt like your lips were on fire. “OUR SHIP HAS SAILED SOPH” jack screamed as the comments went even more wild. You  chuckled looking over at Jaeden to see him smiling at you.

After that live stream there was a video titled ‘Jaeden being the happiest man alive staring at Y/n after the best livestream ever’ Which was just Jaeden smiling at you while you were talking or doing whatever. 

A/n:I hope y'all enjoyed! I think I’m gonna do the series I was thinking about. I’m probably gonna brain storm and write a prologue tonight then post tomorrow. If you have any ideas send me some,my ask box is always open. Anyways,see ya losers! (My gifs are acting weird so whoops I’ll fix it later)

@shippyprincess for you <3 and the lovely picture that inspired me (I know romano means from Rome,Italy/ being Roman. I just read it as Romanian, hence…this result.)

“There’s no way I’m eating this.”

You dropped your fork on your plate and gasped dramatically. The rest of the gang was trying really hard to be just as astonished as you at Sebastian’s declaration. You made your lower lip wiggle, eyes watering to add an extra dab of exaggeration.

“But, Seb! I made this just for you! You love my pasta. Did I make a mistake? I swear I-”

“No y/n, I’m sure the pasta’s perfect. I just-” Chris interrupted him with a bark of laughter.

“Sure, of course it’s perfect. That’s why your eating her food right up, right? She made a meal for us dude. Come on. Be nice.” His face was stern, but there was a twitch in his neck that told you otherwise. He wanted to laugh. Sebastian looked incredibly guilty, and you almost decided to give him a break. Almost.

“Is it the cheese Seb? I bought this new one, it’s Parmesan still. It’s just…special.” You leered at him with a smirk on your lips, clenching your jaw as you held your breath. Anthony had to look away, but snatched a glance at the container Sebastian was holding before looking up, as if praying for strength. Scarlett was already laughing into her wine, and Robert was smiling too widely. Jeremy was clenching his jaw so tight you thought he could have actually been upset about something. Everyone else was trying hold it together, and failing.

The cast of the Avengers sucked at pulling pranks. So far, you were ruling Queen of the poker face outside of actually acting. 

“Damn you, y/n. This isn’t even Romanian!” You spit your drink into the pasta, red wine getting into your shirt but not caring because of his face, the outburst taking you by surprise. He was giving you that intense look: brows together, head tilted, jaws clenching out and lips formed into a snarl. You bared your teeth at him, and calmly wiped your lips before staring in shock.

“Seb! Why would you think I bought cheese because of you, when everyone knows you need Parmesan when you eat pasta?” Seb’s face was almost bulging in what seemed like anger. Shame filled you, worrying that maybe this time Sebastian was actually upset. As your shoulders started to sag, Sebastian turned the part of the container of cheese to you, showing you the picture of a half naked Sebastian Stan showing off his abs taped to the container next to the label.

Your sighed mournfully.

“If only it said shredded instead of grated. It would have been magnificent I tell you!” 

“How am I Permesan Cheese?! Cheese, y/n?”

“You can’t ever get enough cheese, Seb. Ever. Cheese is a necessary part of life, and Parmesan is the type of cheese that goes on everything. I swear I use it as my main cheating ingredient when dieting.” He shook his head at you.

“I hate you.”

“Love you too!” 

Jesus this was a disaster. Here you go, @shippyprincess !